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Zirconis (ジルコニス Jirukonisu), also known as The Jade Dragon (翡翠の竜 Hisui no Ryū), is one of the many Dragons brought to the present that invaded Fiore via the malfunctioning Eclipse Gate.


Zirconis' appearance

Zirconis is a giant Dragon with jagged scales. He has a flat skull with a flat nose and a big jaw. His ears taper off to one side and feature darkened ends. He also has two, long strands of hair on his chin. Zirconis' four-fingered claws are complete with dark, shiny talons. On his back, Zirconis sports a large pair of wings, and in between said wings lay a row of spikes that travel down his spine. Zirconis' stomach, contrary to the rest of his body, is smooth, with no visible scales, and is quite muscular.[1]


Zirconis often acts relaxed and carefree, and, despite thinking of humans as nothing more than a meal for the Dragons, he seems to have no problem conversing with them, finding it quite humorous to scare them. Zirconis has a habit of comically repeating himself and frequently changing his mind. He also dislikes it when people point out his personality flaws.[2] Despite thinking of humans as a Dragon's meal, Zirconis dislikes eating a human with clothing, especially clothing that is sharp and metallic.[3] He is also quite lecherous in another way, stating that he prefers eating women over men, as men taste bad to him.[4]


Over 400 years ago, Zirconis was one of the Dragons who was opposed to the notion of Dragon-Human integration, as he believed that they were nothing but a food source.[5]

Zirconis' life came to an end when he, along with Animus and a third dragon came across a young girl and grievously wounded her, however they were discovered by Acnologia, who proceeded to greatly injure Animus as well as kill Zirconis and the other dragon.[6]


Grand Magic Games arc

Zirconis attacks the humans

As the seven Dragons make their way through the Eclipse Gate (before its sealing) and into the present, Zirconis is revealed to be amongst them. Under Future Rogue's influence, Zirconis revels in the fact that he was ordered to do as he pleases, stating that the humans are making his mouth water.[7][8] Zirconis begins to laugh madly as he ponders on who he should make his appetizer, looking at the humans below him. He is briefly asked by Wendy if he remembers talking to them prior to the current events, to which he denies. As a solution to his earlier statement, Zirconis simply states that he will eat them all at once; he unleashes his Magic and leaves the present kingdom knights bare, claiming that, even though humans are a pleasing plate, their clothes are not. In addition, he continues, men also taste bad, but women are the complete opposite — calling himself a ladies man. Following his earlier assault, he aims a bubble of air towards Lucy, ridding her of her clothes. Zirconis grins as he looks at Wendy and explains that all Dragons have the Magic to strip humans of their dignity.[9]

Zirconis is attacked by Wendy

Zirconis then inquisitively repeats Wendy's statement that she has Magic to defeat him, before promptly making a grab for Lucy. Making light of the situation, Zirconis holds Lucy high, for all to see, questioning if the Sky Dragon Slayer can defeat him before he eats Lucy. Wendy then states that she will defeat Zirconis, which sends Zirconis into a rage, sending all present reeling backward from a shockwave produced by his just-prior stomp. Calling Wendy conceited, Zirconis takes to the skies, mocking the humans, as they are unable to fly. Seeing himself as victorious, Zirconis prepares to eat Lucy, but Mirajane, who is now utilizing the powers of her Satan Soul: Sitri, responds to Zirconis' goading, charging at him from below. After Mirajane succeeds in hitting Zirconis' chin, which prevents him from devouring Lucy, the Jade Dragon mocks Mirajane's pitiful attempt at harming him; however, Zirconis is then hit with a Sky Dragon's Roar from behind, courtesy of Wendy, and reels from the pain. Livid, Zirconis throws Lucy, sending her flying in the opposite direction, as he prepares to do battle with both Wendy and Mirajane.[10] Hovering above the ground, Zirconis readies himself for battle.[11]

Zirconis returns to his own time

With Laxus Dreyar now aiding Wendy, Zirconis braves the Dragon Slayers' combined assault, grunting in pain as he does so.[12] Their battle, however, is cut short with the destruction of the Eclipse Gate,[13] resulting in the beginning of Zirconis' return to the past; the perverse Dragon's body begins to glow, heavily confusing him, though, this befuddlement quickly turns to rage, with Zirconis striking the ground near Laxus, cursing the humans for defeating him. However, Fiore's Princess then walks up to Zirconis and apologizes to him for dragging him away from his own time, claiming to be at fault for allowing time to spin out of control. Intrigued, Zirconis asks for the Princess' name, which she gives, and explains that her name, Hisui, means "jade", the same color as the Dragon's body. His curiosity now peaked, Zirconis asks if they truly mean the same; Hisui confirms this with a smile. Upon hearing the Princess mutter "Jade Dragon", Zirconis states, with a sense of wonderment, that the title has a nice ring to it, but this soon turns to comedic rage after the Dragon realizes that he's wasted his remaining time by talking to humans. Cursing his own foolery, Zirconis returns to the past in a flash of light.[14]

Magic and Abilities

Zirconis' Magic

Jade Dragon Slayer Magic (翡翠の滅竜魔法 Hisui no Metsuryū Mahō): Zirconis is able to utilize this Magic, that revolves around the element of jade-like material.[15]

  • Meal Prep: Zirconis releases as a massive beam of energy from his mouth. Upon contact with the targets, their clothes are completely removed.[16] He is also capable of releasing this in a small puff, should he only be targeting one person rather than a group.[17]

Flight: Zirconis, like many other Dragons, possesses a pair of wings which allow him to freely fly through the air.[18]

Manipulation Immunity: Zirconis claims to have a higher intelligence than his brethren, which he states grants him immunity to Dragon Supremacy Magic.[19]

Appearances in Other Media

Video Games

Fairy Tail (Video Game)

Zirconis is a boss in Fairy Tail (Video Game).[20] He possesses the following spells:


Battles and Events


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