"It's not about whether or not you're a human or an Exceed. We're all living beings and we have to do what is right. I'll be right beside you. There's nothing to be afraid of."

Wendy Marvell to Carla in "All-Out War In The Royal Capital!!"

Wendy Marvell (ウェンディ・マーベル Wendi Māberu) is a young female Sky Dragon Slayer, and one of the main female protagonists, formerly belonging to the Cait Shelter Guild. After the events surrounding Nirvana unfold, she officially joins the Fairy Tail Guild. She learned her Dragon Slayer abilities from her foster mother, Grandeeney.


Wendy is a petite girl with long, dark blue hair and brown eyes. Like all Dragon Slayers, her canine teeth are a bit longer than other peoples' teeth.[1] She generally wears loose fitting or bare-back dresses and sandals with wing designs, possibly to denote that she is a Sky Dragon Slayer. Wendy had her Cait Shelter Guild mark on her right shoulder when she was first introduced and she currently has her Fairy Tail guild mark located where her former stamp was.[2]


Wendy cry

Wendy's shy personality

Wendy has a very shy and polite personality.[3] She is always seen with her Exceed, Carla, as they have a very close relationship.[4] She is very eager to try and make friends.[5] Wendy also cares greatly for her guild members, and even suggested going to the home-town of the Exceed to try and get them to evacuate when they were under threat.[6] Wendy is becoming more confident and brave as time goes on, and she always tries to be of help wherever she can.[7] She is intelligent and has a very honest personality, is "direct and open with her emotions", and is easily swayed by the people around her. However, this also causes her to be "very romantic". She can be spontaneous and "very ditzy".[8] Unlike the other Dragon Slayers, Wendy doesn't enjoy fighting and prefers to avoid it but she will fight if it's for the sake of her guild and her friends.


The Sky Dragon and Slayer

Grandeeney and little Wendy

Wendy was raised by the female dragon Grandeeney for some time. However, one day Grandeeney suddenly disappeared and left Wendy alone at around the age of five. After wandering around trying to locate her lost mother, Wendy ran into Mystogan, who introduced himself to her as Jellal. Mystogan allowed her to travel with him, though he was also hopelessly lost on the road. One day, Wendy heard Mystogan utter something by the name of "Anima", and shortly after deemed it too dangerous for Wendy to travel with him further.[9] He left her in the care of a close guild by the name of Cait Shelter, where she stayed until requested to aid the Light Team in their mission against the Oración Seis.


Tower of Heaven arc

When the two dragons Igneel and Grandeeney meet, they discuss both Wendy and Natsu, and state, that the next time the two meet, a more "friendly relationship" could be established.[10]

Oración Seis arc

Wendy First

Wendy when she was first introduced as a member of the Light Alliance

Wendy is Cait Shelter's delegate sent to the alliance meeting of the Fairy Tail Guild, the Lamia Scale Guild and the Blue Pegasus Guild along with the cat Mage Carla; much to the shock of all there due to the fact that she is only a child.[5] She tells the delegates that although she has no particular combat prowess, she is quite able in support Magic.[11] Though still seemingly uncomfortable with her age, the alliance are briefed about their targets and set off to find them, quickly locating the very people they were talking about not long before -or moreover, their enemy finds them after the Blue Pegasus' airship is destroyed.[12][13] Wendy quickly hides herself behind a rock and stays there for the duration of the battle as she watches the others get trounced by the Oración Seis.[14] Just as the Oración Seis' leader Brain is about to finish the Light Team off, he spots Wendy and halts his attack, suddenly shaken at the very sight of her. Declaring that Wendy is the very person he needs for his plans, Wendy and Happy -who was grabbed by mistake- are then kidnapped by Brain seconds later.[15] After an argument between the members of the Light Team over an ill Erza -who was poisoned during the fight by Cobra's snake Cuberos- Carla states that Wendy is the Dragon Slayer of the Sky, and has the ability to heal injuries, with the Light Team deciding that recovering Wendy is their biggest priority.[16]

Wendy cries

Wendy cries out of confusion

Meanwhile, at the Oración Seis' hideout, Brain reveals Wendy's unique ability of healing to his fellow members and has Racer bring a large coffin to their location.[17] Brain states that he plans to use Wendy's healing abilities to revive whoever is inside the coffin, but Wendy refuses to help anyone that is "bad". The person in the coffin turns out to be none other than Jellal Fernandes, who knows the location of Nirvana, but is in an unconscious state.[18] Believing Jellal to be Mystogan and hearing his crimes, Wendy has internal conflicts as to whether or not to heal him, because while she remembers Jellal as being kind and caring, she has heard of the crimes he committed after their separation. To stop Wendy from postponing the healing and allowing the Light Team enough time to find her, Brain declares that Wendy only has five minutes to think over her answer, but also states that he will harm Jellal if Wendy refuses.[19] Natsu arrives at the scene with Carla a little while later, but it is too late, as Wendy has revived Jellal. Wendy proclaims that she is sorry for what she did, and collapses soon after from the exhaustion of having healed Jellal.[20] Using Jellal's revival and turn against the Oración Seis as a distraction, Natsu takes the unconscious Wendy along with Carla to heal Erza.[21] However, they are intercepted by Racer, who is held off by Gray Fullbuster.[22]

Wendy healing

Wendy heals Erza with her Magic

Eventually Natsu rendezvous with Lucy Heartfilia and Hibiki Lates. Natsu wakes Wendy up then begs her to save Erza. She gladly agrees and does so, though she is still a little remorseful having revived Jellal.[23] She, along with everyone else, suddenly notices a pillar of light erupt from the ground and instantly realizes that Nirvana has been activated.[24] After Nirvana is triggered, she is knocked out by Hibiki in order to prevent her from changing allegiances -she blamed herself for resurrecting Jellal- due to Nirvana's influence.[25]

Hibiki carries Wendy as Lucy, Carla, Happy and he follow Natsu and Erza, who are heading for Nirvana.[26] However, they're stopped by Angel, who attacks them. Hibiki is wounded and Lucy orders Carla to take Wendy away -for fear of her getting recaptured- with Carla instantly obeying.[27] It is later shown that Wendy and Carla have hidden themselves on a mountainside, away from Nirvana's evil influence. Wendy -having regained consciousness- still feels remorse for not being more useful. As she and Carla talk, Wendy reveals her acquaintance with Jellal and the rumors she heard about his Siegrain half. She however, still believes Jellal is the kind young man she once knew, and questions whether or not Jellal will remember her after such a long time.[28]


