Wyverns (ワイバーン Waibān) are ferocious, draconian creatures.[1][2]


Green Wyverns are exceedingly large, draconian beasts that are predominantly green in color. Their entire body is covered in scales, save for the milky white underside of its neck, which continues on through its stomach, and the underside of its tail. The back of the Green Wyvern's legs are also milky white. Attached to their arms and sharp-clawed hands, are a Wyvern's webbed wings, which are rippled and torn, highly reminiscent of a bat's. The Green Wyvern's legs are hunched and muscular, with a spike extending out of each knee, and three jagged, white spikes running vertically up each calf. In addition, each foot has three white, extremely sharp in the front, and one long, white talon coming out of its heel. Atop its angular head, the Green Wyvern has long, sharp orange spikes running down each side of its spine, which get smaller and smaller, until they eventually stop at the base of its long, prehensile tail. The Green Wyvern has small, beady eyes. Inside its large mouth, a Green Wyvern has many, very sharp, spaced teeth. Around its thick neck, the Green Wyvern has a thick, metal collar attached to by several broken chain links.[1]

Blizzardverns are almost identical in appearance to the Green Wyvern, except for their predominant white color, black talons on its feet, and black spikes running down their back, as opposed to the predominant green color, white talons, and orange spikes that a Green Wyvern possesses.[2]

Magic and Abilities

Enhanced Strength: As a testament to their size, a Wyvern is very strong, and is able to momentarily overwhelm people with strength the likes of Team Natsu.[2]

Enhanced Speed: Despite their odd proportions, a Wyvern is surprisingly fast, being able to keep up with people who are fast in their own regard, such as Jura Neekis, Lyon Vastia, and Sherry Blendy.[2]

Enhanced Intelligence: Wyverns are, surprisingly, very resourceful, and one such Wyvern was able to outwit Team Natsu by deflecting their attacks, and moving out of the way, making them strike each other instead of it.[2]

Enhanced Durability: Wyverns are very durable, and are able to withstand, and even repel, spells that would otherwise be considered dangerous to others.[1][2]

Flight: As they possess wings, Wyverns are capable of flight.[1]


  • Green Wyvern: Green Wyverns typically reside in areas that have a temperate climate, such as forests.[1]
  • Blizzardvern (ブリザードバーン Burizādobān): A white, herbivorous Wyvern that resides in areas that have a cold climate, such as Mt. Hakobe. Despite their fearsome appearance, the species is actually herbivorous. They are very protective of their food and territory.[2]


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