Zeref Dragneel vs. Ultear Milkovich is a fight fought between the Black Wizard Zeref Dragneel and Grimoire Heart Dark Mage Ultear Milkovich.


Ultear is walking in the forest of Tenrou Island, saying that the path of Zeref was too much for her, but today her dream will finally come true and once she has Zeref on her hands, she will be saved. As she is talking, someone comes out of the bushes and asks her if she was looking for him. Ultear is surprised to see him and he tells Ultear that they are the "apple of discord", and that it's sad how they've managed to anger him, Zeref.[1]

Ultear's reaction to Zeref

Ultear's body shivers

When Ultear sees who it is, tears come out of her eyes and thinks to herself that after searching for him for so long, Zeref is finally right before her eyes. Zeref asks her if what she wants is his power, Ultear kneels before him and responds that what she wants is his entire existence and calls him Lord. Zeref says that he has no intention of doing anything in this period, he doesn't want to see wars or people dying and tells Ultear to stop attacking the island and leave at once. He repeats that he is angry, emitting a dark aura and causing Ultear to start shaking in fear.[2]


Zeref kill tree

Zeref destroys the trees

Zeref creates a black orb in his hand and throws it at Ultear, who barely dodges it. However, the orb touches a tree and destroys it as it goes through. Zeref throws another black orb, but Ultear uses Arc of Time to break a rock behind her and use the fragments as a shield. However, the impact of the dark orb is so great that it makes Ultear fall to the ground in pain. Zeref creates another black orb in his hand and Ultear says that she'll manipulate the time of the objects around Zeref. She changes the time of some seeds in the ground around Zeref and turns them into trees covering him. However, Zeref loses control and creates a black wave that kills everything. [3]

As the death wave is about to reach Ultear, she puts her orb in front of her and it starts absorbing the Magical Spell. After absorbing everything, the orb turns black and it breaks, but Ultear changes its time and returns it to the way it was. Zeref is surprised and asks her what she is, but Ultear ignores the question and throws her orb into the air and attacks with Luminous Minutes. Zeref is hit and falls to the ground.[3]


Ultear is standing over Zeref, who is on the ground, gasping for air. She tells him that he may be a legendary Dark Mage, but in his sleeping state he is nothing. She screams to him not to underestimate the eldest of the Seven Kin of Purgatory. Zeref tries to move, but fails and Ultear says that it is since they have the key that will wake him up. Zeref tells her to stop, but she ignores him and screams to the whole island that she finally has Zeref.[4]


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