Wendy casts Troia on Natsu

When Nirvana's second stage is activated, she and Carla are caught up when its legs appear from out of the ground. Carla quickly carries Wendy away, and Wendy states they should head for Nirvana and check things out.[29][30] As they land on Nirvana to take a rest, Wendy suddenly realizes that Nirvana might be heading towards her guild, Cait Shelter.[31] With this, she goes to find and help the members of the Light Team, finding Natsu soon after and curing him of poison, as well as casting a spell to temporarily relieve him of his motion sickness.[32] Wendy still believes that it's her fault that Nirvana was activated, and thinks that Jellal might know something on how to stop it. She tells the others that she has to go check up on something and runs off.[33] Both Wendy and Carla begin looking for Jellal, and Wendy reassures herself of Nirvana's destination being Cait Shelter. When Carla is too exhausted to fly any further, the two continue on foot.[34] They soon locate Erza and Jellal, and are relieved at finding the two, while Zero is introduced as Brain's second persona, and easily defeats Natsu, Gray and Lucy.[35]

Zero activates Nirvana to fire on the Cait Shelter guild, and when it seems like all hope is lost for Cait Shelter, the rest of the allied Mages manage to temporarily stop Nirvana from firing through the use of the Magic Bomber - Christina. With that, Hibiki reveals a way to destroy Nirvana: a plan that requires 6 Mages to perform destructive Magic. The Mages need to destroy the Lacrima crystals located in each of Nirvana's legs, something which will cause Nirvana to stop functioning. Though at first they lack enough people; Natsu, Gray and Lucy rise up once again in order to save Cait Shelter.[36] Along with Erza, Jellal and Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki, they total the 6 Mages that will be needed.[37]

Wendy destroys a lacrima

Wendy destroys a Lacrima

After hearing that Natsu will be intercepted by Zero and being determined to destroy the Lacrima crystals in each leg, Jellal asks Wendy if she can heal Natsu at any point in time during Natsu's fight with Zero. Wendy cannot use her power so excessively, so Jellal secretly goes to where Natsu and Zero are fighting to give Natsu the Flame of Rebuke.[38][39][40][41] Because of this, Wendy goes in Jellal's place to Lacrima 6.[42] All 6 Mages manage to destroy their crystals and finally become victorious in stopping Nirvana from destroying Cait Shelter and the rest of the world.[43]


Wendy's happiness after Natsu and the others saved her guild

As Nirvana begins to collapse, Wendy and Carla are found by Jura, who brings them outside to safety. Wendy is happy to find both Natsu and Jellal safe -thanks to Hoteye- and rushes over to hug Natsu and thank him for keeping his promise to her.[44] Unfortunately, the celebration doesn't last long as the new Magic Council shows up, taking both Hoteye and Jellal under arrest, while Natsu and Wendy can only protest at Lahar's cruelty.[45][46]

Later, after some rest and recovery, Roubaul personally thanks the Light Team for stopping Nirvana, to which Natsu and the Trimens try to celebrate with a party. However, Cait Shelter doesn't join in and Roubaul reveals a shocking truth: the Cait Shelter guild is not real, rather, the guild is made up of the original Nirvit people, who now reside in the area as spirits to protect Nirvana from being activated again. Horrified, Wendy tries to stop Roubaul's spirit from disappearing, but to no avail, as her "Cait Shelter" mark disappears. Erza however, comforts Wendy and tells her to come with everyone to Fairy Tail.[47]

On the boat ride to Fairy Tail, Wendy watches Natsu enjoying the benefits of transportation. She tells him that the effects wear off quickly and that repeated usage of the spell will weaken the results it grants. She also expresses her excitement of coming to join the Fairy Tail Guild.[48] Upon arriving at Fairy Tail, she quickly becomes popular due to her cute appearance and her abilities as a Dragon Slayer. The guild happily welcomes her and throw her and Carla a party.[49]

Daphne arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Edolas arc


Wendy's Edolas outfit

A few days later, after settling into Fairy Hills, Wendy and the rest of the guild learn about Gildarts Clive and his return.[54] As she and Lucy talk about the Dragons' disappearance, Wendy scolds Carla for being mean towards Happy[55] and as she goes to walk with Carla to talk about the situation, she runs into Mystogan, who reveals that he is the "Jellal" that traveled with her 7 years ago. Their reunion is short-lived though, as Mystogan warns her about Anima and its plot to kill all of Magnolia Town. Wendy declares that she will warn Fairy Tail of their apparent doom, but as she runs back to the guild, the buildings around her begin to get sucked upward into the sky.[56][57][58]

Edo Wendy and Wendy

Wendy and Edolas Wendy

As she is too late in her warning of the guild, only she and Natsu are left behind because of their Dragon Slayer powers. Carla then explains about Edolas, a parallel world.[59] Wendy then agrees with Natsu's plans to go to Edolas to save the guild. As she travels there, she becomes amazed at seeing how different everything is, and is especially awed upon seeing the Fairy Tail guild in Edolas. She is then shocked to see the Edolas version of Lucy.[60] She quickly realizes that everyone in the Edolas Fairy Tail is still nice despite being different, and even discovers that she has her own parallel counterpart.[61] The Edolas version of Wendy explains that the Kingdom in Edolas is after the Edolas Fairy Tail, as they're considered a Dark Guild.[62]

Later, after stating to the Edolas Fairy Tail that they want to find their friends, Wendy is both shocked and happy that Lucy Ashley agrees to show them the way to the capital.[63] While on their journey, Wendy and company purchase Magical weapons from a black market, as Wendy is unable to use her Dragon Slayer Magic in Edolas.[64] As the group is about to be arrested by Royal Soldiers, Wendy opens up her new Magic item and unleashes a giant tornado, carrying the group away and enabling them to hide from the soldiers. She is then stunned when the group spies the Earth Land Lucy being arrested in place of Lucy Ashley, but they all manage to escape, thanks to Lucy being able to use her keys.[65]

File:Episode 81 - Wendy vs Royal Guards.JPG

Arriving at the town of Sycca, the group decides to stay the night. The next day, after Edolas Lucy leaves, she comments on how Earth Land Lucy quickly recovers from the flight of her counterpart, leaving with a book about Edolas' history.[66] As they hear the Royal Army will extract the Giant Lacrima -which they believe to be the people of Magnolia- in two days, Natsu decides to steal an airship, so that they can quickly reach the capital. That idea, however, is then rejected by the same person when Wendy reminds him that she cannot perform Troia in Edolas. After watching Lucy fail to summon Loke, Wendy and Natsu decides to fight the Royal Army themselves with their weapons fully recharged. They are defeated in matter of moments, however. Almost captured, a four wheeler suddenly shows up and helps the group to escape. The man at the wheel then introduces himself to the group as the Edolas Natsu, Natsu the Fireball, and takes them to the capital.[67]

Wendy attached to a machine that sucks out her magic

Wendy attached to a machine that sucks out her magic

Later, Wendy is captured by Erza Knightwalker along with Natsu and Lucy as they try and sneak into the royal palace.[68] She is imprisoned, and is shocked to hear that Lucy is to be executed, also refusing to believe that Carla and Happy have betrayed them.[69][70] After that, she and Natsu are hooked up to a stone with a dragon carved onto it, apparently to extract their Dragon Slayer Magic properties.[71] She is then rescued by Gray and Lucy, and tearfully tells them that the Dragon Slayer Magic that has been taken is supposed to be used to power a giant cannon; one that will move the giant Lacrima containing their friends and crash it into Extalia, causing both to be destroyed. By the fusing of the Exceed's Magic and the Lacrima, endless Magic will rain down on Edolas.[72]

