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Yuka Suzuki (ユウカ・スズキ Yūka Suzuki), is a Mage of Lamia Scale Guild and one of Lyon Vastia's allies. He serves as the guild's Anti-Mage, as his Wave Magic can cancel out others' Magic.


Yuka is a short, slim young man distinguished by his extremely brushy, squared black eyebrows; eyebrows which in year X784 would gain a more[3] or less[4] sharp lower outer edge whenever he happened to frown. His eyes, too, are black, while his hair, initially arranged in a number of spikes pointing upwards (with a particularly large one topping his forehead),[5] is, unusually, bright blue.[6] In year X791, each of Yuka's eyebrows has now a perennial, much more prominent and defined spike pointing downwards at its outer edge, and the Mage has styled his hair in a different cut, gathering it on the back of his head and tying it in a braid.[7] While in a relaxed stance, Yuka is most commonly shown resting both arms behind his back.[5]

When first introduced, Yuka sported a green coat reaching down to his knees, sporting black sections[6] in correspondence to the sleeves's outer part (each of such sections going up to the high collar) and on the sides' lower parts, below the plain dark belt with a rectangular buckle which, together with the two vertically striped, overlapping hems placed on the front (completely superimposed from the waist up, but splitting some inches below it to create a slash), kept the garment closed. Yuka's pants were dark and loose (getting more fitting in correspondence to his ankles), while his plain shoes were light-colored.[5]

After Tenrou Island's reappearance in X791, Yuka's outfit has a strong Eastern look to it: the Lamia Scale Mage now sports an open, sleeveless green tunic with purple edges (almost reaching down to his feet and possessing a very large slash on each side), held closed around his waist by both a light band and a light rope (knotted on Yuka's right hip, with decorative spheres on the edges), over a light green shirt (sporting a tight-fitting collar but loose sleeves); his extremely loose light pants, while first paired with dark ankle boots,[8] were later on made shorter to fit even more Eastern-looking footwear: light socks going up to his knees and dark shoes with an open top.[9] On the upper left part of Yuka's tunic sits a light green circle with a pale purple outline (possessing four perpendicular protrusions jutting outwards) which in its center bears the black kanji for "Scales" (鱗), and on his head he now wears a headgear, which has a main, elongated green part, with a pale purple lower edge, surrounded by several smaller, semicircular flat sections (white but again bearing purple edges), and sporting a single, thin, vertical white ornament with a rounded tip on the front.[7][10]


Yuka is a calm and quiet person who can most of the time be seen alongside his fellow Mage and friend Toby Horhorta, calming him down whenever the latter shows excessive comedic anger for trivial things; he has also been known to joke with Toby in a friendly way, showing how he can be somewhat playful at times.[11] He seems to be annoyed by people interrupting him when he talks, with him being outraged and showing shock when Natsu Dragneel did so (with a Magic attack) while he was describing his past in Lamia Scale; the Dragon Slayer's unwillingness to listen and his boldness eventually enraged Yuka, prompting him to take Natsu on alone while telling Toby not to interfere.[12]

Yuka's arrogance

On several occasions, when he feels confident, a rather high degree of arrogance can be noticed in Yuka's behavior; a tendency commonly observed in several of Lamia Scale's Mages. Such trait could be clearly seen when he indifferently affirmed that his partners and him would get rid of fifty villagers and two Mages in about 15 minutes.[13] He's proud of his Wave Magic, to the point of stating that all Mages are powerless in front of him, that being the reason which has him consider himself Lamia Scale's Anti-Mage.[14] He retains this very confidence towards his comrades, and mainly towards Jura Neekis, whom he used to mention how remarkable a guild Lamia Scale is.[15] When guildmates engage in a fight, Yuka and Lyon are the ones who have no doubts about their victory, as seen with Jura's and Sherria's matches during the Grand Magic Games.[16][17]

On the other hand, while possessing such a convinced personality, Yuka acknowledges more powerful Mages and lowers himself before them, worriedly agreeing with Lyon that Kagura Mikazuchi didn't use her full power when fighting them.[18]


