Wendy Marvell & Sherria Blendy vs. Dimaria Yesta is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Wendy Marvell and Lamia Scale Mage Sherria Blendy, and Dimaria Yesta of the Spriggan 12.


Kagura is stripped by Dimaria

Dimaria humiliates Kagura

Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel join the war against the Alvarez Empire by heading towards the port of Hargeon, which has been captured by the fleet led by Dimaria, Wall and Neinhart. The Guilds' charge is spearheaded by Lyon and Kagura, while Dimaria and Wall command the Empire's forces, Neinhart opting to stay out of the battle.[1] As the battle rages on, the swordswomen from both sides cross swords, but the Warrior Queen comes out on top, taunting her opponent and shaming her by shredding her clothing, even as Kagura is stunned by the immense pressure of Dimaria's Magic power.[2] However, their duel has no conclusion before the day ends, although, as she rests in a makeshift camp, Kagura muses on the obvious superiority of the enemy as well as her humiliation on the battlefield.[3]

Sherria's shirt is torn by Dimaria

Sherria is forcibly stripped by Dimaria

The second day dawns with a renewed charge by Fiore's forces to retake Hargeon. As she sees Kagura stoically leading her troops, Dimaria commends the Mage's spirit, then heads out to find a new victim, setting her sights on Sherria. As she approaches the girl, the Warrior Queen strips her of her clothes, relishing the maiden's embarrassment. Despite her fondness for teasing cute girls, she proclaims Sherria's healing abilities a nuisance and moves to finish her prey, only to be stopped by none other than Wendy, who deals the Shield of Spriggan a resounding kick right in her face, blowing her back.[4] Carla immediately hands the God Slayer Wendy's coat to cover herself. Their opponent calmly gets to her feet, seemingly unhurt, and nonchalantly remarks about the inappropriateness of bringing children to a battlefield, but Wendy refuses to back down, instead expressing her rage at the conversion of the peaceful Hargeon into a chaotic war zone. Dimaria simply accepts her challenge and promises to be ruthless no matter the age of her adversary, further boasting that, from her enemies' perspective, she could end the battle within the blink of an eye.[5]


Ultear enters the war

The Time Witch joins the fray

As the three girls get ready for Dimaria's assault, the latter simply clicks her teeth, immobilizing everything. Relaxing, the woman comments that she is currently the only person capable of activity in the entire world, for her Âge Seal grants her the power that many can only wish for: the power to halt time itself. She claims her Magic to be supreme as she approaches the child soldiers, cuddling Wendy's face while she tries to think of a suitably enjoyable method to slaughter the Sky Sisters. She finally settles on killing Wendy and restoring the flow of time to savor the anguish on the faces of the Dragon Slayer's allies. However, just as she swings her sword down to deal the fatal blow, Wendy dodges the attack and, alongside Sherria, launches a counter-attack, pushing back their foe, who is devastated to see others able to move in her world. As Wendy and Sherria wonder about a telepathic message they received, the combatants are approached by Ultear, who chides Dimaria's arrogance for calling the still world her sole property and claims the valley in the fabric of time be her domain as well, then vows to punish the Shield of Spriggan for her sins in the name of Crime Sorcière.[6]

Dimaria the God of Time

Chronos descends on the battlefield

Dimaria questions Ultear's ability to reinstate the proper flow of time, but the latter corrects her by explaining the she is capable of existence only in such a distortion in time, but can allow others mobility as well. While the Sky Sisters realize the true horror of Dimaria's Magic, the Warrior Queen finally loses her calm as she considers Ultear's interference a blemish on her otherwise perfect world and moves to eradicate the woman, only for the latter to be proven an intangible Thought Projection capable of nothing aside from granting her comrades the ability to move in the timeless world. The Sky Sisters gratefully accept her assistance and renew their assault on the female knight, who decides to unveil her trump card. Pushing back the attacking duo with a swing of her blade, she proceeds to destroy her armor and unleashes a huge burst of Magic, sending her opponents flying as well as crushing the surrounding terrain. As Ultear and the others are awestruck by the sheer power radiating from their foe, the dust clears to reveal Dimaria shorn of her attire, her body now covered in darkness with ethereal lines snaking around it, the body of a being possessed by a God through the use of God Soul. Shocked by the revelation, the Fiore Mages are caught up in an explosion as the creature exerts some of its power. As they pick themselves up, the entity proclaims itself to be Chronos, the God of Time, a deity worshiped by the inhabitants of the ancient city of Mildian, which is why he chose Dimaria, one of their descendants, as his vessel.[7]

