Wolfheim (ウルフヘイム Urufuheimu) is a member of the Magic Council and one of the Ten Wizard Saints. He is ranked third in terms of strength of the Four Gods of Ishgar.[1]


Wolfheim is a very short, older man who sports a dark green long beard. He wears a dark-colored shirt, a light-colored vest with large buttons and stripes towards the bottom of it, dark slacks decorated with diamond shapes, a large blue hat with a brown rim, glasses, and an earring.[2]


Wolfheim seems to be impatient and quick to anger, as he was ready to fight one of his fellow council members for making a joke.[1]


Alvarez Empire arc

Wolfheim is mad

Wolfheim threatens Warrod

Wolfheim shows up at the reformed Magic Council building and asks Warrod Sequen how long he intends to play the fool. Warrod replies by making a joke about Wolfheim's name, something which angers Wolfheim and prompts him to enter into his beastly form, threatening him with his intimidating appearance. At that moment, Hyberion enters and scolds Wolfheim and Warrod for fighting and tells them that as they are now members of the Magic Council, it is their duty to protect Mages. Wolfheim returns to his normal form and listens as Hyberion tells everyone that they need to find a way to deal with the Alvarez Empire peacefully. When Levy McGarden mentions God Serena's absence, Wolfheim and his comrades look forlorn and Hyberion tells her that God Serena abandoned them to join Alvarez, and is now a member of Emperor Spriggan's protection squad: the Spriggan 12.[1] After Alvarez's initial assault on Magnolia, Wolfheim, along with the 2 other Gods of Ishgar and Jura take up the eastern front to protect from further assaults.[3] As they take their stand, God Serena approaches them. Wolfheim sternly asks if he is the one who destroyed the country of Bosco and God Serena states it was a combined effort between him, August and Jacob Lessio.[4]

However, in spite of their bravado, Wolfheim and his comrades are easily defeated by God Serena, leaving the minuscule Wizard Saint amazed at the strength he never realized God Serena possessed.[5] When Warrod launches a counterattack, Wolfheim joins in and begins to pressure God Serena, but he and his fellows are easily wiped out by his various Dragon Slayer Magic spells.[6] As he lies beaten and bloody, Wolfheim watches on in shock as Acnologia suddenly appears on the battlefield and defeats God Serena with a single strike.[7]

Magic and Abilities

Beast Wolfheim

Wolfheim's Beast Form

Beast Transformation: Wolfheim is capable of transforming into a gargantuan beast with large fangs.[1]

Enhanced Endurance: Despite his age, Wolfheim displayed a great amount of endurance as shown of being able to get back on his feet quickly after his earlier loss from God Serena and resume fighting.[8]

Battles & Events


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