For the founder of Fairy Tail, see Yuri Dreyar.

Yuri (ユーリ Yūri) was a former member of the Magic Council. He was assassinated by Tartaros when the Dark Guild began their mission to kill all former members of the Magic Council.


Yuri is a short, elderly man bearing numerous wrinkles and spotted moles over his face. He has bushy, unkempt eyebrows and hair growing from the outer rims of his head.[1]

His attire consists of a shawl and a decorated scarf draping over his shoulders, covering a set of robes tied together by a black belt around his hips. He also wears dark colored socks and ankle-high footwear.[1]


Tartaros arc

Yuri is found dead in his home by Elfman and Lisanna. After Elfman inquires as to the method of his death due to the lack of external injuries, Yuri (his corpse subject to Seilah's Macro ability) abruptly opens his eyes and destroys the Lacrima that Lisanna was about to use to contact their Guild Master before dropping to the ground, bewildering the Strauss siblings.[2]

Magic and Abilities

Yuri's Burst Magic

Yuri's Magic

Burst Magic: Yuri has shown the ability to burst a Lacrima upon pointing at it with his index finger with this unnamed Magic. However, it is unknown whether this was an initial Magic of Yuri's, as this feat was done while under Seilah's control.[3] (Unnamed)


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