When Natsu shows up, the group decides to split into two. Wendy tells Carla that the two of them are going to stop the Lacrima from hitting Extalia, or at least warn the Exceed living there to evacuate. Carla does not agree with Wendy's plan, stating that she doesn't care about the Exceed. Wendy replies that it doesn't matter who they, as they are still living creatures.[6]

File:Wendy and Charle stoned by Exceeds.jpg

Wendy and Carla soon arrive at Extalia, and try to persuade everyone to evacuate. However, the Exceed show off their stubbornness and self centered superiority by saying that the Queen will protect them, and that they don't need the protection of a lower class. However, when Wendy mentions Nichiya being turned into a Lacrima, everyone gets angry and starts throwing rocks at her and Carla, who is now considered "fallen". However, Wendy still tries to protect Carla and tells everyone that Carla is still an Exceed, despite being one of the fallen.[73]

When the Dragon Chain Cannon of Demise is fired and the Lacrima approaches Extalia, Wendy does her best to try to push back the Lacrima bomb along with the other Mages and all of the Exceed. They managed to hold off the projectile until Mystogan reveals himself and sends all the trapped Mages home via a reverse Anima.[74] When the King reveals his Dorma Anim armored dragon; she, Natsu and Gajeel launch a unified assault that knocks the dragon off it's feet.[75] They then proclaim that they will handle the fake dragon while the others protect the Exceed and deal with Knightwalker.[76] Wendy casts a spell on Natsu and Gajeel while they fight with the Dorma Anim, one to make them faster and another to make them stronger. The King tries to take her out, but fails due to Natsu intercepting and destroying the missiles he launches at her. When the King is about to shoot again, Gajeel hits the missiles before they launch, but gets hit by the tail of the Dragon Knight. A group of missiles is fired again, but these ones explode before Natsu can hit them. The King is surprised when Natsu eats the fire of the explosions while Gajeel starts eating the tail of the Dorma. Suddenly, the Dorma changes color and the King states that he is going to "drain all of their fighting spirits".[77]

File:Be afraid.jpg
File:Be very afraid.jpg

The new form of the Dorma Anim grants it a huge increase in power, turning the tide in the King's favor.[78] Gajeel decides to try some different tactics, revealing they haven't been using full power because they didn't know what could happen. All three of them then attack at once with their respective roars, but it has almost no effect. The King proclaims victory, saying that although they have infinite Magic, once it runs out it takes a while to recharge. Natsu gets up saying that he'll use "tomorrow's Magic" if necessary. Gajeel gets up too and pins the Dorma Anim's leg down to the ground, telling Natsu to attack, and that he is the only one who can do it. Natsu tells Wendy to aim a roar at him to boost his speed and succeeds in piercing through the Dorma Anim, ending the trios battle.[79]

With Nadi telling Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy about Mystogan and Pantherlily's conversation, the three decide to take the blame and be the evil force that Mystogan initially planned to be. Showing up in the streets of Edolas, the demonic servant 'Marvell' tries to scare off a young child. The child, however, doesn't budge, until servant 'Redfox' helps behind Wendy's back, sending the child fleeing.[80] When the reverse Anima is triggered, Wendy and the rest of the Guild are transported back to Earth Land.[81]

Tenrou Island arc

File:Mest in river and Charle and Wendy watch.jpg

Later on, during the welcoming party the guild is having for Lisanna, Wendy notices the change in Juvia's hairstyle, commenting on how sad she looks. She then witnesses another guild fight.[82] Days later, she praises Carla for being able to control her future vision power.[83] As she is walking outside the guild after the briefing on the S-Class Wizard Promotion Trial, Carla comments that she has a bad feeling about the exam and tells Wendy that she "absolutely cannot get involved". Wendy, with a sad face, answers that nobody would want her to be their partner.[84] However, to her surprise, Mest shows up and requests that Wendy be his partner and lend him her power, much to Carla's chagrin.[85] Mest then explains that he wants to know more of the world of S-Class Mages, while Carla tells Wendy not to trust such a weirdo, with Wendy replying that she thinks he's a nice guy. The disagreement between the two leads to a week of Wendy not speaking to Carla.[86]

Wendy Crying after Trial

Wendy crying after the trial

As the participants head towards the island, the master arrives to explain the rules of the first trial. When the first trial is started, Wendy and Mest are forced to wait on the boat, as Freed has put runes on the boat to prevent everyone from leaving it for 5 minutes. As soon as the rune is released, despite believing to be at a disadvantage, she and Mest disappear from the boat and arrive on the island before Lucy and Cana.[87][88] Later, Wendy stands over Mest as he awakens to find out that they lost to Gray and Loke in the first trail, with Wendy starting to cry, thinking she wasn't strong enough to help.[89] She is comforted by Mest however, who asks her if she knows why the island is Fairy Tail's holy land, and suggests they have look around.[90]

Direct Line

Mest saves Wendy from Azuma's attack

Eventually Carla and Pantherlily arrive and immediately start interrogating Mest, who they believe to be a suspicious individual. Wendy pleads with them to leave Mest alone, but is told to stay out of it. After Pantherlily states his reasons for Mest not being a Fairy Tail member, Mest teleports away and saves Wendy from an attack from one or the Seven Kin of Purgatory, Azuma. Mest gets excited and finally admits that he isn't part of Fairy Tail, but the Magic Council, who smuggled himself into Fairy Tail to find out all of it's dirty secrets. Mest states there is a Magic Council ship stationed just off the island to end Fairy Tail, but Azuma destroys it easily and prepares to battle Mest, Wendy, Pantherlily and Carla.[91]

As Pantherlily and Azuma battle, Wendy uses her Magic to boost Pantherlily's speed and fighting strength before persuading Mest to help them out. Though reluctant, Mest agrees and teleports them both directly behind Azuma while he is distracted. As Wendy prepares to launch a point-blank range Sky attack at Azuma, Azuma notes their attack as pathetic and defeats them all by summoning a massive column of explosive flame.
Wendy supporting Pantherlily

Wendy uses her power to improve Pantherlily's battle skills

Wendy lands on the ground, unconscious.[92] Natsu later arrives, shaking Wendy awake and angrily confronting Mest -Mest's memory control has worn off- but Wendy informs Natsu that Mest was from the Magic Council. Then, the group sees Caprico in the sky releasing numerous bubbles, which Grimoire Heart members emerge from to battle them.[93] As Natsu easily dispatches most of the members, Wendy notes that Mest has disappeared. Pantherlily then asks her if she can heal herself, to which she says she can't. She then looks on as Zancrow arrives and launches black flames at Natsu. As Natsu prepares to eat the flames, she warns him to watch out, as the flames give her bad vibes, but to no avail, as it turns out that he cannot consume them.[94] She later gets burned by Zancrow's attacks.[95]
Wendy tries to heal Natsu