Ultear gives the girls a new hope

Ultear emphasizes the urgency of their predicament

Sherria realizes that her Magic would be incredibly useful against their current adversary, but Chronos aims for Wendy instead; however, the shot is blocked by Carla, who was able to predict it but was not agile enough to get her friend as well as herself to safety. Wendy loudly sobs over the fallen Exceed while Sherria watches on numbly. Simultaneously, Chronos declares the result punishment for the sin of defiling its world. The Sky Sisters' laments are halted when Ultear informs them that Carla is still alive as she took away the power she used to keep her active, freezing her time even as she was on the verge of death. She then asserts that it is imperative they defeat their enemy quickly, then tend to Carla with as much healing power as they can at the exact moment the flow of time resumes. Noting the rapid deterioration of their benefactor's body, the Sky Sisters quickly grasp the urgency of their situation and face their divine opponent with a steely resolve, much to Ultear's surprise and admiration. But she is aware of the fact that, in their current state, it would be impossible for them to take on Chronos and offers to unlock their Third Origin, granting them the power they could have possessed in the future at the cost of losing their ability to use Magic after the battle.[8]

Âge Scratch

Dimaria assaults Wendy with Age Scratch

The Sky Sisters show no hesitation in accepting Ultear's offer, but the witch explains that she can grant the power to only one of them as the other will have to stay back to heal Carla. Wendy immediately volunteers, only for Sherria to follow suit. An argument breaks out between the two girls as they heatedly oppose the other's loss of Magic, but Wendy stubbornly states that the sole reason she is present on the battlefield is to protect Sherria and Carla, then orders Ultear to release her Third Origin as she moves to intercept a charging Dimaria, who has grown weary of her enemies' childish antics. The divinity easily withstands the Dragon Slayer's onslaught and responds with Âge Scratch, forcing Wendy's very body to remember all the pain it has experienced before. As Sherria begs Ultear to reconsider her decision to choose Wendy for the process, the Fairy Tail Mage resolutely continues to bash away at the deity, but to no effect. The latter reprimands the Dragon Slayer for the impertinence she exhibits before a God and sends her crashing backwards, proceeding to shoot an energy beam through the young girl's right thigh. Wendy desperately tries to draw out the power of Third Origin as Chronos moves to finish her, but ends up being saved by an adult Sherria, who brushes aside the attack with absolute ease. The God Slayer reveals that Wendy was merely used as a decoy while Ultear unlocked Sherria's Third Origin without any distractions.[9]

Sherria defeats God Dimaria

Sherria lands the final blow

Exhilarated at the feeling of immense power welling through her body, the God Slayer expresses her joy at being able to fight for the sake of her friend even as she pummels the God before them. When the heavenly existence condemns the blasphemy of a human defying a God, Sherria renounces Chronos as a corrupt God and continues to overpower her foe, her Magic slowly tearing away Dimaria's God Soul. Aghast, the latter crudely attempts to blast the God Slayer with her overwhelming power, but is foiled by Wendy's Enchantments. As Sherria readies her final attack, she reflects on the many wonderful experiences she enjoyed throughout her life due to her Magic and vows to never change despite the fact that she will have to forsake her Magic. Even as Wendy promises to never sever her ties with Sherria, the latter unleashes her final Spell and defeats Dimaria, who bemoans the downfall of her world.[10]


Sherria reminds Wendy to tend to Carla's wounds as time begins to flow again. As the Exceed is revived, she questions Wendy's tears and Ultear's absence, but Wendy is far too grief struck to form a proper explanation. Resigned to her fate, Sherria requests her friend cease her crying and regret, stating that the loss of her Magic will not diminish the love in her life, Wendy agreeing even as tears run down her face. Meanwhile, in an unknown location, an aged Ultear gazes at the sky as she praises the young girls' determination.[11]


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