Yukino Agria's Excommunication is an event that takes place during the Grand Magic Games arc.


During the Second Day of the Grand Magic Games, Yukino Agria loses her match against Kagura Mikazuchi. Later that day, the whole of Sabertooth is summoned to their lodgings, located in the Crocus Gardens, by their Guild Master, Jiemma.[1]


Sabertooth gathering

When Sabertooth is gathered, Jiemma reminds his guild about exactly what Sabertooth is: the strongest. He then gives Sting Eucliffe another chance to prove himself in the Games. He then calls forth Yukino and tells her that she has no excuse for her failure and states that Sabertooth has no need for pity or weaklings. He then throws grapes at her face. Yukino apologizes and states she will accept any punishment. Jiemma orders her to take her clothes off and erase her Guild Mark. Yukino obeys and begins stripping, while blushing in embarrassment. After that, Yukino prostrates and thanks Jiemma before asking for forgiveness as the latter orders her to get out of his sight, calling her "trash".[2]


After Yukino's excommunication, Sting and Rogue Cheney are walking about the lodgings, talking about Yukino's excommunication. Sting nonchalantly mentions that their Master has a habit of taking things too far, to which Rogue inquires as to the way their guild works, stating with an angry look that Yukino was their comrade. Sting replies that it simply couldn't be helped; the strongest guild has no need for weaklings.[3]


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