Wendy tries to heal Natsu

Later on, after Natsu and Zancrow have finished battling, a tired Wendy is seen healing Natsu and Makarov, with the worried cats watching over. She is confused as to why her healing isn't working on Natsu, and Makarov tells her that Natsu's muffler has been tainted with evil Magic by Zeref, and that she needs to revert it to heal him.[96]

Some time later, Natsu wakes up, much to Wendy and the cats' delight. As he thanks her for fixing his muffler and clothes, she replies that it's fine. Natsu then smells a familiar person whom he encountered on Galuna Island and asks Wendy if she can smell the person too, to which Wendy replies that there are too many different smells for her to tell. Natsu says that the person is close and runs off, despite Wendy's protests.[97]

Wendy is later seen greeting Natsu and Lucy when they arrive back at her location. When Doranbolt -revealed to be Mest's true name- appears, he tells her not to worry, as he will help all of Fairy Tail get off of Tenrou Island. Much to his surprise though, Wendy -like all the others present- refuses and states that the island is the sacred land of Fairy Tail and Master Mavis's resting place, and they can't let it be attacked. She then notices massive clouds forming in the distance, and comments that the air makes it feel like the sky is coming down.[98]

Wendy's Celestial Clothing

Wendy in celestial clothing

Wendy is then seen when she, along with Lucy and Natsu, try to convince Doranbolt to stall the Councils plan to fire Etherion while they defeat Grimoire Heart.[99] As Wendy and the others take cover, she watches Virgo giving Lucy new clothes asks if she could have some as well. Later, when Carla returns, she, Lucy and Natsu try to head towards their camp, but are intercepted by Grimoire Heart member Bluenote Stinger.[100]

Wendy is then lying on the ground and shocked at the strength of Bluenote.[101] Wendy is surprised when Cana Alberona arrives and prepares to fight Bluenote to save them.[102] She watches Natsu using his Fire Dragon's Roar on the ground to attack Bluenote and give Cana an opening for her to cast Fairy Glitter. However, the spell fails, and she watches in horror as Cana is overpowered by Bluenote. She is extremely relieved and happy when Gildarts then arrives to stop Bluenote from attacking them further.[103] After Azuma destroys the Great Tenrou Tree, Wendy is seen collapsing along with the other members of Fairy Tail.[104]

Team heads out

Wendy and co. head towards the camp

After Erza defeats Azuma, Wendy and the others return to the camp and discover their injured friends. Wendy tries to heal them using her Magic, but Carla and Happy disagree with the idea, as she has already exhausted her Magical Power and should rest for a while.[105]

As the rain continues to fall, Lucy and Levy comment on it, while Pantherlily begins to tremble, causing his fellow Exceeds to conclude that he is afraid of lightning. Natsu then stands up and tells Lucy and Happy that they will go and defeat Hades. While Happy is enthusiastic, Lucy is more than surprised. Happy tells her that it's because they are on the same team, and while Lucy agrees, she points out that Freed would be better in the fight than her. Freed replies that he has to cast defensive Jutsu Shiki around the area, and Bickslow agrees, telling the others to leave the defenses to them. Wendy states that she will go as well. Lily also agrees to go with them despite his fear of the weather, while Levy and Lisanna decide to stay at the camp to help with the Jutsu Shiki and to protect the unconscious Fairy Tail members. Wendy later arrives at Hades' ship with Team Natsu, ready to fight.[106]

Hades beckons Team Natsu to confront him when they're ready. Despite knowing Hades defeated Marakov, the group proceed. Natsu tells Happy, Carla and Pantherlily to sneak into the airship, find the power source and smash it to prevent the ship from taking off. The Exceed agree and head for the bilge of the ship while Gray creates stairs using his Ice-Make Magic, allowing the group access to the deck of the ship. Everyone agrees to fight at full strength from the start. Natsu starts things off by firing a fireball at Hades, but evil Mage easily dodges it. However it turns out to be cover for Gray and Erza to get close and ready their attacks while Lucy summons Taurus, and all three strike him at once. Wendy hangs back enchanting their attack, defense and speed power. Erza and Gray press the attack, but Hades counters by summoning a chain and snagging Erza with it, slamming her into Gray. Natsu takes the opportunity to attack and hits Hades with his Wing Attack. Hades recovers and catches him with a chain, but Ezra cuts him free. Gray makes an Ice Hammer and hits Natsu, shooting him toward Hades. Lucy summons Scorpio, who does a sand attack while Wendy does a wind dragon roar, and the two attacks surround Natsu in a Unison Raid, boosting the Dragon Slayer at Hades until he hits him with the Sword Horn attack. Hades goes flying into a wall and it seems like the group is victorious.[107]

File:Episode 117 - Wendy disappears.jpg

Hades soon recovers and is barely affected, telling the group that they made a true mistake in making him their opponent. He then asks if they're done with their "warm up", much to the group's shock. Hades then shouts "Katsu", which appears to target Wendy; who suddenly disappears leaving only her clothing behind, much to the group's horror.[108]

File:Episode 117 - Wendy's New Look.png

Stunned, the group suddenly hears Horologium telling them to calm down, and that Wendy is fine. Horologium protected Wendy because he sensed great danger, and he was on automatic danger response mode. Lucy wonders why he didn't protect her earlier, and Horologium replies that the level of danger was higher than the previous situations. Wendy thanks Horologium for saving her. Natsu asks why Wendy's clothes were left behind, with Gray nearly suggesting something which makes Wendy scream. Horologium says he only protected her body and explains he can only do this once, and that he's at his limit. He tells them to stay alert and be careful and disappears as Wendy returns back to the field with new clothes.[109]

As the battle ensues, Wendy is hit by Hades' magical bullet. Later, while on the ground, she weeps as Hades seemingly prepares to kill Natsu, and watches on in shock as Laxus arrives in a bolt of lightning and clashes with Hades. She then watches as Natsu -who Laxus had transferred all his magic to- fights Hades with his new Lightning Flame Dragon form. She is later horrified to see that all those powerful attacks didn't even scratch Hades, as the former Fairy Tail master awakens his Demon's Eye and uses the Nemesis spell to summon creatures to attack them.

Sky Dragon Wing Attack

Wendy attacking Hades

As Natsu reassures them that fear is not necessarily a bad thing because they are not alone, she and Lucy team up to throw Natsu forward. After Natsu punches Hades, Wendy notices in the distance that the Great Tenrou Tree has returned to its original, upright position -courtesy of Ultear. With their Magic renewed, the guild members attack Hades, with Wendy using her Sky Dragon's Wing Attack on him. However, their efforts are in vain and Hades keeps the upper hand, preparing to kill them until Laxus stands up once more and attacks, hitting Hades, with Hades finally falling to the ground.

