Jezelf (ジーゼルフ, Jīzerufu) was the Guild Master of Red Lizard, a Mage Guild situated on Tenrou Island.[1] He was killed in a guild war against a rival guild, Blue Skull.[2]


Jezelf was a rather tall man with long legs and a triangular-shaped torso with wide-set shoulders. He had dark, receding hair that was kept cropped short to his head, a long nose and a large, jutting chin covered in a trimmed beard. His light-colored eyes appeared droopy, with the left one being circled by a tattoo that ran down the side of his face.[1]

Jezelf donned a light-colored shirt with rolled sleeves under a collared vest and cape, with dark pants and a long, cloth belt. On his feet were a simple pair of boots.[3]


Jezelf was seen to be a cruel and demanding man, behaving in a taunting way towards Mavis Vermilion, a six year old girl who he treated like a slave of sorts.[1] He was not past playing wicked games with the child for the purpose of his own entertainment, such as giving Mavis items and then demanding them back for seemingly no reason.[3]

Despite his behavior towards Mavis, Jezelf was seen to have a kind side, particularly where his daughter Zeira was involved, as he would openly behave affectionately towards her, praise her and give her gifts.[4]


At some point during his time as Guild Master of Red Lizard, Jezelf realized that Mavis Vemilion's deceased parents owed him a debt, and made the girl stay in the guild cleaning, doing laundry and shopping in order for her to work back the money he was owed.[5]


Tenrou Jade arc

File:Jezelf sends Mavis to clean.png

One day in the Red Lizard Guild, Jezelf catches Mavis Vermilion reading a book by herself in a corner, and angrily slaps it from her hands, demanding to know why she isn't cleaning. When Mavis replies that she has finished her chores, Jezelf lifts her by the scruff of her collar, telling her to not play smart and making her clean the outside of the guild hall as well. After destroying her book and listening to his guild members taunt the little girl, Jezelf asks Mavis where she got her shoes. Mavis responds that he gave them to her, and a suddenly smirking Jezelf demands she return them. Mavis tries to explain that she has no other shoes, but Jezelf yells at her for disobeying his orders, and, taking the boot, kicks the girl outside to clean.[6]

Some time later, Jezelf's daughter Zeira returns to the guild after school, and Jezelf rushes to meet her, hugging her close and praising her as she says that school is too easy for her. The man then offers Zeira the shoes he recently took from Mavis, though Zeira, realizing their previous owner, rejects them, stating that she doesn't want to get nasty germs. Realizing his mistake, Jezelf hastily apologizes to his daughter.[7]

Later that night, Jezelf's guild is attacked by another guild called Blue Skull. Despite fighting to fend them off, Jezelf perishes in the battle along with everyone in the town.[8]


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