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"I don't like humans. Though I don't mind having them for a meal."

Zirconis in "The Dragon King"

Zirconis (ジルコニス Jirukonisu), also known as The Jade Dragon,[1] was one of the many Dragons that was killed by Acnologia.[2]


Zirconis is a giant Dragon with jagged scales. His ears taper off to one side and feature darkened ends. He also has two, long strands of hair on his chin.[3]


Zirconis often acts relaxed and carefree, and, despite thinking of humans as nothing more than a meal for the Dragons, he seems to have no problem conversing with them, finding it quite humorous to scare them. Zirconis has a habit of comedically repeating himself and frequently changing his mind. He also dislikes it when people point out his personality flaws.[4]


Over 400 years ago, Zirconis was one of the Dragons who opposed the notion of Dragon-Human integration, as he believed that they were nothing but a food source.[5] Later on, during the course of the war, Zirconis would become one of the many Dragons that were killed by Acnologia, the Dragon King.[6]


Grand Magic Games arc

Zirconis laughs at the humans

Through the use of Wendy Marvell's Milky Way spell Zirconis' soul is resurrected. Zirconis releases a powerful growl, glaring at the humans standing before him, sending waves of terror through their bodies. Seconds later, the Dragon bursts out into laughter as Natsu Dragneel, Gajeel Redfox, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster, Carla, Happy and Panther Lily stare at him in shock. Zirconis states that seeing the faces of humans chickening out cracks him up every single time, leaving them dumbfounded. He tells them his name, his alias, and begins to look for Grandeeney, the Sky Dragon, considering the fact that she is the only one with the ability to call forth the souls of the dead Dragons.[7]

Zirconis sees Wendy

He looks down and sees Wendy kneeling on the ground with her hands together in a praying position surrounded by a Magic circle, he approaches her and comes face to face with her. He calls her a cutie and is amazed to learn that she was the one who woke him up. Natsu, annoyed, tells him to get away from Wendy, but instead, he considers eating her. However, he swings his finger back and forth passing through Natsu's body without touching him, and states that humans are a stupid species, since spirits can't harm a physical body. He is then asked by the Exceeds to give them information as to why there are Dragon bones laying around, to which he refuses to reveal any information about just because he is being asked by humans. Nonetheless, after the Exceeds tell him that they are cats, he changes his mind and begins to tell them the story of four hundred years ago; stating that Dragons were the ultimate rulers.[8]

Zirconis expresses his hatred towards the humans

Zirconis tells them that the humans were nothing more than just food; until a certain Dragon protested against their rule appeared, who believed in a world where humans and Dragons would live in harmony; he spread his ideas to others. Not long after, a civil war among the Dragons who supported and those who opposed started, with Zirconis siding with the opposition. Before he continues his story; he expresses his dislike and hatred towards the humans, who he calls a meal, to the humans listening to his story, resulting in Natsu laughing at him for conversing with his "meal". He continues by telling them that the battles had scarred and ripped apart several lands, causing the pro-human side to teach humans the art of Dragon Slayer Magic and entering them in the war, which, according to Zirconis, was a grave mistake.[9]

Zirconis' soul disappears

He states that the power of the Dragon Slayers made a significant change, almost granting victory to the pro-humans if not for a miscalculation. The Dragons had given far too much power to the humans, and those who wished for peace with the humans were also killed by the humans. Among the humans was a man who bathed in the blood of the Dragons he had slain and soon after turned into a Dragon himself, shocking Natsu and the others. Zirconis tells them that the Dragons resting where they are standing were all killed by that man, who was once a human but later became the Dragon King, giving birth to the Dragon King Festival. Zirconis reveals the name of the King to be Acnologia, the Dragon who bears wings of darkness. Seconds later, Zirconis bids farewell as his soul vanishes.[10]

Magic and Abilities

Jade Dragon Slayer Magic (翡翠の滅竜魔法 Hisui no Metsuryū Mahō): Zirconis is able to utilize this Magic, that revolves around the element of jade-like material.[11]

  • Meal Prep: Zirconis is capable of utilizing Magic, which he releases as a massive beam of energy from his mouth. Upon contact with the targets, their clothes are completely removed from their person.[12] Zirconis is also capable of releasing his Magic as a small puff, should he only be targeting one person rather than a group.[13]


  • (To the Mages of Fairy Tail) "...Over 400 years ago... dragons were the Kings of this world, freely soaring the skies, dominating the lands, crossing the seas... we led a prosperous life. Everything in the world, belonged to the dragons."[14]
  • (To Lucy Heartfilia) "I don't like humans. Though I don't mind having them for a meal."[15]

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