The farthest known fact of Yuka's history is that his family was a victim of the Demon Deliora. After that, he became a Mage of the Lamia Scale Guild, specializing in the Anti-Magic Wave, which lead him to get the position of Anti-Mage at jobs. In the Guild, he met "Iron Rock" Jura, Toby Horhorta and Sherry Blendy. Some time later, he and the two latter would join Lyon on his quest to find the Demon trapped in Ur's Iced Shell.[19]


Sub-Zero Emperor Lyon arc

Yuka and Toby appear

Yuka is first seen accompanied by Toby. The two are investigating the basement of the Moon Temple when Sherry arrives and tells them that intruders have infiltrated the island and defeated her pet rat, Angelica. The trio decides to look for the intruders before Reitei Lyon arrives with the objective to kill them since they saw Deliora.[20] Yuka, Toby and Sherry fail to find the intruders. Reitei Lyon arrives and the three are seen accompanying him. Lyon inquires about Deliora and the Moon Drop ritual, and then orders the three to destroy the village.[21] Just as the three are about to head out, Team Natsu reveals themselves and attacked. However, Lyon tells them to go and that he can take care of himself.[22]

He is seen together with Toby and Sherry, on board Angelica who is carrying a giant container of acid jelly. Sherry orders Angelica to spill the jelly over the village but Natsu uses his Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame to save the villagers. With their plan foiled, the three Mages decide to confront Team Natsu on the ground.[23] As the Mages prepare to fight, the villagers leave the village carrying the unconscious Gray. Sherry and Angelica go after them, while Lucy is accidentally caught by Angelica's claw. Trying to make Angelica stop, Lucy tickles her causing the three of them to fall to the forest. Happy goes after them, leaving Natsu to take on Yuka and Toby.[24]

Yuka is defeated

Yuka tells Toby to stand down, wanting to battle Natsu alone. At first, Yuka seems to have the upper hand, because of the nature of his Magic. His Magic nullifies other Magic, making other Mages powerless against him. However, Natsu finds a way around the problem by punching straight into the anti-Magic shield. While Natsu can't use his Magic in the shield, he has no problem using it outside of it. To which he uses his fire Magic as a booster on his elbow, giving him the velocity he needs to punch Yuka through the shield and knock him out.[25]

Yuka, together with Team Lyon, is seen watching as Team Natsu leaves the island. Toby is seen crying while Lyon is asking Sherry about guilds.[26]

Battle of Fairy Tail arc

Yuka with his friends at the Fantasia Parade

Yuka, together with Toby, Lyon and Sherry, appears in an edition of the Weekly Sorcerer Magazine.[27] Yuka, with his friends, is later seen watching Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser during the fantasia festival.[28]

X791 arc

Yuka telling Toby to calm down

Yuka enters Fairy Tail along with Lyon, Toby, Sherry, and Jura, all happy to see the safe return of the Fairy Tail members who had disappeared on Tenrou Island seven years ago. He smirks when he notices they haven't aged since their absence. When Toby gets mad that Lucy had thought Blue Pegasus was the strongest guild in Fiore, Yuka tells him to calm down, and calmly states that Blue Pegasus is not.[29]

Grand Magic Games arc

Yuka in Chariot

At the Grand Magic Games, Yuka is part of Team Lamia Scale, along with Lyon, Toby, Jura, and Sherry's cousin Sherria.[30] Yuka later participates in the second day's event, 'Chariot and was initially in third place after Kurohebi of Team Raven Tail and Ichiya of Team Blue Pegasus. However, during the last part of the race, the Mages employ their own Magic, causing Yuka to fall to fourth place behind Bacchus of Team Quatro Cerberus, Kurohebi and Risley of Team Mermaid Heel, earning his team 4 points.[31]

After witnessing Team Raven Tail being single-handedly defeated by Laxus Dreyar, Yuka is seen alongside with Lyon astonished and surprised. As the announcement for the next fight is revealed, involving Sherria Blendy fighting Wendy Marvell, Lyon says that Gray will be shocked seeing Sherria's real strength and imagines his shocked expression, although he instead pictures Juvia Lockser, causing Yuka to remark that Lyon is actually imagining the wrong person.[32]

