Wendy Marvell & Panther Lily vs. Coco (Earth Land) is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mages Wendy Marvell and Panther Lily, and Legion Corps member Coco.


After fighting with Sugarboy and Mary Hughes, Natsu and Happy along with Panther Lily, Wendy, and Carla try to find Lucy and Michelle. Panther Lily, Wendy and Carla try to search for them from the air when suddenly Coco tells them to stop and attacks the trio. Wendy falls from the hands of Carla and dives down to retrieve her back with Panther Lily. Coco shouts the scores of her recent performance as this is usually is her habit. After getting Wendy back safely, Coco tells them that she has lost sight of Lucy and Michelle and states to her their location. She also mentions that she hates cats and the fact that they talk to her like they knew each other for a long time. This makes Panther Lily heartbroken because of what he had just heard from a girl who resembles her friend, Coco.[1]


Pantherlily ready to fight Coco

Panther Lily shifts into battle mode

Using her Athletic Magic, Coco manages to immobilize the three, running around the canyon with her Free Run Unlock. Wendy asks her companions on what they should do, to which Carla replies that there's nothing they can do. Panther Lily shifts into his battle form stating that even if she looks like her friend Coco from Edolas, he must gain the courage to defeat her. Coco proceeds to attack Panther Lily, he punches Coco but dodges it with ease.[2]

Carla shouts to Panther Lily about what he is doing noticing Panther Lily can't seem to focus to attack her thoroughly. Wendy decides to attack Coco using her Sky Dragon's Roar which covers the area but fails to hit Coco as she is always on the move.[2]


Mary Hughes retrieves the clock arm from Lucy and throws a green light signal in the air as a beacon for his team that their mission has been accomplished. As Coco sees the signal she immediately abandons the fight.[2]


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