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Yukino Agria (ユキノ・アグリア Yukino Aguria) is a Celestial Spirit Mage and a member of the former strongest Guild in Fiore, Sabertooth.[1] She is also the younger sister of Sorano.[5]


Yukino's full appearance

Yukino is a slender, well-endowed young woman with short, light blue hair and fringes framing her face. She wore a black rose ornament (blue in the anime) on the left side of her head. During her participation in the Grand Magic Games, she dons a cloak clasped together by a star-shaped clip, with feathery protrusions that cover her chest, shoulders, and mid-back, over her blouse and shorts. The cloak flared at her feet, where it is divided into flowing sections secured by ribbons. She wears a black pair of socks that stopped at her mid-thighs.[6][7] Her Sabertooth mark is located on the left side of her stomach.[2]

After her excommunication from Sabertooth, Yukino wears a more casual attire, which consists of a plain white tank-top, with black straps, and a plain black mini-skirt.[8] In the anime, both the tank-top and mini-skirt have become different shades of teal.

Subsequent to becoming a soldier under Arcadios, Yukino wore a dark soldier uniform after the third day of the Grand Magic Games. She currently wears her black rose ornament on her left side of her head.[9]

According to Mirajane Strauss and Natsu Dragneel, she greatly resembles Lisanna Strauss.[10]


Yukino is shown to be quite self-confident. She has immense faith in her abilities as a Mage, and takes pride in being a member of Sabertooth - even to the point of betting her life for it. However, while not as cocky as Sting Eucliffe, she does prove to be a bit overconfident, the mentioned bet being made just for the sake of it.[11] She had thought that she had won the bet right from the get go, based on her own knowledge of her power alone.[12]

On the other hand, Yukino highly respects her opponents, and acknowledges the extent of their powers.[13] She is also very polite to others, referring to virtually everyone with the suffix "-sama", whether they are guildmates, strangers or even rivals.[14]

Despite Yukino's overconfidence and tenacity, she is shown to be very sensitive. The humiliation of having been stripped naked and removing her Guild mark herself greatly lowered her self-esteem. Upon Natsu showing his kindness to her, Yukino broke down and confessed she is rarely ever treated this way.[15]


Yukino protected by her sister Sorano

According to what she told Lucy, Yukino once had a family consisting of her parents and an older sister, Sorano. Sorano supported her through most of her childhood in which Yukino felt useless to her family and would always be scolded by her parents. One day, a group of Zeref's followers attacked her family. Her parents were killed and Sorano was captured. Yukino just barely managed to survive the attack. Since then, she has wished to stop Zeref in any possible way, even if she has to go back in time and preventing him from rising to power in order to change history.[16]


Grand Magic Games arc

After clearing the preliminary rounds of the X791 Grand Magic Games and taking the first place, Yukino enters the arena with the rest of Team Sabertooth, receiving an enormous applause.[6]

Yukino summons Ophiuchus

She is later chosen to compete in the last battle of the 2nd day of the Grand Magic Games against Mermaid Heel's strongest Mage Kagura Mikazuchi, and is determined to win to maintain Sabertooth's title as Fiore's strongest guild. She enters the arena and respectfully greets Kagura and suggests on making a bet like the other competitors did in all of the previous battles. After Kagura initially rejects the bet, Yukino then says that she will bet her life for the battle and Kagura accepts the terms.[17]

Yukino cries after being defeated

After the agreement, the two begin the battle. Throughout the course of the battle Yukino summons Pisces, Libra and Ophiuchus; a mysterious 13th Gate Key, but Kagura easily defeats her and her Celestial Spirits. Yukino falls to the ground and begins to tear up over the result of the match and the overall result of the 2nd day, as Sabertooth had gained no points. Before leaving, Kagura informs Yukino that her life now belongs to her with Yukino crying on the ground as she accepts the result of their bet.[18]

