Wendy Marvell & Laxus Dreyar vs. Zirconis is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mages Wendy Marvell and Laxus Dreyar, and the Jade Dragon, Zirconis.


After Lucy Heartfilia and Yukino Agria manage to close the Eclipse Gate, Future Rogue appears, declaring that the age of the Dragons will soon begin and humanity will come to extinction. Using his Dragon Manipulation Magic, Future Rogue orders the seven Dragons to find the Mages and do as he please, Zirconis states that the humans are making his mouth water.[1]

Zirconis approaches and begins to wonder which one of them he should eat first, but Wendy, seeing this, asks Zirconis if he remembers them from the Dragon Graveyard. Carla, however, reprimands Wendy for asking such a thing, explaining that they've never met this Zirconis, and that as a Dragon Slayer, Wendy is the only one who can defeat him. During this spat, however, Zirconis resolves to eat all of them at once and fires a large blast of Magic from his mouth, which strips all whom were hit of their clothing. Following his earlier assault, he aims a bubble of air towards Lucy, ridding her of her clothes and reveals that his Magic is one that strips people of their dignity. Hearing this, Wendy claims that her Magic will be the one to crush the Dragon.[2]

Angered Zirconis

Zirconis angered by Wendy

Zirconis then repeats Wendy's statement that she has Magic to defeat him, before promptly making a grab for Lucy. The Jade Dragon holds Lucy high, for all to see, questioning if the Sky Dragon Slayer can defeat him before he eats Lucy. Wendy then states that she will defeat Zirconis, which sends Zirconis into a rage, and he sends those that remain atop Mercurius flying backwards from a shockwave. Zirconis then flies up in the air and mocking over the Mage's incapability of flight. Before Zirconis could devour Lucy, an aerial distraction from Mirajane in Sitri form sets up an opportunity for Wendy, alongside the flying Carla, to hit Zirconis with her Roar attack, which causes notable damage. Zirconis angrily throws Lucy away, sending her flying in the opposite direction. Happy quickly flies after Lucy while Wendy and Mirajane prepare to deal with Zirconis.[3] Laxus later fights Zirconis alongside Wendy.[4]


Laxus attacks Zirconis

Laxus attacks Zirconis

As Laxus attacks Zirconis with his Dragon Slayer Magic, Wendy provides support with Arms, boosting his power; however, Zirconis remains unaffected by the assault.[5]


Zirconis returns to his time

Zirconis returns to his own time

Soon after the destruction of the Eclipse Gate, Zirconis begins return to the past. Angry that he lost to humans, Zirconis strikes the ground near Laxus. Hisui then approaches him and says that she's the one responsible for constructing the Eclipse Gate and disrupting the timeline. She then introduces herself, and explains that her name means the exact same thing as the Dragon's own body color: Jade. Zirconis then thinks about calling himself the "Jade Dragon", but after he realizes that he was tricked he vanishes away, sent back to the past.[6]


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