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|anime debut = [[Episode 52]]
|anime debut = [[Episode 52]]
'''Warth Woodlands''' is a large forest in [[Fiore]].
'''Warth Woodlands''' is a large forest in [[Fiore]].

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Warth Woodlands is a large forest in Fiore.


Warth Woodlands are located at North part of Fiore Kingdom.


Warth Woodlands are a large forest complex, where was located and sealed Nirvana, a mighty magic from ancient times, which has an ability to to turn light to darkness and vice versa, and was controlled by Nirvits, an ancient race. [1]

The place where Nirvana was located was extremely polluted by it, which ended by killing most of the flora around forest. [2]

Deep in the Warth Woodlands was located a ancient city, where used tp leave Nirvits before they moved on Nirvana. In that city was a cave where Shrine Maidens was shutting to hear voices of the gods. One of those caves was taken by Oración Seis Guild as their base of operations. [3]


Different Locations in Web Valley.
Name Description Picture
Nirvana Tree A secret tree located in the center part of Warth Woodlands, where Nirvana was sealed. Nirvana tree
Ancient City An ancient city, where used to leave Nirvits, former base of operation Oración Seis Guild. Ancient city


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