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Zeira (ゼーラ Zēra) is a young girl who was the daughter of Jezelf, the Guild Master of Red Lizard, and one of the only members of her guild, besides Mavis Vermilion, to survive Blue Skulls' raid on Tenrou Island.


Zeira is a young girl in her early teens. She has dark hair that she keeps tied up in pigtails and a set of bangs that hang in unkempt waves over her forehead.

When she was younger, Zeira donned an outfit similar to a school uniform; she wore a collared shirt and tie, a blazer, a pleated skirt, stockings and fancy boots. Around her shoulders, Zeira carried a light colored satchel, decorated with a bow.

After living on Tenrou Island alone with Mavis for seven years, Zeira sports a short dress with a halter neck and lace worn over dark tights. On her arms, Zeira wears long sleeves that wrap around just below her shoulders and flare down into large, embroidered cuffs. On her feet she wears long, light-colored boots with dark bows.


Zeira was a bubbly young girl who was claimed by her father to be very bright for her age. She had a mean streak to her personality, not being past putting down others by calling her classmates stupid and stating that Mavis was a gross germ;[1] however, she was also seen to be aware of her actions towards others, and was willing to make up with and befriend Mavis.[2]

Following her entire guild's demise, Zeira began living only with Mavis Vermilion for seven years, something which, over time, led her to develop a rather shy personality, as she became scared of speaking with people due to her lack of expertise in different social environments. However, around Mavis, she is shown to still be bubbly, though also firm, seemingly being the more serious of the two.[3]


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Tenrou Jade arc

One day on Tenrou Island, Zeira, having finished school, returns home to her father at the Red Lizard guild hall, being praised when she claims that school is boring because everyone is stupider than her. Happy with his daughter, Jezelf offers her a pair of new shoes; however, Zeira rejects the offer when she realizes that the shoes are actually guild cleaner Mavis Vermilion's, as she believes the boots will have germs.[1]

Later that night, Red Lizard is attacked by another guild called Blue Skull, and, being caught up in the fighting, Zeira becomes trapped under the rubble of a fallen building. In pain, Zeira is found by Mavis, who pulls her free and tries to get her to run from their attackers. Zeira however doesn't want to run, as she doesn't want to leave her father, guild and belongings behind, though Mavis convinces her to leave them by saying that they will be in her heart. As the two head into a nearby forest, Zeira exhaustedly recalls how she was always mean to Mavis, though Mavis tells her that that doesn't matter at the present time. Smiling at Mavis' kindness, Zeira asks if they can be friends, shortly after, she falls to the ground, unconscious.[2]

Seven years later after growing together with Mavis, Zeira finds her friend sitting on a tree, singing to herself and reminds Mavis about cleaning the library together. Noticing Mavis not wearing shoes again, Zeira chided her friend but later guiltily asks Mavis if she's still upset over her past bullying, receiving a jokingly hurt reply from her friend who tells Zeira that it's all in the past and they're friends now. Then they compliment each other.[4] Later inside the library, Zeira sensed someone coming and immediately hid behind a large bookshelf in panic just after Mavis wonders if there are people on Tenrou Island, explaining that she hadn't been talking to other people for the past seven years much to Mavis' chagrin and the latter decides to confront them herself. As Zeira remain hidden, she witnessed a meeting between her friend and Yury Dreyar, a treasure hunter who seeks the Tenrou Jade in the island with his fellow teammates and sweat-dropped when Yury exclaimed in shock under the impression that no one lived in Tenrou Island. Later, Zeira cheered for her friend who easily figured out Yury's attempted lie. When Mavis accepted to play Yury's game of truth with a promise of meeting fairies if she wins, Zeira called her an idiot. During the free tryouts of the game of truth, Zeira expressed doubts of Mavis' chances of winning the game. After the game of truth starts with Yury activating Judgement Field, a surprised Zeira saw Mavis' fierce and determined look to win the game in one round.[5]


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