After failing to win, Yukino faces the anger of Sabertooth's Guild Master, Jiemma. Displeased by the failure of Team Sabertooth on the second day, Jiemma throws grapes at Yukino's head and forces her to strip, telling her to erase her guild mark, thus banishing her from the guild. She is later seen standing outside Honeybone Lodge, the current lodging of the Fairy Tail Guild for the duration of the games.[19]

Yukino visits Lucy

Lucy, Natsu and Wendy invite Yukino inside to speak with them. Yukino reveals that she has sought out Lucy to give her Pisces' and Libra's Celestial Spirit keys. She explains that she has admired Lucy since she first saw her battle during the first day of the Grand Magic Games. She states that if Lucy takes her keys, the twelve Zodiac keys will finally be together, and that Lucy will "open the gate to the changing world". Lucy, however, refuses to take her keys, stating that Celestial Spirit Magic is all about trust and bonds, and that Yukino is obviously attached to her Spirits and loves them deeply. Though shocked by this reply, Yukino accepts Lucy's answer and leaves, claiming that the twelve Zodiac keys will eventually come together when the time is right.[20]

Yukino cries about her excommunication

Before making it down the street, Yukino is chased by Natsu, who wishes to thank her for the offer she made to Lucy, and apologizes for his previously rude behavior towards her. After hearing Natsu's words of kindness, Yukino breaks down into tears, confessing to Natsu and Happy that she was kicked out of her guild for losing in her battle against Kagura, detailing how she was forced to strip and remove her mark, and how she felt so humiliated. She then states that she does not have anywhere to go now as she is no longer a part of Sabertooth, and is surprised to see Natsu's angry reaction towards her situation.[21]

The newly appointed Sergeant Yukino

The next day, she walks through town with her luggage. She overhears people talking about the intrusion at Sabertooth's lodgings and looks back at the Domus Flau, smiling and wondering if it was Natsu who did it.[22] When the third day of the Grand Magic Games comes to a conclusion, Yukino dresses herself in a dark soldier-like uniform late at night to visit Arcadios formally, requesting to speak with him.[9]

On the night of the fourth day of the Games, Yukino stands in Mercurius, pondering the fact that Natsu beat her old guildmates Sting and Rogue in a tag team battle that very day. When asked by a nearby guard whether she has mixed feelings about the results, Yukino replies that she has no attachment to the guild any more, continuing that she is not used to being addressed as "Sergeant". The guard replies that her involvement in the Eclipse Plan deems her worthy of such a title, albeit a provisional one, and the two begin to speak of Arcadios, with Yukino commenting that she believes him to be clumsy, as he is trying to save the world without anyone being aware of it.[23]

Yukino appears with Arcadios

On the night of the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games, Yukino travels with Arcadios underneath the Domus Flau, where they see the Fairy Tail Mages summon forth Zirconis, a huge jade Dragon. She listens as Zirconis explains the history of the Dragons to the group, as well as Acnologia's past of once being a human who became a Dragon and the origin of Dragon Slayer Magic.[24] When Zirconis fades away and the Mages wonder about what he said, Yukino reveals herself to the Mages alongside Arcadios, greatly surprising all those present and Lucy in particular.[25]

Yukino being arrested

Yukino watches as Arcadios explains why they were there. She asks Lucy to join them, and if their plan is successful, they might be able to defeat Acnologia. Soon, when they arrive at Mercurius, she asks Lucy if time flows differently in the spirit world, to which Lucy says yes. Yukino tells her that it is the reason they need a Celestial Spirit Mage. Suddenly, the royal army comes and Darton orders them to arrest her, Arcadios and Lucy. As she is being captured, she asked Darton why since he was also on Arcadios' side.[26]

Later, in the prison, Yukino gets depressed, saying that she has always attracts bad luck. Lucy tries to encourage her and asks for her help in escaping. When Lucy starts to express her feelings about the eclipse plan, Yukino says that the mission should be executed. She starts telling Lucy about her elder sister, Sorano, who helped Yukino a lot but vanished because of Zeref. She wonders that if Zeref had not been alive, Sorano would still be with her.[27]