Hades realizes his heart has been destroyed, and it is revealed that Happy, Carla and Pantherlily are responsible. With his heart demolished and his power source gone, Hades is finally defeated by the team of Mages.[110] The battle ends, and the Exceed finally arrive while being chased by Grimore Heart members. Natsu and the others have already run out of Magic, but rest of the Fairy Tail members come to the rescue. After the war, Wendy rests at the Tenrou Island camp with her guild mates.

File:Episode 122 - Let's Join Hands.PNG

Fairy Tail's happy celebrations are then interrupted when Acnologia, the infamous Black Dragon, lands on Tenrou Island and starts attacking everyone. All of the Mages start moving towards the ship as the dragon goes on its rampage.[111] Makarov then enters full Titan mode and grabs Acnologia, holding it off from attacking the guild members as they escape. Everyone wishes to help Makarov, but he shouts not to disobey his final order.[112] When Makarov is overwhelmed by Acnologia, all of the guild return and go all out against the dragon. As Acnologia -having shrugged off all the combined attacks- flies high up into the sky and readies to fire a breath attack against Tenrou Island, the guild members join their hands in a circle. While promising they will return home to Fairy Tail, they are struck by Acnologia's blast, which completely annihilates Tenrou Island, leaving nothing behind.[113]

X791 arc

Seven years later, the Tenrou Team is rescued by some Fairy Tail members and The Trimens of Blue Pegasus after their disappearance along with Tenrou Island. Wendy and the rest return to the Fairy Tail Guild and are welcomed back by the members with a party.[114]

Key of the Starry Sky arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Grand Magic Games arc

Wendy's thanks to Porlyusica

Wendy thanks Porlyusica for the notes

After their return from their stasis on Tenrou Island for seven years, Wendy, Natsu, Gray, Carla, Happy and Lucy visit Porlyusica in an attempt to obtain a drug to make their Magic stronger, but are shooed away by her.[139] After escaping, Wendy weeps and says that Grandeeney and Porlyusica have the same voice and smell.[140] However, Porlyusica later shows up while they converse about her similarities with Grandeeney. She reveals that she is perfectly human and the reason why she seems a lot like Grandeeney is that she is Grandeeney's Edolas counterpart. She gives Wendy a book containing Magic from Grandeeney that the dragon herself wasn't able to teach Wendy. She warns Wendy to be careful and then leaves.[141]

After returning to the guild, and hearing about the Grand Magic Games, Wendy is excited to participate.[142] She, along with Natsu, Levy, Lucy, Juvia, Jet, Droy, Carla, Happy, Erza and Gray decide to train for the Games on the beach.[143] While the others train physically, Wendy tries to study the book given to her by Porlyusica, and is helped by Levy. Later that night, the girls soak in the baths and look at the stars, but are interrupted by the boys, who try to peep on them.[144]

FT members after coming from Celestial World

1 day in the CS World = 3 months in Earth Land...?

On the second day of their training, Virgo pays a surprise visit and takes them all to the Celestial Spirit World, stating that the Celestial Spirit World is on the brink of disappearing. Upon arriving, they marvel at its beauty and meet the Celestial Spirit King, who informs them that Virgo's statement was a joke to get them to come there and celebrate their return from Tenrou Island. The group parties without a second thought. Wendy later thanks Horologium for saving her during the battle with Hades, distastefully comments on Taurus' perverse habits with Levy and gets her hair styled by Cancer. After the day ends, they are sent back to Earth Land, only to discover that a day in the Celestial Spirit World is equal to three months on Earth Land, completely eliminating their training time and leaving them with only five more days until the Games.[145]

While the team mopes around the beach, depressed, a pigeon lands on Erza's head with a message inviting them to go to a suspension bridge in the West Woods. They arrive at the bridge, which fixes itself before them, and after they cross it they meet Jellal, Ultear, and Meredy. After a brief reunion, Ultear decides to increase everyone in Fairy Tail's power by activating their "Second Origin" with her Arc of Time, in exchange for them investigating a strange Magical force surrounding the Magic Games.[146]

Unlocking Potential Part 2

Wendy and the others in pain from Ultear's Magic

Despite having second thoughts about it,[147] they all let Ultear perform her Magic on them and all wail in pain inside a shed with their bodies covered in Magic markings, with the exception of Erza.[148]

Obra watches Wendy and Carla

Wendy and Carla are observed by a mysterious creature.

Upon arriving in Crocus, they discover that only five representatives are chosen to participate from each guild. Wendy is among the five selected, due to Laxus and the other stronger members being absent. Wendy and Carla then decide to explore the city before the games begin,[149] and head for Mercurius Castle. As they chat about its appearance and the royalty it houses, a small dark figure looks at them from above.[150]

File:Lisanna and Happy finds Wendy and Carl.png

The small creature makes Wendy late for the 12:00 midnight curfew when the preliminary round of the Games begin. The group decide to switch Elfman for Wendy on the team, while Lisanna and Happy go off to search for her.[151] Lisanna and Happy's search leads them to Wendy's bag, which has fallen on the ground.[152] Both Wendy and Carla are later found passed out by some bushes, sapped of energy and Magic after being attacked by the black creature owned by Obra of Team Raven Tail. Porlyusica arrives to help them recover, so that Wendy can still participate in the main event of the Games, much to Wendy's happiness.[153]

Goons Kidnapping Wendy

Wendy and Carla being kidnapped

Wendy continues to rest throughout the first day, as well as part of the second day of the Games.[154] While Natsu rests from his participation in the Chariot event, Wendy -along with Carla and Porlyusica- is kidnapped by four henchmen and taken away. Natsu wakes up shortly after the incident and tracks them down, eventually managing to defeat them. Afterwards, Wendy and the others wake up and arrive in time to witness Elfman finish his battle with Bacchus, victorious. Wendy remembers what the henchmen said while taking her and the others away, noting how they were actually looking for the girl who was in the sickbay, who she suspects to be Lucy.[155]

Wendy and the others return to the sickbay area where Elfman is recovering from his battle with Bacchus. Elfman tells Wendy to take his place in the games, which she gladly agrees to do.[156] During Mirajane's fight with Jenny Realight, Wendy is stunned at what the fight turns into.[157]

Wendy GMG Appearance

Wendy about to fight Chelia

After the days games end, Wendy and the other members of her team have dinner and then head back to their lodging, only to see Yukino Aguria standing outside Honeybone.[158] After inviting Yukino inside, Natsu, acting slightly hostile towards the former Sabertooth girl, asks her what she wants, while Wendy tells him to calm down and listen to what she has to say first. Yukino then surprises them all by offering her two Golden Celestial Spirit Gate Keys to Lucy. When Wendy asks her why she would do this, Yukino states that from day 1 of the Tournament she wanted her keys to go to a stronger Celestial Spirit Mage than herself. After Lucy politely refuses, she, Wendy and Carla go for a bath. Wendy and Carla ask Lucy why she didn't accept the keys, to which Lucy responds that she didn't want to break the bonds between the Spirits and their Mage. Lucy then asks what happened to Natsu and Happy, to which Wendy answers that he went after Yukino.[159]

Enhanced Winged Attack

Wendy attacking Chelia.

