Zentopia Church is a religious organization in Fiore.


The Zentopia Church's doctrine is one of the most influential religion in the Kingdom of Fiore. Despite being a cult, Zentopia is like a little independent state. In fact, Zentopia and its churches are almost independent from Fiore, at the point that they have their own military force like the Legion Corps and a personal jail for those that commit crimes while being members of the church, where both the kingdom of Fiore and the Magic Council have no jurisdiction. Despite their independence, the guards of the kingdom of Fiore are also ordered to defend various churches of Zentopia.[1] Zentopia is responsible for the Oración Seis' escape from prison, but is now once again working for the Archbishop.[2]


The Zentopia Church was founded by the people who survived the chaos caused by the Infinity Clock, Real Nightmare. They also dismantled the Clock and sealed away the six pieces in different abandoned places of Zentopia.[3] Will Neville, who was once a Cardinal of Zentopia, was afraid that the pieces of the Clock would be collected and become one again, so he created a Biological Link between his disciples and himself to seal away the Amplitude limiter to prevent the Infinity Clock from reaching its true form and unleash Real Nightmare once again.[4]

Properties owned by Zentopia

Churches and Cathedrals

Zentopia Building

Zentopia's headquarters

Zentopia owns almost all the Churches and Cathedrals in Fiore. A lot of them are attacked and some are also destroyed by the Reborn Oración Seis, who aim to severe the biological link of Will Neville from the Celestial Spirit Mages who found shelter in the Churches, which resulted in their severe decrease in number. The main cathedral of Magnolia Town, which is the Kardia Cathedral, is also the property of Zentopia.

The Infinity Clock

The Infinity clock

The Infinity Clock

Zentopia possessed the Infinity Clock long ago, and it was sealed away after it was proved to be too dangerous for the world, due to its ability to unleash chaos and warp the senses of a person. The Infinity Clock was dismantled into 6 pieces, each of them was scattered and hidden in different abandoned places of Zentopia such as an underground Church, some ruins, an underwater area, a Magic library, a temple under a mountain and, the last one, in some other ruins, but it was discovered by the Archaeological Society and it somehow came into the possession of Jude Heartfilia. One of the archaeologists, Jean-Luc Neville paid a visit to Jude and Jude promised to him that he would seal away the clock hand somewhere else.

The complete form of the Infinity Clock is like a giant fish floating above the Zentopia Church, but is also connected to the amplitude limiter on top of the Church. The two books known as Two Great Myths written by Will Neville, who was once a Cardinal of the Zentopia Church, show the real locations that each of the pieces of the Infinity Clock were hidden as a story of a young girl finding the six keys.[2]


The followers of the Zentopia Church worship one god but they also believe that everybody should recognize their own sins and not hide them, but rather try to atone for them by helping people that are needy without receiving anything in return.[5]



Current Archbishop

At the top of the Zentopia Church hierarchy is the Archbishop, who is the spiritual leader of the church and its greatest authority. Under the Archbishop there are the cardinals that can exercise the authority in his place, when the Archbishop is sick or temporarily unable to fulfill his role. Under the cardinals are the priests of the Zentopia Church.[6]

Name Rank Status
Will NevilleCardinalLeft Organization
Temporary Archbishop


Not much is currently known about the military force of the Zentopia Church, but it seems to consist of guards that defend the main church of Zentopia and its jails, and members of the Legion Corps, a secret order of elite warriors sent out to complete important missions in the name of the Church.[7]

Members of the Legion Corps

Name Rank Affiliation Status
Byro CracyDukeLegion CorpsActive
SamuelHeadLegion CorpsActive
Dan StraightSpearheadLegion CorpsActive
Mary HughesLegionnaireLegion CorpsActive
Sugarboy (Earth Land)LegionnaireLegion CorpsActive
Coco (Earth Land)LegionnaireLegion CorpsActive
Guttman KubrickCleanerLegion CorpsActive


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