In her cell, Yukino sits on the ground while hearing Lucy's name being called. She looks up, just to find Mirajane, Wendy, and Natsu are standing outside the door. Natsu soon breaks down the door, allowing Yukino and Lucy to escape. Standing outside the cell, the floor collapses beneath them thus landing them in an underground cavern. Looking around, she hears a strange voice announcing this as "Abyss Palace." Noticing a girl above, Yukino recognizes her as the princess of Fiore.[28] Yukino then spends some time looking for a way out, along with the Fairy Tail Mages.[29]

Yukino being noted for resembling Lisanna

As they search around, Mirajane comments on how Yukino resembles her younger sister Lisanna, causing the Celestial Spirit Mage to blush. Yukino and the Fairy Tail Mages eventually find a narrow pathway to cross. They go through it and discover a wounded Arcadios, shocking Yukino. As they look upon him, they are suddenly attacked by members of the Garou Knights, the most powerful executioners in Fiore.[30] Arcadios warns the Mages that the Magic of the knights is made for killing and as they prepare to fight, Yukino hangs back with Lucy due to both of them being unable to use their Magic.[31] Once the battle begins, Yukino and Lucy are targeted by Cosmos' plant technique but are saved by Panther Lily.[32]

Once Kamika and Cosmos commence their assault, Yukino is nearly consumed the attack until Mirajane manages to save her and the technique is destroyed, creating an explosion.[33] In the aftermath, Yukino ends up with Lucy, Happy, Arcadios and Carla, none of whom can fight as they are confronted by Uosuke, who uses his Magic to levitate Happy. Due to his appearance, Yukino agrees with Lucy when she says they can beat him without Magic. But both of them are shocked to hear Arcadios stating that when Uosuke executes someone, not even their bones are left.[34]

Yukino gets ready to fight with Loke and Lucy

As the two get ready to fight, Uosuke activates his Terrain Effect: Lava Zone, causing the ground beneath the girls to quickly break down into lava. Grabbing onto a ledge, Yukino manages to prevent herself from falling in but finds herself overwhelmed by the immense heat and, like Lucy, has a great deal of trouble hanging on. Telling them the Eclipse can't be done without them, Arcadios steps across the lava and supports Yukino and Lucy from beneath, telling them to meet the princess if they escape. As Yukino manages to get above safety, she attempts to help Arcadios escape.[35] However, Arcadios seems to die in the lava before she can get him out, causing her to call out in anguish. She begins to cry and laments the fact that she brings bad luck to everyone around her. However, she is surprised when Horologium emerges from the lava with Arcadios safely inside. As Loke arrives, Yukino recognizes him as the lion constellation and then she has her keys returned to her. With her spirits and Lucy, Yukino readies to fight.[36]

Yukino summoning Libra

Yukino steps up to battle, calling out Pisces. As Pisces attacks, Uosuke attempts to use a new technique, Terrain Effect: Gravity Zone, but Yukino summons Libra to counter, allowing Pisces to attack. However, Uosuke uses Terrain Effect: Whirlpool Zone, which causes Pisces to change into fish due to weakness to water but this allows Lucy to summon Aquarius.[37] With Aquarius, Lucy defeats Uosuke, allowing Yukino and the group to meet the rest of the team as all of the knights are defeated at the same time. Reunited, Yukino looks on in shock as Natsu demands that the knights reveal the exit or he'll execute them.[38]

Yukino meets the hooded woman

As Yukino and the Fairy Tail Mages try to find of a way out, she asks Loke if Arcadios is alright. When it is found out that a Jade charm protected Arcadios from the lava, Yukino remarks that the princess' name, Hisui, also means Jade. As the Mages come across a door that opens itself up, a hooded woman appears in front of Yukino and the others.[39] Once Natsu asks her who she is, she begins crying, apologizing and asking them to lend her their strength, at which point Yukino recognizes her voice.[40]