On the third day of the Games, during the battle rounds Wendy gets picked to fight against Chelia Blendy of Team Lamia Scale after she's just finished changing into new clothes. When Chelia trips and falls over, Wendy asks if she's all right and ends up falling too. As the crowd laughs on, the two greet each other.[160] The two girls get up and begin fighting, using an array of complex Sky Magic spells at one another. Wendy ends up taking serious damage from Chelia's unique form of Sky God Slayer Magic. Wendy decides to continue despite her injuries for the sake of her guild, and casts Shattering Light: Sky Drill on Chelia. When Chelia stands out unharmed even by that attack, Wendy looks on in surprise, completely beaten down from using the spell.[161]

Amatsu Misses

Chelia's Attack misses Wendy

Despite the fact she was injured, she tells Chelia that she will not give up and that she didn't need her pity. She asks her to use her full strength and not hold back. Chelia responds by attacking her with the "Secret God Slayer Technique", Heavenly Gathering of Clouds, to finish the fight. However, Wendy manages to make her opponent miss her by increasing her physical strength and causing the magic to overshoot, Wendy's curative magic is then explained to heal fatigue and injury as a whole; while Chelia's cannot. They then clash in a fist fight, Wendy manages to stay standing until the time runs out, the intense match is declared a tie and the two teams receive 5pts. Both battered from the fight, Chelia then apologizes for hurting her too much, while proceeding to heal her. Chelia then asks Wendy if they can be friends, which Wendy happily accepts.[162]

After the third day's events and battles, the Fairy Tail Mages celebrate their victories by throwing a party and having fun. Wendy is cheered for her amazing development by Pantherlily and many other Mages after witnessing her battle with Chelia.[163][164]

Lolicon's Dream

Wendy and Chelia have fun at the pool

Whilst they are celebrating at the bar, Wendy, Erza and Lucy are approached by Levy, who tells them about a giant leisure center that is popular in Crocus. When the guild decides they will have to check it out, Wendy gets into her swim gear and goes too, overjoyed at seeing how big the center is.[165] As she looks around, Wendy spots Chelia, who asks her if her injuries are better after their fight. When Wendy confirms that they are, Chelia takes her hand, and the two proceed to go have some fun.[166] They are splashing each other in one of the pools when Gray and Lyon get into a fight and freeze all of the swimming areas, Wendy and Chelia becoming scared when the ice threatens to surround them. In an attempt to melt the ice, Natsu employs his Magic, but succeeds in blowing the entire leisure center sky high. Wendy and Chelia are sent flying, and Wendy lands on top of her, dazed and shocked that events have taken such a turn.[167]

During the 4th day's event, Naval Battle, Wendy watches as Lucy enters for their team.[168] Upon Chelia Blendy being knocked out of the game, Wendy looks at her, acknowledging that she did her best under the circumstances.[169] Wendy runs to the field when Minerva releases Lucy from her grip. She heals Lucy's injuries, alongside Chelia Blendy, before she is taken to the sick bay.[170] Later on, whilst waiting for Lucy to wake up, at the sick bay, Wendy mentions that it was thanks to Chelia's emergency treatment that Lucy's life is not in danger.[171] When Makarov tells the Mages from Fairy Tail Team A and B that it has been decided that both teams will have to pick out five Mages from each team to form only one team, Wendy tells the others that she is cheering for them.[172]

Wendy wishes the best of luck to her guild mates, Natsu and Gajeel, before the battle of the Dragon Slayers begins.[173]

As the battle continues, Wendy is shocked to hear Sting say to Rogue that he alone is enough to beat both Natsu and Gajeel.[174] Whilst treating Lucy's wounds, Wendy watches Natsu and Gajeel; through the Lacrima vision, recover from the many attacks they received from Sting, happy to see they're fine.[175] Later, Wendy, with Elfman, watches anxiously to see the outcome of Natsu's battle.[176] Though, later it is shown that Natsu won the fight, causing Wendy to hug Lucy in happiness. She remains in the infirmary later that day.[177]

Dragonslayers Heading to Dragon Graveyard

Gajeel bringing Wendy to a Dragon Graveyard

Later, Wendy and few of her other guildmates are taken underneath the Domus Flau by Gajeel, despite not knowing what to expect. When she and the others arrive at the designated location, they discover that they have come across a Dragon graveyard. As they wonder what could've happened, she recalls the Milky Way technique that Porlyusica had told her about, which she believes will allow her to listen to the souls of Dragons. Her group thinks that with this spell, she can learn information about what happened to the deceased Dragons, and possibly about hers and her fellow Dragon Slayers' foster parents.[178]

Wendy then proceeds to drawing a magic seal on the ground and begins a chant; she initiates the Milky Way spell. She manages to locate a lingering sooul and restores Zirconis, the Dragon of Jade, he looks around assuming Grandeeney to be the one to restore him when he spots Wendy and comments on her being cute and wanting to eat her, she remains calm though knowing he's just a soul and cannot harm her. He proceeds to explain the history of Dragon Slayers and furthermore Acnologia, showing visible fear at the mention of the latter and stating he's the one to have killed the dragons in the graveyard. He attempts to continue only to vanish, everyone starts trying to call him back with Wendy apologizing and stating he entered Nirvana and passed on. She, along with everyone, is startled by the sudden appearance of Yukino and Arcadios and his news that Zeref is the one behind Acnologia's turning into a Dragon.[179]

File:Dalton Introducing FT the Castle Door.jpg

Upon seeing Arcadios and Yukino, Wendy wonders what need Arcadios has for a Celestial Spirit Mage and listens as Yukino claims they have a plan to defeat Zeref and Acnologia.[180] Wendy soon heads to Mercurius and marvels at the size of the palace, before being taken by Arcadios to see the machine designated for the Eclipse Project.[181] Learning the requirements for the plan, Wendy notes the date of the project initiation is the same as the date the dragons disappeared.[182] However, the Fire Army immediately shows up and orders the arrest of Lucy, Yukino and Arcadios, claiming the Eclipse Plan is dangerous and must be stopped.[183] After Natsu's failed attempt to save them, his magic power is sucked from his body at which point the Fairy Tail Mages are ejected from the castle, but told that they may have an audience with the king if they win the Grand Magic Games.[184]

Wendy and the rest later return and meet with other members of the guild and discuss Lucy's arrest. Natsu angrily attempts to break free of his restraints and save her, at which point Wendy tells him to keep calm. With the rest of the Mages, she listens to Makarov as he gives his take on the situation.[185] The next day, while Team Fairy Tail heads out for the final day of the games, Wendy goes with Natsu, Mirajane, Happy, Carla and Pantherlily on a mission to rescue Lucy.[186]

