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Yagdo Rigora (ャグド・リゴォラ Yagudo Rigōra) is one of the Yakuma Eighteen Battle Gods Magic passed down through the now-extinct Yakuma clan that summons one the 18 Battle Gods, Yadgo Rigora.[1][2]


The casting and the effect of Yagdo Rigora

To cast this Magic, the user moves their arms in a circular motion while reciting an incantation, after which they spread their arms wide and summoning a stone, god-like effigy with intricate designs on its body, which then erupts into a momentous explosion of light, destroying everything within the area of effect. It also appears that this Magic can be used in conjunction with Territory acting as medium in order to summon the God.[3]


Niel Wielg Mion
Terse Elcantaeus

Yagdo Rigora!!!!



Nēru Wirugu Mion
Derusu Erukantiasu

Yagudo Rigōra!!!!


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