Wendy Marvell vs. Ezel is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Wendy Marvell and Tartaros Nine Demon Gate Ezel.


Wendy sees the timer

Wendy spots Face's timer

Having invaded Cube, Wendy, Lucy, Happy and Carla find what appears to be a control room and begin scouring. Worried about Face's activation, Wendy is shocked upon learning that there are only 41 minutes until it is activated. As everyone begins to panic, Keyes suddenly enters the room, scaring the two girls who believe him to be a skeleton.[1] However, seeing Franmalth arrive and noting the diminishing time, the two of them try make their escape with Lucy holding them off by summoning Taurus and Aries to fight. Using them as a cover, the girls escape with Carla and Happy, noting that Face is in the Poison Jelly Valley and they must go there to stop it. As they believe themselves to have gotten away, Keyes shows up in front of them, much to their surprise. However, their need to engage in battle is avoided thanks to Gray's arrival.[2]

As they are close to escaping, Franmalth suddenly appears and utilizes Aries' wool to slow down the girls. With Lucy having been caught up, she tells Wendy to escape and stop Face. Though Franmalth attempts to stop her as well, his stretched wool arm is stopped by Natsu, allowing Wendy to escape.[3] En route, Wendy pushes Carla to fly faster but the Exceed questions how she will stop Face. Acknowledging that she isn't sure but will try, Wendy states that Natsu would do the same, as failure is not an option.[4] Arriving at Cowbane Canyon shortly after, the two Fairy Tail Mages find an offshoot passage and decide to investigate, unbeknownst to them that Ezel of Tartaros is watching them from the ceilings of the cave.[5] Unsure of how to find Face due to her lack of knowledge on it, Wendy is told by Carla to try sensing its Magic. Observing the surroundings, a frightened Wendy finds herself caught in a wave of bugs, much to her disgust as she soon moves on. Looking down at her, Ezel laments having to deal with her, feeling she won't satiate his appetite due to her diminutive size.[6]


File:Wendy's multiple Enchantments.png

Leaping down from his spot, Ezel attempts to attack Wendy, who barely manages to dodge the destructive blow. Knowing him to be from Tartaros, Wendy reasons that he is the one who activated Face as she continues dodging her moves, knowing that she doesn't have time for a battle. However, realizing that she won't be able to escape, Wendy decides to stay and fight, against Carla's advice. Activating Deus Corona and Deus Eques for resistance and physical ability, she follows up with Ile Arms, Ile Armor and Ile Vernier for Enchantment abilities. As Ezel approaches, Wendy attacks with her Sky Dragon's Roar, seemingly blasting Ezel away.[7]

However, the Tartaros member returns quickly, unharmed and wanting to go all-out in their battle. Wendy attempts to attack once again with her Sky Dragon's Claw but this move also proves ineffective as Ezel then activates Tenga Goken and utilizes Onimaru, seemingly blowing Wendy away. Though she is unharmed, Wendy sees the damage it can do and proceeds to dodge his next attack, only to be swatted by his tentacle and knocked into a rock formation. As he follows up with Juzumaru, Wendy laments her inability to defend herself, despite all the defensive Magic she has used.[8]

Wendy unleashes her Dragon Force

Wendy activates Dragon Force

Blown further away and injured further, Wendy is stepped upon by Ezel, who prompts her to look behind her to see Face as it readies itself for activation within five minutes. Ezel reveals that upon close inspection, one can feel a high concentration of Ethernano, Magic-damaging particles which will eliminate Magic and allow Tartaros to use their Curses as they wish that nobody would oppose them. As he proceeds to crush Wendy afoot, Carla pounces upon Ezel and begins scratching him viciously, telling him to let her go. As Wendy tells Carla to escape, the Exceed is grabbed by Ezel, who wonders whether she is edible. To Wendy's horror, Ezel proceeds to eat Carla as she attempts to communicate with Wendy about "air". Thinking about the air nearby and the fact that the Ethernano is near Face, Wendy contemplates mixing the two and utilizing it inside her body in a manner to theoretically do what Natsu does. Following through, Wendy blasts Ezel away, much to his surprise as Carla comments on how weak and timid she used to be as it is revealed that she has activated Dragon Force.[9]

With her new abilities, Wendy gains awareness of the things around her and utilizing the air under her control, Wendy increases her speed to appear behind Ezel even faster than his eyes can see and land a powerful blow to his backside. As he turns to retaliate, Wendy disappears from sight once again and appears beside him, landing a Sky Dragon's Wing Attack. Enticed by the experience, Ezel moves to continue the fight but Carla points out to Wendy that time is running out.[10]

Wendy beats Ezel

Wendy defeats Ezel and destroys Face

Acknowledging this, Wendy prepares to cast another spell to end the battle. As the wind gather around Ezel, the Demon is confused as to what is happening as Wendy activates Shattering Light: Sky Drill. However, Ezel is convinced that his technique will overpower Wendy's. Activating Mikazuki, Ezel "breaks" Wendy's spell and blasts the Dragon Slayer to the ground as he proceeds to enter his Slash Attack Mode. As time continues diminishing, Wendy moves to finish off her opponent. Standing up, Wendy uses the air once again and coils it around Ezel. Though he is initially unworried as he slices it apart, he soon grows concerned as it continues to come at him relentlessly, with Wendy using as much of her power as she can. Calling forth all the power she has, Wendy blasts Ezel upwards and away, defeating him, as well as seemingly destroying Face in the process. However, she and Carla are shocked as the countdown does not stop despite Face having been destroyed. Lacking any more Magic Power, Wendy exits Dragon Force and collapses to the ground, wondering why things did not work out.[11]


Doranbolt saves Wendy and Carla

Wendy and Carla are rescued from the explosion by Doranbolt

Distraught that her attack did not stop Face, Wendy tears up as she apologizes for failing her mission. However, Carla is convinced that there is still something they can do. Revealing that Face is still absorbing Ethernano, she states that it is possible for them to turn that energy into something else and thus make an auto-destruction Magic Circle, causing Face to explode. Revealing that it came to her in a vision upon being asked, Carla explains that she has seen a future where she destroyed Face by inputting certain characters. As she finishes, Wendy attempts to help her leave but Carla states that she can no longer see her future and thus if she activates her circle, they will die. Hesitating, thinking that they can still live without Magic, she is taken out of this train of thought by Wendy, who points out that the others are fighting and still need their Magic. As such, Carla decides to activate the circle and tells Wendy to escape the blast radius. When Wendy refuses, Carla attempts to persuade her that it is necessary to save herself, but Wendy is adamant, stating that they must always be together. Saddened by her words, Carla states that she cannot fly while Wendy states that she can barely move and drags herself towards her partner, stating that though their time together is over, she had a good time with Carla. With only a button left to push, as she thinks back to all their memories, Wendy asks Carla to be her friend once again in their next lives. Activating the button, the surrounding area is engulfed in a massive explosion. However, the two Fairy Tail Mages are rescued from the destruction by Doranbolt. Looking at the unconscious Mages, Doranbolt expresses both surprise and happiness that such small people were able to destroy Face.[12]


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