Yuka and his guildmates confident of Sherria

At the start of the battle, Yuka stands with his partners Toby and Lyon confident of Sherria's strength, as Lyon tells Gray to witness the girl's power.[33] Such feeling is proven on the battlefield, with Sherria being able to endure and counter Wendy's attacks, and yet Yuka claims that she isn't giving it her maximum.[34] The fierce battle continues, but it's stopped because of the time limit, making it the first draw of the Games. Despite that, the audience enjoys and praises the match, as does Yuka, stating that it was awesome.[35]

On the fourth day of the Games, Yuka is called forward with Lyon to represent Team Lamia Scale in a tag battle against Kagura Mikazuchi and Millianna of Team Mermaid Heel. Despite fighting incredibly hard, the time limit of 30 minutes is reached, and the match is declared a draw, something that Yuka states doesn't surprise him with Kagura's strength in battle. However, he also comments on the fact that every year Kagura has never gotten serious, shaking slightly as he thinks of her true potential.[36]

Yuka and Toby get taken out by Kagura

At the fifth and final day of the event, Yuka enters the stadium with his team once again to compete in the last event the Grand Magic Games of X791.[37] As the announcers explain the rules of the event, Yuka listens with the rest of his teammates[38] and upon the starting of the event, moves out alongside Toby.[39] While the two move about, they encounter Nobarly of Quatro Puppy. Yuka uses his Magic to seal his opponents, letting Toby deliver a finishing blow, earning a point for their team.[40] While Yuka and Toby discuss the strength of the Mages on the team, they encounter Bacchus. Though planning to fight him, the two watch as he is taken out by Sting Eucliffe through a surprise attack. As the two then prepare to tag-team Sting, they are immediately taken out from behind by Kagura.[41]

After the end of the Grand Magic Games, Yuka joins forces with all the other participants of the event, in order for them to be able to defeat the ten thousand Dragons that will soon arrive.[42]

Several days after the battle against the Dragons, all the Mages (Yuka included) who fought against the Dragons and successfully protected Fiore are invited, by the King, to a celebratory banquet. Once he arrives, Yuka converses with the other male members of his guild's representing team.[43] As the Mages begin to interact with one another, Yuka and Toby accompany Lyon as he walks, and the two men sarcastically comment on Lyon's remark to Gray regarding Juvia's heart no longer having room for him.[44] Later, when the guilds begin to fight for the membership of Yukino Agria, Yuka tells Toby to maintain his composure when he rudely shouts for the young Mage to join Lamia Scale.[45]

Tartaros arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Avatar arc

Yuka acts as the compère for Lamia Scale's Thanksgiving Parade of X792, introducing the acts of Lyon, Toby, Ooba and the dancing duo of Wendy and Sherria.[48] Later, Yuka stands in the Lamia Scale guild with Toby and sings the Slayer Love song that Sherria and Wendy sang during the parade, only for him to ultimately calm Toby down when he gets mad at not understanding what "Slayer Love" is.[49] Later, as Wendy reunites with Happy, Natsu and Lucy, Yuka explains that the Ten Wizard Saints got together and reformed the shattered Magic Council, and calms Toby down when he gets mad that Jura left Lamia Scale to join them.[50] Then, as Wendy turns Natsu and the others down on their offer to join their journey in reviving Fairy Tail, Yuka asks Toby to stop crying.[51]

That night, Margaret Town is attacked by Lamia Scale's rival guild Orochi's Fin and Yuka assists in evacuating the townsfolk.[52] After Natsu and the others arrive to reinforce Lamia Scale, Yuka and Toby inform Lyon and the rest that a huge army of over 100,000 is approaching Margaret Town from the west.[53] Yuka, shortly after, watches as Natsu breaks through and defeats a line of hundreds of monsters without any visible effort, prompting to remark that the Dragon Slayer is incredible.[54] Yuka then assists in defeating monsters with his Wave.[55]

