Welcome to Fairy Hills!! is the first OVA for the Fairy Tail series by Hiro Mashima. It was bundled along with the Special Edition of Volume 26 of the Manga.

Lucy heads to Fairy Hills to search for the person who posted a strange job request. Upon finding her, she reluctantly helps an old woman find something. Searching the dormitory all through the day, Lucy eventually finds what she was looking for after which she learns a surprising truth.


Lucy finds a strange request on the guild's request board while looking for jobs. The request says: Female Applicants only. Search & Find what I'm looking for. No reward to be given. Come to Fairy Hills. Mirajane asks Lucy to investigate the mysterious request. Lucy agrees and arrives at Fairy Hills, Fairy Tail's Ladies' Dormitory. Meanwhile, the guys are cleaning and repairing the guild.

Hilda makes her presence known

Hilda jumps on Lucy

At Fairy Hills, an old woman suddenly appears and jumps at her to inspect her body to confirm that she is a female. She introduces herself as Hilda and that she is the client of the job, and also the matron of the dormitory. Lucy tells her that she has no intention of searching for the object, she should have ordered her girls to do it. Hilda, however, tells her that only non-residents can do the job. Lucy, out of curiosity, accepts the job and Hilda immediately tells her to change into a sexy cat outfit and meow after every sentence. Lucy wants to go home, but Hilda tells her that its alright and to quit being a Mage. For her pride as a Mage, Lucy decides to stay on the job.

Hilda tells Lucy to find a sparkling treasure inside the dormitory and to not let any of the other girls see it or find out about Lucy's search. Lucy asks for a description of the treasure when Wendy Marvell and Carla, who are just moving into the dormitory, suddenly arrive with Happy, saying that he is helping Carla to move in. Suddenly, Erza looks out of a window and sees the group. Lucy then notices that Hilda suddenly disappears. She invites Lucy to come in and also Happy to lead Wendy and Carla to their room.

Fairy Hills - Erza's Requip

Erza using Requip to wear a large battle-armor and scythe

Erza begins to show Lucy around the house while, after showing them their rooms including hers, Happy begins to tour Wendy and Carla around the house too. Erza takes Lucy to see the other girls residing in the dormitory and also lets her see her room. Later, Erza tells Lucy that she and the other girls are heading to the lake for Wendy and Carla's Welcoming Party and invites her to join them. Lucy refuses saying that she didn't bring her bathing suit and that she wants to look around longer. Back at the guild, the guys decide to stop cleaning and begin to relax for a while.

Meanwhile, Lucy is thinking about the request when Hilda arrives behind her and inquires about it. Lucy asks her where she lost it and Hilda thinks of the place as something dark. Lucy then heads outside and summons Virgo, telling her to find every dark corner in the place. Elsewhere, the girls are relaxing under the sun, swimming, playing volleyball and talking about the guys in the guild who are linked to them.

Fairy Hills - Guys at the periscope

Guys using the Periscope

Back to Fairy Hills, Lucy sees Virgo digging around the house but still fails to find the treasure. Lucy goes back to Hilda, thinking that the treasure is in the attic. Hilda agrees but did not accompany Lucy since her back restricts it. Meanwhile, after seeing a peeping hole in the pool, the guys arrive at an underground room where a periscope is attached to the ceiling and connected to the hole. Everyone, except Gajeel Redfox and Gray Fullbuster, begins to take turns using the periscope.

Up in the attic, Lucy thinks she finds the treasure when she sees a bright light. But when Lucy comes closer, it is nothing but a hole in the bathroom where all the girls are currently bathing. Meanwhile, the guys see Makarov swimming naked in the pool and begin to panic, causing an explosion that destroys the pool. Lucy looks up and sees a sketch of the dormitory where the light points at. It leads her to a tree that is covered with shadows, a dark place. Lucy finds a small chest and calls for Hilda. Erza comes out and is shocked to hear about Hilda and tells Lucy that she died six years ago. Erza spots the chest that Lucy is holding and the two open it, finding it full of jewels.

Fairy Hills - Young Erza crying

Young Erza crying over Hilda's death

Erza starts shaking and recounts to Lucy about a story when they were younger. Grandma Hilda was always nagging them to quit becoming a Mage, but she did care for them. One day, she brought home some toy jewels that was to be divided to the children; however, it was not enough, and Erza, although wanting to have one, said that she would pass because it doesn't suit her. That night, Grandma Hilda visited Erza in her room and, with a smile on her face, told her that she would give her real jewels when she grew up, as a cat princess would arrive and deliver the jewels. However, she died the next day after her carriage fell off a cliff.

Erza decides to divide the jewels among the dorm girls as well as Lucy, since she was the cat princess that brought her the jewels. Lucy smiles and sees that the request is disappearing, and thinks that it was sent from heaven. Then Lucy's cat suit, suddenly, also disappears. Erza realizes that Hilda has been watching over them even after the accident. Erza then notices Lucy naked and tells her to wear some clothes. After the ending credits, there is another unusual job request. Hilda then appears, wishes Lucy good luck and Lucy yells at her to pass away already.

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Omake and OVA Differences

  • A major difference between the OVA and the Omake is that Wendy Marvell plays a role as well. A minor subplot about the guys in the guild is also added in the OVA.
  • Evergreen's hair has changed.
  • The OVA shows many other rooms, such as Laki's and Evergreen's.


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