Wendy Marvell vs. Cosmos is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Wendy Marvell and the Garou Knight Cosmos.


To Rescue Lucy

The Rescue Team heads out

As the final day of the Grand Magic Games starts, Fairy Tail divides to two teams, Team Fairy Tail, which has the task to battle in the Domus Flau and the Rescue Team, which has to save Lucy.[1] The rescuers make their way to the castle unnoticed and manage to free Lucy and Yukino. However, when they try to get out, the castle's floor suddenly opens up and the team gets dropped into an underground area, where Princess Hisui tells them they are in Abyss Palace, where all the criminals get eliminated.[2]

While searching for an exit, the group finds a narrow pathway, where they find Arcadios, beaten and from the shadows, mysterious people appear, and attack the Rescue Team one-by-one. Arcadios tells them, that they are the Garou Knights, an independent execution team.[3] After a battle,[4] the team finds themselves separated from one another. Cosmos, a member of the knights, finds Wendy and initiates a battle.[5]


Wendy defeats Cosmos

Wendy defeats Cosmos

Cosmos starts with Spore Bomb: Rinka Renka and Wendy is unable to dodge it. Cosmos attacks again with Makura Kamura, saying that it's time for Wendy to sleep. As Wendy coughs from being exposed, Cosmos reveals that Makura Kamura is a sleeping spell, one from which she will never wake up.[6] Wendy struggles to resist the spell. However, when Cosmos is confident about her victory, Wendy wakes up, much to Cosmos' surprise. Wendy says that her Magic won't be able to affect her, because of her Re-Raise. Cosmos' surprise increases when she sees her flowers being blown away.[7] Wendy then uses her ultimate spell, Shattering Light: Sky Drill, defeating Cosmos.[8]


Garou Knights defeated

The Garou Knights, defeated

While Wendy defeats Cosmos, the other Mages defeat the other knights: Lucy and Yukino with the help of Aquarius, beat Uosuke; Panther Lily overpowers and defeats Neppa; Mirajane takes out Kamika in her demon form and Natsu defeats Kama. The Rescue Team soon regroups and celebrates their victory over the Garou Knights. Natsu then threatens Kama and asks him to tell them the exit or else he will be executed.[9]


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