Yukino sees future Lucy wake up

The mysterious person turns out to look exactly like Lucy. Everyone is shocked, and Yukino wonders if it is Gemini. The Lucy look-alike explains that she has used the Eclipse to go back in time, which surprises them. Suddenly, the future Lucy collapses from exhaustion in front of them. They decide to take future Lucy along with them and leave.[41] Yukino attempts to guide everyone out of the Mercurius but is unsuccessful, admitting that the castle has a very confusing layout. She witnesses the Lucy look-alike awaken and listens as she starts explaining her situation, revealing that she is from the future. Yukino feels saddened by her dilemmas and asks about the world in her era.[42]

After hearing about the upcoming troubles, Yukino is left shocked and leaving her to wonder why such a thing will happen.[43] As Carla asks about what will happen to them in the future, the answer is met with silence. Yukino begins, thinking it happened because they were with her. As the future Lucy explains that she traveled back to July 4, Yukino listens as she suggests that they meet with Jellal, who should be preparing a strategy.[44] Soon after, Natsu thanks Lucy promises to protect the future, with Yukino looking on sadly.[45] Unnoticed, Yukino parts ways with the Fairy Tail Mages and future Lucy.[46] Elsewhere, with a bitter expression, she looks down towards the floor.[47]

Yukino being comforted by Mirajane

Yukino is found sometime later by Mirajane, leaning up against a wall, dispirited and alone. When asked by Mirajane to come with her, Yukino rejects the offer, stating that if she does so, misfortune will follow their every step. She relates how it has always been like this, that people around her have always been extremely unlucky because of her presence. When Mirajane replies that none of her friends are the type to blame others for their bad luck, Yukino tries to deny the other's kindness, and begins to cry. She is shocked as Mirajane embraces her, comforting her with the knowledge that she has a meaning in life, no matter how small it may be.[48]

Lucy and Yukino combine their Magic

Having her confidence revived, both Yukino and Mirajane head towards the courtyard that the Eclipse Gate is situated in, arriving to find Lucy helplessly trying to close the Gate by herself, but failing due to her lack in Celestial Spirit Magic power. Running towards her, Yukino shouts that they have to summon all twelve of the Ecliptic Zodiac together, and that the Spirits will have the power to seal the Gate for them. Throwing her two keys into the air, Lucy does the same, and the two clasp hands, together summoning all twelve Spirits at once. Maintaining their Magic power, the two manage to keep the Spirit's Gates open for long enough that they allow them to completely shut off the Eclipse Gate, stopping the Dragons from accessing it. Happy that they succeeded in saving Crocus, Yukino and Lucy are then shocked when the Future Rogue appears, the man being annoyed at them for their interfering ways. When Future Rogue then demonstrates his ability to manipulate the seven Dragons that managed to make it to Crocus, Yukino stares on in complete disbelief, openly questioning what motive Rogue could possibly have with wanting to use the Dragons to destroy the world. The Rogue of the future does not answer though, rather sets Zirconis on the group as he flies away.[49]

Yukino is thrown off-balance by Zirconis

Yukino is shocked to see Zirconis alive, who is wondering which one of the group he should eat. However, her reaction becomes that of a shock and embarrassment when she witnesses what his Magic can do: strip people of their dignity, by removing their clothes from them.[50] On the ground, Yukino watches as Zirconis mocks Wendy, and cries out in worry when the Jade Dragon grabs the now-defenseless, and nude, Lucy. However, Zirconis, upon hearing Wendy state that she will defeat him before he can devour Lucy, then begins to rage, creating shockwaves with his stomps, which sends everyone who remains atop Mercurius, Yukino included, flying backwards.[51] Yukino then cries out in worry, once again, as Zirconis, who is now airborne, throws Lucy towards Crocus.[52]

