Welcome to Galuna Island! is an event that takes place during the Galuna Island arc.


Lucy and S-Class quest

A terrified Lucy learns about the S-Class quest

Natsu Dragneel steals an S-Request from the Guild's Second Floor reserved for the S-Class Mages of Fairy Tail. Natsu and Happy go to Lucy's place and inform her that they are going to a haunted island where the job will take place and ask her to come along. At first Lucy refuses to go, but quickly decides to accompany them on the job after learning that an additional reward is a Gate Key to one of the twelve Zodiac Celestial Spirits.[1] Back at the Guild, Gray volunteers to bring back the Natsu and the others once the theft is discovered.[2]


Natsu beats Gray

Natsu knocks Gray out

Arriving at Hargeon Town, the team finds out that none of the sailors are willing to take them to the island. Shortly after, they are intercepted by Gray, causing Natsu and Gray to start their usual bickering. Suddenly, a sailor agrees to take them to the mysterious island. Natsu knocks out Gray while he is off-guard and takes him with them, in fear of him going back and telling Erza.[3]

As they make the trip, Gray, now conscious, asks the sailor why he let them on. He introduces himself as Bobo and, reveals to them that he was once an inhabitant of the cursed island. Bobo reveals to them the demonic curse of Galuna by showing them his arm, which is that of a demon's. At the island's summit, light from the moon strikes, where a sort of ritual still unknown to everyone else occurs.[4]

Natsu and Happy's Fairy Tail mark

Natsu and Happy show their Guild Mark

When the team spots the island, Bobo suddenly disappears and a giant tidal wave washes them away. In the morning, the Mages find themselves on the shores of Galuna Island. They decide to start exploring the Island, with Gray now willing to participate. By nightfall, they find a gate leading to a village. To prove that they are legitimate guild Mages, they all show the guards their respective Guild marks and are then allowed entrance.[5]

GalunaIsland viligers

Galuna Island villagers

The team is greeted by the villagers, who are wearing robes to cover their body while the village Chief, Moka steps forward to explain their problem and help Team Natsu to understand better. The villagers remove their robes, showing that parts of their body are demon-like; similar to Bobo's arm. Moka tells them that this plague started when the moon turned purple and that this is a curse.[6]

Moka - Close up

Demon Moka

The skeptical Mages still wish to confirm this theory and to their surprise, the moon is indeed purple. Once the moonlight shines on the villagers, their whole bodies start transforming to that of a demon's. Once the transformation is complete, the village Chief explains it's the effect of the moon's Magic Power. He adds that at dawn, they return to their human forms, but there are those that are unfortunate and lose their minds. As they become a danger, they are left with no choice but to kill those that do; since they could kill every other villager. He reveals that he had done the same to his own son, Bobo, shocking Lucy and Gray who come to believe Bobo was a ghost. The villagers plead for them to break the curse through only one crazy method - destroy the moon![7]


Gray and Natsu beats Angelica

Strange mouse knocked out

With no definite ideas as to how to execute the request, the team sleeps the night off and heads out to explore the island the next morning. While exploring the island, they are confronted by a gigantic mouse in a maid's outfit along the way, but Gray easily defeats it. Soon after, they discover an ancient temple and enter to investigate. When inside, Natsu accidentally destroys the floor and sending everyone falling below. Upon landing, the group decides to explore the area which appears to be a hidden cave underneath the temple.[8]


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