Yukino Agria vs. Libra (Eclipse) is an anime-exclusive fight fought between Sabertooth Mage Yukino Agria and Eclipse Celestial Spirit Libra.


With the Eclipse Celestial Spirits withdrawing to their gates, the team decides to track down the other, in order to force close their gates. Yukino then takes one of the Celestial Spirit Banishment Keys and trespasses Libra's gate. She finds herself on the top of a stone plate, in a rocky canyon area, where she finds Libra. The latter then mentions the balance between the human world and the Celestial Spirit World to her opponent.[1]


The details of the beginning of this battle are unknown.
Yukino faces Eclipse Libra

Yukino faces Eclipse Libra

Eclipse Libra sends a demolishing kick on Yukino, but she dodges it. Just as she lands on a boulder, sitting on a thin rock prominent, she loses her balance on the shaking crag. Libra then states that those who don't have balance shall die, just as Yukino looks down at the bottomless cliff. Libra then initiates the assault once again.[2] As the two clash, Libra repeats her statement on the balance of everything.[3]

Eclipse Libra about to hit Yukino

Eclipse Libra about to defeat Yukino

As Yukino keeps dodging Libra's attacks, the Spirit jumps out of the unstable rock, unbalancing it and putting her opponent in a fix. Suddenly, a red light strikes Libra, informing her that Liberum has been resumed, making her lose her balance, as the boulder under her starts falling apart.[4] Yukino, however, takes the opportunity and charges at her in an attempt to close her gate but fails, dropping her Banishment Key. Libra then blames her previous master for not understanding her will to be free, to which Yukino replies that she doesn't and doesn't want to understand the freedom of throwing her life away, much to the Spirit's rage. Exhausted Libra then removes her blindfold and attacks Yukino, with the latter reclaiming the Banishment key, only to be busted by Eclipse Libra, who wields her leg at her opponent's neck.[5]


Eclipse Virgo and Libra defeated

Eclipse Libra finally falls

Due to Natsu's Magic, the twelve worlds are collided and merged into a new world, where Yukino finds herself accompanying Lucy, confronting both Virgo and Libra. As the Spirits charge at the Mages, both Lucy and Yukino combine their forces and defeat their Spirits with Urano Metria before closing their gates for good, just as the newly-created world starts collapsing.[5]


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