Zonia (ゾニア Zonia) is a mountain located in northern Fiore.


Zonia, otherwise known as the Sacred Mountain (霊峰 Reihō), is the location where Fairy Tail Mage Gildarts Clive met the Black Dragon Acnologia whilst on a 100-year quest, and the reason why he failed said job. However, Acnologia is said to be flying around the continent; deserting Zonia.[1]


In the past, a black angel and white angel did battle over a certain man, with the white angel coming out victorious, thus as result, the mountain was graced with white snow that continuously falls ever since their clash.[2]

Notable Events

In X792, Zonia was invaded by the Alvarez Empire with thousands of men and three of the Spriggan 12. This force easily handled the resistance of Blue Pegasus and Sabertooth, who were tasked with defending the northern area of Fiore.[3] The guilds were later joined by Fairy Tail and the remnants of the Oración Seis, sparking a battle between them and Alvarez.[4][5]



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