Lucy and Yukino unable to damage the Eclipse Gate

With the place also being attacked by Motherglare's Hatchlings, Arcadios tells Hisui that they should retreat and leave everything to the Mages, with Yukino stating that they will cover for her. However, Hisui refuses and at that moment, Lucy appears, holding her future self's notebook. Yukino reads it and reveals that if the Eclipse Gate were to be destroyed in this time, the future self would also cease to exist due to a chain reaction effect. While everyone is optimistic about this plan, Arcadios states that there is no way for them to destroy the gates, which is then proven true when even full Magic of both Lucy and Yukino cannot scratch the Eclipse Gate.[53] Yukino then looks up just to witness a Dragon crashing through the door, successfully destroying it.[54] Seeing the Gate lying in ruins, Yukino comments that as a result of its destruction time travel should no longer be possible, meaning that Future Rogue, Future Lucy and the Dragons should now not be able to come back to their time in the future.[55] Soon after, Yukino watches as Zirconis and Future Rogue begin to disappear and return to their own time.[56]

Yukino expresses her joy

Later, Yukino is seen putting on a formal dress and wonders why she has to wear such fancy clothes. Lucy and Mirajane compliment her, saying that she does, and she looks good as the clothes suit her.[57] Afterwards, Yukino attends the Grand Magic Games after party along with the rest of the Mages. As she arrives, she witnesses the Sabertooth members and in spite of Frosch greeting her cheerfully, Yukino apologizes, saying that she shouldn't have come and is about to leave, when Sting stops her. He explains that they are going to rebuild Sabertooth into a guild that cares about its comrades and tells her that they would like her to rejoin. At that moment, Kagura interferes and claims Yukino's life as her property. However, Fairy Tail does not hesitate to join the fray and a surprised Yukino watches as all the other guilds try to win her over as well. Seeing this, Yukino bursts into tears of joy, claiming that she has never been so happy, while Mirajane notes that there is finally a smile on Yukino's face as she has many places she can now call home.[58]

Yukino is eventually reinstated into the Sabertooth guild sometime after.[1]

Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Tartaros arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

When Sting, Rogue and the Exceeds return to the guild one week following Tartaros' defeat, Yukino greets them and the accompanying Minerva.[72]

Avatar arc

Upon Natsu, Lucy, and Happy’s arrival at Sabertooth, Yukino welcomes them, and she is overjoyed when Lucy tells her that Fairy Tail is being restarted. When an overweight Sting appears, Yukino summons Libra who uses her Magic to slim him down.[73]

Alvarez Empire arc

Yukino sees Bloodman

After the Alvarez Empire invades Magnolia, Yukino stands with her guildmates, prepared to enter battle after hearing Ichiya's call to arms.[74] Before long, Yukino mobilizes with her guildmates and the prominent members of Blue Pegasus, traveling north to deal with the incoming Alvarez fleet of over three hundred.[75] Yukino and her comrades eventually arrive at the location of Alvarez's assault, and as they do battle with their foot soldiers, Yukino sees many of her guildmates running away from the nearby forest, screaming; they tell her to run as the enemy, Bloodman of the Spriggan 12, is callously killing all foes he comes across, much to her horror.[76] Faced with the terror of the aforementioned Shield of Spriggan, the Sabertooth-Blue Pegasus alliance retreats to their camp, where Yukino agrees with Rogue's assertion that they need to prevent the enemy from moving south, even though their numbers are incredulously large.[77]

Yukino slaps Sting

Some time later, however, Yukino and the other Mages from both Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus manage to get severely defeated and ultimately tied up to crosses for the sake of mockery by their enemy.[78] They are then saved by Gajeel's group, which promptly declares battle against their powerful enemies.[79] As Fairy Tail engages the enemies, Sting sulks and Rogue mentions that the attitude doesn't suit him. Sting replies that he was incapable of doing anything and calls himself a sorry excuse for a Guild Master, which surprisingly prompts a slap from Yukino. Yukino tells Sting that he is their master and at times like these, he is required to motivate everyone and she believes he has the power to do so. Moved by her encouraging words, Sting thanks Yukino for bringing him back to his senses and tells his guildmates to fight back.[80] During the ensuing battle, Yukino briefly senses her sister's presence in the distance; when asked by Minerva what happened, Yukino dismisses her concerns.[81]