Second Team Sneaks In

Wendy "captured" by Mirajane

As the group runs to Mercurius, Wendy beings wondering how they're going to get inside the castle, at which point Happy comes up with the idea of making everyone wear disguises, with Wendy putting on a costume of Mato. Ultimately, the idea is rejected and Wendy removes her headpiece, stating that they'll save Lucy while also wishing their friends good luck in the games.[187] Later on, as it appears Wendy and Natsu were caught by the palace guards and sent to the dungeon, Mirajane cancels her transformation and reveals the ruse intended to help them rescue Lucy.[188] Eventually, Wendy and the others find Lucy and Yukino cell. Upon arriving, Natsu melts the door freeing the two. Standing outside the cell, the floor collapses beneath Wendy and the group sending them below. Soon after, the group lands in an underground cavern which they soon find out is called "Abyss Palace".[189] Wendy looks around the place curiously, looking for a way out.[190]
File:Wendy is confronted.png

As the Mages attempt to escape, Wendy comments on how shameful it was for them to have been captured during a rescue. As Carla finds a passageway, Wendy gets through and comes across a battered Arcadios, who tells them to get away as a large, shadowy figure attacks them. As the Mages try to understand what is going on, Wendy is confronted by another figure who pulls a flag into the air, knocking her and the other Mages into the air. As Arcadios reveals the figures to be part of an independent group supporting the kingdom known as the Garou Knights, Wendy readies herself with the others as the Knights state their intentions to execute them.[191]

As the Garou Knights move to attack, Wendy sets herself in front of Yukino and Lucy, telling the two to stand back as they are both defenseless without their keys. When Kamika employs her Paper Blizzard: Red Dance, Natsu moves to burn the spell up with his fire, only to discover the attack to be impervious to flames; Wendy's quick-thinking barely managing to save him as she employs her Sky Dragon's Roar to scatter the paper slips. Happy at her saving of Natsu, Wendy doesn't manage to notice a huge fly-trap rise from the ground and surround her until she is nearly consumed by it, only just being saved by Mirajane, who, in her Satan Soul: Sitri form, rips the plant to shreds with a quick sweep of her arm.[192] Kamika and Cosmos give the group no time to rest though, the former employing another attack to paralyse Wendy and her team whilst the latter summons a massive flower on the roof to consume them. To counter Kamika's attack, Wendy heals her team-mates of their binding, this allowing Mirajane, Natsu and Pantherlily to together destroy the flower and save everyone. The trios attack however causes an explosion so great that the caves crumble and smash, raining rocks down on everyone and separating them.[193] Alone and wandering around calling for her friends, Wendy is found by Cosmos, the woman claiming that despite Wendy's pitiful nature, she will still execute her.[194]

File:Makura Kamura.png

Cosmos begins her attack on Wendy soon after, rising from the flower she appeared in and casting Spore Bomb: Rinka Renka, the attack sending out little spores which then explode in Wendy's face, causing the young Fairy Tail Mage to have to duck for cover. Hearing Wendy's screams, Cosmos laughs and casts Makura Kamura, Wendy startled when several flowers grow up around her and begin to spray clouds of gas in her face. Becoming surrounded by the mist and being forced to breathe it in, Wendy begins to cough and splutter, Cosmos stating that the spores in the spell will put her to sleep; a sleep she will never wake from.[195]

File:Wendy attacks Cosmos.png

As she stands still, Cosmos taunts her, wondering if she's asleep. However, Wendy recovers through the use of Raise. To the surprise of Cosmos, Wendy explains that Magic that modifies conditions won't work on her as she works to support others and when need be, she becomes a sky dragon.[196] Attacking Cosmos, Wendy sends her flying through a wall, knocking her out and reuniting with the rescue team in the process.[197]

After the fierce fight, Wendy and the other Mages try to find of a way out. When the group wonders how Arcadios survived the hot lava that engulfed him and they realize that it probably has to do with the blessed Jade talisman, the Jade Dragon Zirconis immediately comes to Wendy's mind. As they find a door that begins to open itself up, a shocked Wendy, along with her teammates, witnesses the appearance of a hooded woman in front of them.[198] As Natsu asks who they are, the woman begins crying, asking for their strength while Wendy looks on.[199]

Magic and Abilities

Sky Dragon Slayer Magic (天の滅竜魔法 Ten no Metsuryū Mahō): Wendy is the Dragon Slayer of the Sky, which means that she has the same power as Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox, but with the ability to manipulate air. Her Magic allows her to heal people with the most serious of injuries -even those caused by a dragon- allowing her to use even a kiss to heal other people and can even counteract other Magic. Her Magic also deals support effects, such as increasing attack power and speed.[200] As stated by Carla, Wendy can eat air, but can't heal as well in polluted areas.[201] Her Magic also allows her to sense air currents and she can use it to predict the weather.

  • Sky Dragon's Roar (天龍の咆哮 Tenryū no Hōkō): An air version of Dragon's Roar. When using this attack, Wendy breathes a hurricane-like blast at her target. It has been shown to be powerful enough to destroy one of Nirvana's Lacrima crystals, and then match Chelia's Sky God's Bellow after having her Second Origin unlocked.[202]
  • Sky Dragon's Roar + Cure (Tenryū no Hōkō Purasu Cure): The basics of normal Sky Dragon's Roar with the additional power from Wendy's healing magic. This spell was unique in it's ability to both create and offence and heal the enemy, such that Wendy was able to cure Erigor's memory block, which released the magic and rendered him unable to battle.[203]
  • Sky Dragon's Healing Spell: A type of healing Magic which is powerful and believed to be long-lost where the user manipulates clean air, to perform various feats, such as draining poison from an infected victim.[204] and can even revive people that are in a near-death state.[205] Wendy used this spell to heal Erza of her poisoning, after she was bitten and poisoned by Cuberos, during her battle with Cobra.[206] (Unnamed)
  • Troia (トロイア Toroia): A type of healing Magic shaped in the form of a ball which Wendy used to heal Natsu's motion sickness.[207] It's effect is temporary as Natsu is seen to be affected by the boat travel after the spell wore off. If she continuously uses it, the effects will eventually become useless.[208]
  • Vernier (瞬足, バニーア, Banīa): A spell that speeds up the movement of the target, including the Caster themselves, for a short period of time.[209] Incantation of this Magic: "Fast wind that run the heaven... VERNIER..."[7]


