Wendy Marvell vs. Sherria Blendy is a fight fought between Team Fairy Tail A's Wendy Marvell and Team Lamia Scale's Sherria Blendy.


The dancing Fairy

Erza conquers Pandemonium

After Erza Scarlet's overwhelming victory over the Pandemonium event leaves the spectators speechless,[1] the MPF Event is chosen as a new event for the remaining contestants. Once all of the participants receive their scores, with Fairy Tail taking the lead,[2] the third day's battle portion commences. The first battle of the third day ends with Millianna earning Mermaid Heel 10 points after defeating Semmes.[3] The second battle is fought between Sabertooth's Rufus Lore and Blue Pegasus' Eve Tearm. Despite Eve's effort, Rufus defeats him with an ancient spell earning his team 10 points. The third battle is then decided to be fought by Fairy Tail's Laxus Dreyar, from Team Fairy Tail B, and Team Raven Tail's Alexei.[4] However, chaos begins to rise when Raven Tail's elite members, consisting of Nullpudding, Flare Corona, Obra, and Kurohebi, all attack Laxus at the same time.[5] Nonetheless, Laxus proves himself to be a tough opponent, taking down all of the members at the same time including his father, Ivan Dreyar. Lahar, Yajima, and Chapati Lola disqualify Team Raven Tail from the competition.[6]

Wendy vs. Sherria

Sherria and Wendy ready to battle

Afterwards, Wendy Marvell, from Team Fairy Tail A, is selected to fight Sherria Blendy, from Team Lamia Scale. While Sherria and Wendy enter the battle field, Doranbolt worries about Wendy whilst Lyon Vastia seems pretty confident in Sherria's strength. Sherria runs to the battle field and trips. Wendy runs down to the battlefield and asks her if she is okay but also falls down. The two greet one another and promise each other to have a good battle.[7]


Sky God's Boreas

Sherria overpowers Wendy

Wendy begins the battle with her Sky Dragon Slayer Magic's spells Arms and Vernier to increase her offensive and speed abilities. Wendy then attacks Sherria with her Sky Dragon's Wing Attack. However, Sherria swiftly evades her attack. Around Sherria's hand, black wind begins to appear. Sherria sends a current of black wind towards Wendy's direction. Nonetheless, Wendy blocks the attack, but before she can do anything, Sherria comes face-to-face with her and hits her with her Sky God's Dance spell, sending Wendy flying into the air with another quick attack. Sherria tells Wendy that it's not over yet, and heads towards her, midair. Wendy attacks Sherria with her Sky Dragon's Claw. Both Sherria and Wendy fall back on the ground and both use their respective roars. Wendy using her Sky Dragon's Roar and Sherria using Sky God's Bellow. The two attacks clash, emitting a power shock wave through the entire stadium. Sherria comes out unharmed and reveals herself to be a God Slayer, whilst Wendy is trying to regain her balance.[8]

The Sky God Slayer

Sherria, the Sky God Slayer

Sherria reveals to Wendy that Lyon had once told her that a girl within Fairy Tail had a similar Magic to the one she uses. She then tries to apologize to Wendy, asking if she is okay. Wendy, while getting up, tells Sherria that it's okay, since they are currently fighting. Sherria then returns to her battle state and tells Wendy that they should enjoy themselves a bit more. However, Wendy contradicts Sherria, telling her that she does not find anything "enjoyable" about fighting, but that she will fight for the sake of her guild. Sherria, as she begins to cast another spell, also tells Wendy that she will also fight for her guild.[9]

Sherria forces Wendy back with her Sky God's Dance attack. Wendy stands her ground, while thinking of her team-mates' efforts. Both Sherria and Wendy consume the wind around them in preparation for their upcoming attacks. Wendy takes the stance to perform a secret Dragon technique, shocking many of the viewers.[10]

Light Burst Sky Drill

Wendy uses her Shattering Light: Sky Drill spell

Sherria is surrounded by a wall of wind and is attacked by Wendy's Shattering Light: Sky Drill spell, which concerns the members of Sherria's team and surprises the members of Wendy's team, causing Sherria severe injuries. As Mato is about declare Wendy the winner, Sherria gets up with no visible injuries on her body. Sherria stands perfectly fine while Wendy wobbles on her feet trying her best to maintain consciousness.[11] Sherria asks her if she is going to give up and also tells Wendy that she doesn't hate fighting but she believes that there's no love in a one sided-violence when the victor is clear. She also tells her that it's okay for her to give up. However, Wendy states that the reason why she still stands is so she can fight on behalf of her guild and tells Sherria that she does not need her pity. Wendy gets up and tells Sherria to fight her with all of her strength. Sherria takes Wendy's words into consideration. Black wind begins to surround Sherria's hands. The members of her guild tell Sherria, from the sidelines, to stop the attack, however, Sherria continues to cast the powerful spell.[12]

Sky Dragon's Crushing Fang

Sherria and Wendy attack each other

Sherria's spell begins to take the form of wings, she sends her attack full speed towards Wendy. However, her spell misses Wendy, due to Wendy healing Sherria's physical strength. Wendy, not wasting any time, attacks Sherria with Sky Dragon's Crushing Fang, but Sherria heals her arm rapidly. The two slayers then begin to fight bare handed. Wendy attacks Sherria with all of her might while Sherria does the same, determined to win for their respective guilds. The time runs out and both Wendy and Sherria are out of strength.[13]


Sherria becomes friends with Wendy 2018

Sherria befriends Wendy

Each team receives 5 points. Nonetheless, both Team Fairy Tail A and Team Lamia Scale are happy with the outcome of the battle. Sherria picks herself up and heads towards Wendy. She begins to use her Magic in order to heal Wendy's severe injuries. She then asks Wendy to become friends with her. At first, Wendy simply says yes, but Sherria tells her that she should reply like a friend would. Sherria extends her hand out, calling Wendy a friend, and Wendy happily accepts. The spectators are moved by the new friendship that has blossomed right before their eyes. With the final battle of the third day finished, the Grand Magic Games heads towards its fourth day.[14]


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