Worth Woodsea is a large forest in Fiore.


Worth Woodsea is located in a northern part of the Fiore Kingdom.


Worth Woodsea is a large forest complex where Nirvana, a mighty Magic from ancient times which has an ability to turn light to darkness and vice versa, was located and sealed.[1] The location of Nirvana was extremely polluted because of it, and most of the plants in the forest was killed, giving the forest a dark color.[2]

An ancient city was located deep in the Worth Woodsea, where the Nirvits lived before they moved on to Nirvana. There was a cave in that city where a "Shrine of Maidens" were shouting to hear the voices of the gods. One of those caves was taken by the Oración Seis as their base of operations.[3]


Locations in Worth Woodsea
Nirvana tree
Nirvana Tree
Ancient city
Ancient City


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