Yukino reunites with her sister

Yukino is later subjected to the effect of Irene Belserion's Universe One and is warped to a strange forest, alongside Frosch, Lector and Elfman, with the latter guiding them to the Fairy Tail Guild's new location, courtesy of a voice that only he could hear. The group, as they walk, agrees that the only way to reunite with everyone is to head towards the guild. As they press on, Yukino spies a figure in the distance, who, to her great surprise, turns out to be her sister Sorano.[82] The reunion quickly proves itself to be awkward, with Yukino listening as Sorano declares that she has no little sister, and that Yukino is mistaking her for someone else. Angered by Sorano's attitude, Yukino pours her heart out to her sister, even revealing that she tried to turn back time to get her back, and upon questioning her sister about her cruel words, Sorano reveals that her honest little sister doesn't need a felon who has committed terrible crimes as an older sibling. Then, when Sorano tearfully says that when her sins are atoned for she will come back for Yukino, Yukino asks if that is a promise, which Sorano affirms; she responds that just knowing that Sorano is alive is enough for her.[83]

Before long, Yukino and her group arrive at the Fairy Tail Guild to assist in the battle against Alvarez.[84] Yukino eventually comes to be in the line of Wall and Bloodman's advances onto the battlefield, and watches with joy as Rogue and Minerva arrive to battle them, where she learns that they arrived thanks to the help of Kinana. With Minerva and Rogue noticing that Wall and Bloodman are conjured forms of the deceased originals, Yukino is tasked with locating their conjurer and defeating him, but when asked by Minerva who the swooning Sorano is, Yukino finds it hard to answer.[85] She then proceeds to watch, in awe, as Erza clears the battlefield of enemies and leads her own brave charge.[86]

Yukino about to die

As the all-out battle rages on, Yukino hears Irene Belserion's voice echo from the sky in search of the runaway Mavis; Yukino recognizes her voice as belonging to the strongest wizard from the north.[87] Later, Yukino is in awe of the sheer number of enemies defeated by Makarov's Fairy Law. In the midst of celebrating, however, Larcade appears and Yukino recognizes him as one of the Spriggan 12. When he incapacitates Angel with his Magic, Yukino is visibly distressed,[88] and wonders why it only effects Sorano. Larcade explains that his Magic is "pleasure" and that it only affects those who have experienced it before. He then uses it directly on Yukino and the others, but they are rescued by Kagura Mikazuchi.[89] Yukino goes on to express surprise when Larcade explains that Zeref is his father and that Natsu is his father's brother, making him his uncle. Yukino is also shocked to see that Larcade can turn his Magic into blades of light, and frets when Kagura is overwhelmed by her foe. Frustrated that she can't get up to help, Yukino bears witness to Kagura break free from Larcade's Magic and strike him with the same move that defeated her during the Grand Magic Games. However, when Kagura's initial and follow-up slashes are blocked and she is subsequently dealt a fatal wound, Yukino is left to despair as Larcade once again turns his Magic back upon her with the full intent of killing her.[90] Larcade nearly succeeds, but Yukino is saved by the timely intervention of Sting, who pushes Larcade away and negates his white-colored Magic by eating it, much to her cumulative joy.[91]

Yukino and the others fill Sting in on Larcade's relation to Zeref and Natsu when he makes note of their scents being exactly the same. She then watches as Sting takes on and momentarily overwhelms Larcade, but, like him and the others, is affected by Famished Soul, which causes her and Kagura to try and eat each other. Everyone is eventually knocked out by Sting to stop Larcade's Magic from working;[92] Yukino then switches locations with Rogue, via Minerva's Territory, so that he can assist Sting.[93] After the battle ends, Yukino returns with Minerva at her side, and becomes embarrassed when Kagura points out her immodestly sleeping sister and wonders who she is.[94]

