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|base of operations=[[First Fairy Tail Building]]
|base of operations=[[First Fairy Tail Building]]
|relatives=[[Makarov Dreyar]] (Son)<br>[[Ivan Dreyar]] (Grandson)<br>[[Laxus Dreyar]] (Great-Grandson)
|relatives=[[Makarov Dreyar]] (Son)<br>[[Ivan Dreyar]] (Grandson)<br>[[Laxus Dreyar]] (Great-Grandson)

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Yury Dreyar (ユーリ・ドレアーYūri Doreā) is one of the founding members of Fairy Tail.[2] He is also the father of Makarov Dreyar. He was a treasure hunter along with Precht and Warrod.[3]


Yury is a tall man with spiky hair. He dons a dark-colored shirt, a jacket and long pants.


Tenrou Jade arc

In X686, Yury arrives on Tenrou Island along with Precht Gaebolg and Warrod Sequen, in search of the Tenrou Jade.[4]

Entering a seemingly abandoned library, Yury runs into Mavis and is shocked to notice that people actually live on Tenrou Island. He then attempts to lie to the young girl that he is a botanist on a biology research mission but fails as Mavis easily figures out his lies. Finally deciding to be honest, Yury reveals to Mavis that he and his friends are treasure hunters searching for the Tenrou Jade, an S-Class Secret Treasure. When Mavis tells Yury that she won't let him take the island's holy relic, the man tells her that although he and his friends can easily take it by force, he decides that they should play a game of truth. Explaining the conditions of the game, Yury manages to convince Mavis to play under the promise that she will get to meet fairies if she wins. Yury then explains the rules of the game of truth and practices a few times with Mavis. Later, Yury activates Judgement Field and explains the mechanics behind it, with Mavis pointing out that the advantages of its Magic are in her favor. Realizing her intelligence, Yury notes that he still has one ace up his sleeve and expresses confidence that he will win, but soon sweats nervously as Mavis shows a fierce face of determination to win the game of truth in one round.[5]

At some point in time, he co-founded the Fairy Tail Guild, with Mavis Vermilion as the Guild Master. As they finally finished the guild building, all four take a photo as a sign that Fairy Tail has been born.[2]


Judgement Field: Yury possesses an A-Class Secret Treasure, a Magic Item that creates a small spherical barrier causing the people within to be unable to tell a lie. Yury used this item against Mavis in a game of truth, where if either of the two were to tell a lie, they would lose the game.[6]


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