  • Arms (剛腕, アームズ, Āmuzu): After reciting an enchantment, the Caster then targets a region of the body in which to increase damage output, such as the arms, for a short period of time. Incantation of this Magic: "Power of the stout arms that tears heaven... ARMS.."[210]
  • Armor (アーマー Āmā): A spell that enhances the defense power of the target, including the Caster themselves, for a short period of time.
  • Arms x Vernier (剛腕 X 瞬足 Āmuzu x Banīa): A fused form of the Arms and Vernier spells. This Magic increases the attack power of the arms and speed of the legs together.[211]
  • Arms x Armor X Vernier (アームズ x アーマー x バーニア Āmuzu x Āmā x Bānia): A fused form of the Arms, Armor and Vernier spells. This Magic increases the attack power, speed and defensive power of the target.[212]
  • Anomaly Resistance Enchant: Re-raise (状態異常耐性付加 (エンチャント) リレーゼ Joutai Ijō Taisei Enchanto Rirēze): A supportive spell that will protect Wendy from any anomaly effect Magic targeted towards her.[214]
  • Sky Dragon's Wing Attack (天龍の翼撃 Tenryū no Yokugeki): This Magic features Wendy expelling a whirlwind of air from her arms to attack her surroundings. This Magic is a mimic of Natsu's Fire Dragon's Wing Attack.[215]
  • Sky Dragon's Claw (天竜の鉤爪 Tenryū no Kagitsume): Wendy jumps and lifts her feet and unleashes large winds the moment when the leg is swung down to the target. [216]
  • Sky Dragon's Crushing Fang (天竜の砕牙 Tenryū no Saiga): Wendy charges and swipes the target with her fingers leaving a wake of wind behind as she does so.[217]
  • Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (滅竜奥義 Metsuryū Ōgi):
  • Shattering Light: Sky Drill (照破・天空穿 Shōha Tenkūsen): A special spell where Wendy forms a fast wind barrier with her arms spread out, and by moving them in a counter-clockwise direction, causes the barrier to contract inwards towards her opponent.[218]
  • Milky Way (ミルキーウェイ Mirukī Wei): It is a Magic that can be used to listen to the voice of dragons who already became souls.[219]. Although, to be able to summon the dragon's soul, the soul itself has to be inside the range of the spell. The caster is not able to summon souls that had already ascended to heaven.[220]
Unison Raid of the Sky and the Earth

Lucy and Wendy's Unison Raid

Unison Raid (合体魔法, ユニゾンレイド, Yunizon Reido): A spell which allows two Mages to unite their Magic into a single, combined and stronger attack. Wendy has shown to be able to combine her magic with Lucy's creating powerful spells.[221]

Hand to Hand Combatant: Wendy can combine unarmed attacks with her Sky Dragon Slayer Magic in order to make up for her reduced size, making the blows she lands stronger and increasing their range with the wind currents characteristic to her Magic; a fighting style not unlike Chelia Blendy's, whom Wendy engaged in a melee confrontation near the end of their battle in the Grand Magic Games Tournament.[222]

Enhanced Smell: Wendy, like all Dragon Slayers, has a very keen sense of smell. Her nose is capable of identifying people by their scent as she has demonstrated with Jellal and Porlyusica.

Enhanced Durability: Wendy possesses good physical resilience. Wendy was shown being struck by a God Slayer Magic attack while taking little damage and was able to counter-attack immediately.[223] Wendy also engaged Chelia using melee combat, trading hit for hit while they both used Sky Dragon Slayer Magic and God Slayer Magic respectively[224] to bolster their attacks, Wendy was only moderatley injured at the conclusion of the battle.[225]

Enhanced Endurance: Wendy has shown that she possesses great physical stamina. Wendy has been seen using numerous Sky Dragon Slayer Magic in various battles in succession with little fatigue and was able to continue fighting. While battling Chelia during the Grand Magic Games, Wendy used powerful Sky Dragon Slayer Magic all while taking damage herself and still had the strength to use a Sky Dragon Slayer's Secret Art[226] and still had the strength to continue fighting to a draw using Hand to Hand combat.[227]


Air Shatter Cannon (空裂砲 Kūretsu Hō): During the time Wendy couldn't use her Magic in Edolas, she fought with this Magical weapon. When she opens it, it releases a strong tornado.[228]


Appearances in Other Media


Rainbow Sakura (Anime)

Wendy and Team Natsu take a job at Mt. Hakobe, where they have to collect special herbs and end up confronting a Blizzardvern. After the job is accomplished, they participate in the Hanami Festival.[273]


Welcome to Fairy Hills!!

File:Erza dating set OAV.jpg

Wendy and Carla are included in the first OVA as the new residents of Fairy Hills. They are welcomed by the girls already residing through a welcome party.[274]

Fairy Academy: Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan

Wendy appears as a student of Fairy Academy along with other Fairy Tail members in the second OVA. Wendy eats lunch with the other girls, though she hangs out more often with Lucy. Erza asks both her and Lucy to help her shop for a dress for a date.[275]

Memory Days

File:Wendy and Carla at OVA 3.JPG

Wendy and Carla appear in the third OVA, Memory Days. In the beginning of the OVA, the two find Natsu's scarf left outside the guild. They later return it to him after he, Lucy, Gray, Erza and Happy return from the past.[276]

Video Games

Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou

Wendy is a playable character in the DS Game, Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou, and is unlocked through quests.[277] In this game, Wendy Marvell possess the following moves:

Fairy Tail: Zeref's Awakening

Wendy is a playable character in the video-game Fairy Tail: Zeref's Awakening. She can be unlocked when you have beaten Racer. She uses the following spells:

  • Atatte: Cost 20 VP, she's having that spell from the beginning.
  • Arms: Cost 60 VP, she's having that spell from the beginning.
  • Vernier: Cost 60 VP, Wendy must buy that spell in the shop.
  • Arms x Vernier: Cost 40 VP, Wendy must buy that spell in the shop.
  • Troia: Cost 80 VP, Wendy must buy that spell in the shop.
  • Sky Dragon's Roar: Cost 60, Wendy must buy that spell in the shop.

Battles & Events

Battles Events


  • (To Carla) "It's not about whether or not you're a human or an Exceed. We're all living beings and we have to do what is right. I'll be right beside you. There's nothing to be afraid of." [278]
  • (To Doranbolt) "It doesn't matter!!!! Because we won't ever be destroyed!!!" [279]
  • (To Bickslow) "Abandoning...Abandoning a friend is unthinkable" [280]
  • (To Chelia) "There's nothing about combat that I enjoy. However, for the sake of my Guild, I must toss that ambivalant feelings aside...and fight with my might!!!" [281]
  • (To Chelia) "The fact that I'm standing here now means I'm also prepared to fight on behalf of my Guild. I don't need your pity. Until I've fallen and become unable to move any longer, please come at me with all your strength!" [282]
  • (To Cosmos) "My job is to support everyone but... when I have to fight... I become the Sky Dragon!" [283]


File:Wendy Charle concept.jpg
  • The original concept of Wendy showed her possessing a wand, and her Cait Shelter tattoo was located on her left shoulder instead of her right.
  • The anime had Wendy cameo in episodes before her actual debut in the manga.[284]
  • Wendy was originally set to be the Water Dragon Slayer.[285]
  • Wendy's name started while she was set to be the Water Dragon Slayer, starting with the kanji for water "水", to the japanese word for Wednesday "水曜日", to the rōmaji of Wednesday in english (ウェンズデイ Wenzudei), to Wendy (ウェンディ Wendi)[285]


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