Zash Caine (ザッシュ・ケイン Zasshu Kein) was the Minister of State of Stella.[1]


Zash is a tall, burly man with brown hair and two scars on the right side of his face. He wears a skin tight black body suit (sporting a V-shaped design along his collarbone) alongside black gloves. His lower body is decorated with a slit tasset and is completed with large, golden boots.[1]


Zash, like Animus, is cruel, crude and brash. He only cares for his own objectives and will do anything to get them accomplished. He treats women like slaves while having a perverted attitude to them. Due to his brutal nature he is feared by many in the kingdom.[1]


Zash was originally Fiore's Secretary of State before being charged with trying to overthrow the royal family with his use of Black Magic. The attempt failed and his men under him helped aid his escape to Stella. At Stella, in order to show goodwill to Animus, he slaughtered his men and was granted asylum. He was later chosen for the position of Stella's Minister of State.[1]


Dragon Cry

Zash blocks Gray

Zash blocks Gray's punch

Zash and Sonya travel to the snowy regions of Fiore to steal the Dragon Cry staff, encountering the White Tiger squadron protecting it. Zash uses his Mind Control to force the soldiers to attack and kill each other, with Sonya looking away in disgust and shock. Zash then asks Sonya if she can use her Magic to locate the powerful artifact. Later, Zash heads to reconvene at Bar Altair. After seducing Lucy, who was undercover as a dancer and with Gray stopping him moments later, some of his guards alert him that it's been a breach and the staff has been stolen. Gray attacks Zash who he blocks but is frozen solid until he breaks out. Zash encounters Lucy and Scorpio and shoots him, cornering Lucy who is saved by Natsu, engaging the minister until the two eventually retreat. At the Castle of Altair Animus binds Zash due to his failures with the staff stolen, telling him to take Sonya and the Three Stars in order to retrieve Dragon Cry, in turn succeeding while the Fairy Tail mages who were the culprits were captured with Lucy personally appointed to Zash.[1]

Zash warps Animus' mind

Zash warps Animus' mind

Zash travels to his dungeon where he has an abundance of female prisoners whom he collects their blood in order to compensate for his Black Magic. He brings a warped mind Lucy to the be chained up for him to do the same, until both Sonya and Natsu come to interrupt. He uses Dragon Cry which separates him from the others, tracking down the escapees as he yells for them. He later appears before Sonya and Natsu and in their struggle with Animus manipulating her and uses this opportunity to steal the staff on while telling Red Knife to deal with the enemies. He races up Stella's temple grounds; Animus in his true form as a Dragon orders him to return the staff but Zash simply mocks him and his beliefs while casting his Magic on him causing him to rampage. Zash then unleashes the Quartum Army that's full of fourth generation Dragon Slayers to fight the Fairy Tail enemies. After he reaches the top he calls forth the power of Dragon Cry, dispersing many magic circles across the country while soaking in its power. However, the power emitting from the staff becomes too powerful for Zash, killing the traitor where he stands.[1]

Magic and Abilities

Mind Control: This Black Magic allows Zash is able with to warp the minds of those who he induces with his Magic. When induced, the target's eyes become red and they become bloodthirsty, wanting to kill or destroy the user desires.[1] (Unnamed)

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat: Zash has shown to be adept at close combat, countering Natsu's Fire Dragon Slayer Magic blow for blow.[1]


Quartum Ring: Zash is in possession of a ring that by activating signals for the Quartum Army to function.[1]


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