After Natsu defeats Bluenote Stinger and forces Orochi's Fin to surrender, Yuka tells them that all the monsters vanished, and also tells Lucy that Sherria took Wendy somewhere to discuss something.[56] That morning, Yuka says goodbye to Wendy and Carla alongside the rest of Lamia Scale, during which he tells a sobbing Toby stop crying.[57]

Alvarez Empire arc

After the Alvarez Empire invades Magnolia, Yuka stands with his guildmates, prepared to enter battle after hearing Ichiya's call to arms.[58] He then soon travels south to reclaim the Alvarez-taken Hargeon Port, alongside his guildmates and those of Mermaid Heel.[59] While the two Guilds weigh their enemy's numbers against their own, Yuka remarks that around two thousand troops are guarding the port, then readies himself to fulfill their objective.[60] While in the middle of battle, he suddenly grimaces in fear upon sensing Dimaria's obscene level of Magic Power.[61] The battle results in Fiore's forces beating a retreat in face of the Empire's might.[62] However, aided by Fairy Tail, Fiore's forces prove triumphant on the second day, after which Yuka takes care of an incapacitated Toby.[63]

Magic and Abilities

Yuka nullifying a Magic attack

Wave (波動 Hadō): A form of Magic which gives Yuka the ability to dispel other Magic, making him the "Anti-Mage" (対魔導士 Tai Madōshi) par excellence, Wave manifests itself in the form of massive masses of transparent energy, which nullifies any spell on contact, making it an extremely effective form of defense against all Mages, but also possesses remarkable destructive power when directed at foes, granting Yuka a useful means of offense, which, as an added advantage, can't be defended against with Magic. As a form of defense, Wave can be used to create a shield that nullifies all incoming magical attacks and zaps the attacker should they try and encroach upon the barrier. However, Magic can be still be used outside the barrier to enhance the power of the part of the body trapped inside the barrier.[64] The Lamia Scale Mage is also shown able to momentarily seal away an opponent's Magic without the need to directly strike them, making Wave a very versatile set of skills.[40]

Wave Boost

  • Wave Boost (波動ブースト Hadō Būsuto): Yuka, while running forward, extends both arms behind him, releasing elongated masses of energy from his palms. These move backwards in large spirals, creating an immaterial, conical tunnel-like trail. This technique does not only prevent all those behind Yuka from using Magic, but, as the name itself suggests, also boosts the Mage's movement speed, granting him additional momentum. Wave Boost was employed by Yuka during the Grand Magic Games' Chariot event in an attempt to gain an advantage while slowing down other competitors.[9] Alternatively, Yuka can surround one of his open hands with a relatively small, elongated sphere of energy. This allows him to momentarily "seal" the Magic of a target, preventing them from casting spell. This comes in useful whenever Yuka is partnered with another Mage (this usually being Toby), who can thus attack the defenseless foe without the risk of becoming caught in Yuka's "waves". The range at which the Lamia Scale Mage can affect opponents with this technique is unknown, though it appears to measure at least some meters.[40]

Appearances in Other Media

Video Games

Fairy Tail Portable Guild

Yuka Suzuki with the other playable characters in the game

Yuka appears as a playable character in the first Fairy Tail Video Game, Fairy Tail Portable Guild, and is playable from the beginning of the game.[65] He has no element and he possesses the following Spells in the game:

  • Hadō Shō: Cost 1 MP, Default Technique
  • Hadō Jin: Cost 2 MP, Yuka must be at lv28 to purchase it in the shop.
  • Hadō Chu: Cost 3 MP, Yuka must be at lv35 to purchase it in the shop.
  • Hadō Satsu: Cost 4 MP, Yuka must be at lv42 to purchase it in the shop.


Attack Power
Defensive Power
  • In Volume 32's extra content, Mashima provided the battle statistics for 31 of the 40 X791 contestants in the Grand Magic Games. The stats, however, were provided not from Mashima's point-of-view as the author but from the view point of Sorcerer Magazine reporter Jason. Which explains why some stats are missing and why others may be inaccurate. According to Jason from the Sorcerer Magazine, during his participation in the Grand Magic Games of X791, Yuka's stats are:[66]
  • Yuuka like eyebrows and dislikes salty things.[2]


Battles & Events

Battles Events


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