100 Years Quest arc

Magic and Abilities

Yukino summoning a Celestial Spirit

Celestial Spirit Magic (星霊魔法 Seirei Mahō): Yukino uses a type of Spatial Magic, Celestial Spirit Magic. At the moment, only five keys are known to be in her possession. She has obtained two gold keys to summon forth Pisces and Libra, holds the thirteenth zodiac key of Ophiuchus and also has two Silver Keys; Polaris and Deneb.[62]

  • Multiple Summon: She has the ability to easily summon two spirits at the same time much to the surprise of the crowd, as seen during her battle against Kagura on the 2nd day of the Grand Magic Games.[95]
  • Urano Metria (ウラノ・メトリア Urano Metoria): Yukino used this spell alongside Lucy when fighting against the Eclipse Spirits Virgo and Libra.[96]

Gottfried (ゴットフリート Gottofurīto): A super Magic which is long forgotten. To activate the Magic, the casters must kneel on the ground and hold hands, while one has to recite the incantation. Whilst chanting, an aura will encase the casters, which will surge upwards, and stars will slowly fill up the heavens; as the caster yells out the spell's name, the aura will become a beam, together with the stars shining brighter, swirling around the target. However, the spell will inflict pain to the users. The spell was powerful enough to shatter the Celestial Globe to pieces. Yukino cast the spell by joining her Magic with Lucy and Hisui E. Fiore.[69]

Yukino kicking Eclipse Virgo

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Despite favoring the use of Celestial Spirit Magic, Yukino has proven herself to be a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, having said to have trained and studied martial arts in Sabertooth.[61]


Yukino with her keys

Gold Keys:

Silver Keys:

Black Keys:

Gale-Force Reading Glasses (風詠みの眼鏡 Kazeyomi no Megane): While going through books in the Magic Library, Yukino is shown to own a pair of these glasses, noticeably in the color blue.[61] It's currently unknown what rate of reading speed Yukino's pair provides.

Former Equipment

Artificial Keys:

Appearances in Other Media


Welcome Back, Frosch

Yukino and Sting playing in the pool

Reminiscent of a past event, Yukino is ordered by Sting to strip out of her clothes, and she and everyone else comply. Subsequently, Yukino is seen with the rest of the Sabertooth members enjoying their new Guild pool, with Yukino congratulating Sting for the new utility. As they play in the pool, Lector comes running in, claiming that Frosch has gotten lost while they were shopping. Rogue gets upset and takes out his anger on Lector for losing track of Frosch, starting an argument when Sting tells Rogue not to blame Lector for Frosch's bad sense of direction. Yukino breaks up the quarrel and suggests for them to go find Frosch themselves. While walking through the streets, they find Gajeel Redfox and Panther Lily, with the latter guiding them to where he had last seen Frosch. As Yukino and co. run along, they encounter Wendy Marvell and Carla, who also guide Yukino and the Sabertooth members to where they last seen Frosch.[99]

Yukino watching Frosch

Upon finding Frosch, Rogue prevents Yukino and Sting from approaching Frosch, but he accidentally grabs Yukino's breast and causes her to get flustered up. Rogue continues on to explain that they should allow Frosch to find his own way back, since they noticed he was looking at a map. Yukino chimes in and suggests they shall see if Frosch does indeed find his way back. As Yukino and co. follow Frosch, they notice it encounters Gray and Juvia, where it reveals that it is trying to find it's own way back so he can start helping Rogue back, a testament that touches Yukino and co.'s hearts. As Yukino looks on eagerly to see if Frosch will find his way back to the Guild, they notice that Frosch has indeed returned to a Guild, but to Fairy Tail.[100]


  • (To Team Sabertooth) "I won't humiliate the name of Sabertooth. It means I have to win."[101]
  • (To Mirajane Strauss) "Whenever I'm around people...misfortune is sure to follow."[102]
  • (To Sting Eucliffe) "You are the master... and that’s exactly why... at times like these, you need to encourage everyone! I know you have the power to do just that."[103]

Battles & Events

Battles Events


  • Yukino's likes include her sister Sorano. Her dislikes include her former guild master, Jiemma.[1]


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