X791 Grand Magic Games Inauguration is an event that takes place during the Grand Magic Games arc.


Team Natsu and Elfman are shocked when they were informed by Mato that their team barely made it to 8th place in the preliminaries. Meanwhile, Lisanna and Happy are searching for Wendy and Carla who mysteriously, hasn't come back yet to their hotel. They later find Wendy's bag laying in the streets.[1]


The X791 Grand Magic Games is about to begin and a massive audience is celebrating and cheering for the participants at the Domus Flau. Team Natsu and Elfman are in their preparation room, getting ready and wearing their uniforms. Elfman realizes his uniform is for Wendy and it will not fit him. Natsu mocks him that it will be perfect for him and the fact that his body has buffed up lately. The team then wonders about Wendy and Carla's health and finds them lying in one of the beds in the infirmary. Much to the team's surprise, Porlyusica is taking care of them, Lisanna asks what is she doing here in Crocus, which she replies that she will be cheering for Fairy Tail. Wendy apologizes to the team for not being able to compete in the games and asks Elfman to be her substitute, to which Elfman agrees. Porlyusica kicks the team out and promises Wendy that she will recover faster than she thinks.[2]

Team FT A

Team Natsu and Fairy Tail arrives

The Grand Magic Games officially begin. Chapati Lola and Yajima stands as the games' commentators and their guest, Jenny Realight from Blue Pegasus. Chapati is about to introduce this year's participants consisting of eight teams. Team Natsu and Elfman makes their entrance representing Fairy Tail, but the audience boos them for their low reputation during the past years. Despite being booed by the audience, Fairy Tail along with Mavis Vermillion cheer for the team. Mavis explains to the guild she got bored on Tenrou Island and decides to cheer for her guild.[3]

Team Raven Tail

Raven Tail competes

The next team to arrive coming in seventh place is Team Quatro Cerberus from Quatro Cerberus. Team Mermaid Heel from Mermaid Heel then makes their entrance, followed by Team Blue Pegasus from Blue Pegasus. The next team is,Team Lamia Scale from the Lamia Scale Guild. Lyon Vastia glances at Gray and mentions their agreement. Gray replies that he won't lose to him. The next teams to enter are the top three, the team placing in third is a recent legitimate guild which is revealed to be Team Raven Tail representing Raven Tail, shocking Fairy Tail as well as the audience, including Makarov.[4]

Ivan Dreyar, the guild's master, stands at the sides stating he has been waiting long for this. Alexei then turns to say to Team Natsu and Elfman that they were responsible for Wendy and Carla's condition, angering Natsu.[5]

Fairy Tail Team B

Fairy Tail has another team

The audience and the participants wonder who are the two guilds left. The guild who came second place is revealed to be Team Fairy Tail B, consisting of Gajeel Redfox, Mirajane Strauss, Juvia Lockser, Laxus Dreyar and Jellal Fernandes who secretly disguises himself as Mystogan, making Natsu's team Team Fairy Tail A. Chapati states that in this year's games a guild is enabled to participate two teams surprising everyone in the arena. Suddenly, Natsu shouts to the other team that even if they are competing under the same guild they won't go easy on them, to which they agree. Jellal reveals himself to Erza which surprises Makarov and asks Mavis for her approval which she agrees. Team Sabertooth from Sabertooth, Fiore's number one guild emerges into the arena. Chapati shows the participants the programs of the tournament and explains that each guild has varying points according to their rankings.[6]

The rules of the tournament's programs are announced. As the rules say, each team may choose any member of the team for the events, but during the battles the sponsors will have the right to choose by various factors such as fan votes. Also, in the battles the winner gains 10 points while the losing team gains 0 points.[7]


Chapati announces the first event to be Hidden and requests the teams to choose one of their members to participate. Beth Vanderwood from Mermaid Heel, Jäger from Quatro Cerberus, and Eve Tearm from Blue Pegasus. Raven Tail chooses Nullpudding and Rufus Lore from Sabertooth volunteers, making the audience cheer for him. Lyon participates for Lamia Scale, discovering Lyon will be entering, Gray decides to enter as well from Team Fairy Tail A and Juvia volunteers from Team Fairy Tail B after seeing Gray will participate.[8]


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