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Welcome to Fairy Hills!! is an omake of Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima.

A mysterious request is posted on the guild's request board. Lucy decides to investigate and ends up in Fairy Tail's Ladies Dormitory, Fairy Hills.


The strange request

Lucy finds a request on the Request Board, which is about a female applicant finding a certain object for the client. However, no reward is to be given, and so Nab tells Lucy that it is probably a prank. As Mirajane notices that it is not recorded on the Acceptance of Orders book either, she asks Lucy to investigate. Lucy agrees, and she heads to Fairy Hills, Fairy Tail's Ladies' Dorm.

At first, Lucy believes that she should have taken a room there instead of her 70,000 Jewel.png apartment, until an old woman suddenly appears and tells her that the rent there is 100,000 Jewel.png. After she inspects Lucy's body in order to confirm that she is female, the old woman introduces herself as Hilda and informs Lucy that she is the client of the job, as well as the matron of the dormitory.

Lucy in Hilda's cat costume

Lucy tells Hilda that she has no intention of doing the job and that if the request is to search for an object, she should order her girls to do it, to which Hilda replies that she cannot do that and that only non-residents can do the job. After Lucy, out of curiosity, accepts the job, Hilda tells her to change into a sexy cat outfit and to say meow after a sentence. An embarrassed Lucy says that she wants to go home, and Hilda tells her that it is alright if she does not take the job, but she should quit being a Mage. For her pride as a Mage, Lucy decides to stay on the job.

Erza dons a cat outfit as well

Hilda asks from Lucy to find a shining treasure inside the dormitory and not to let any of the other girls see it. Meanwhile, Erza looks out of a window and sees Lucy alone, as Hilda had suddenly disappeared. Erza asks her what she is doing there, and Lucy replies that she is just looking around. Erza tells her that she will show her around, after changing to her kitty clothes, thinking it is a fashion Lucy has established.

Erza begins to show Lucy the girls' rooms. Levy's room is full of books, Bisca's room is full of exotic animals, and Juvia's room, according to Lucy, is the most normal of the rooms, whereas Erza's room is full of armors and weapons that she can't carry with her. Erza decides that they should take a break and so she invites Lucy to take a bath with the other girls, but Lucy tells her that she'll look around some more. Erza leaves, telling her to rest in her room if she is tired. Lucy is thinking about the request when Hilda appears behind her and inquires about the request. Lucy asks her where she lost the treasure and Hilda says that she thinks that it was somewhere dark. Lucy suggests that they go to the attic but Hilda cannot follow because of her back issues, and so Lucy goes there alone.

The ladies taking a hot bath

Up in the attic, Lucy mistakes a bright light for the treasurer, only to find out that it is nothing but a hole in the ceiling of the bathroom where all the girls are currently bathing. Lucy suddenly looks up and sees a sketch of the dormitory where the light is pointed at. She thinks that the lighted part is the location of the treasure and so she decides to go there.

The map leads her to a tree that is covered with shadows. Lucy finds a small chest and calls for Hilda, but Erza is the one who comes and asks her what is going on. Lucy says that she is just looking for the matron of the dormitory, Hilda, which shocks Erza, since Hilda died six years ago. Erza suddenly spots the chest that Lucy is holding and the two decide to open it, just to find it full of jewels.

Erza's tears of joy

Erza is moved to see that and so she tells Lucy a story from when she was younger. Grandma Hilda was always nagging the girls of Fairy Tail to quit on becoming Mages, because she did care for them a lot. One day, she brought home some toy jewels that were to be divided among the girls, but they were not enough for everyone and so Erza gave up her own share, saying that she did not want those toys. That night, Grandma Hilda visited Erza in her room and, with a smile on her face, she told her that she would give her real jewels when she grew up. Erza told her that she had already grown up, but Grandma Hilda replied that when she grew taller and her chest got bigger, a cat princess would come and give her real jewels. The next day, Hilda died, but as Erza discovered, she is still watching over them.

Erza decides to divide the jewels among the dorm girls and also give some to Lucy, since Lucy was the cat princess that brought her the jewels. Lucy smiles and sees the request is disappearing, concluding that it was sent from heaven. However, it was not the only thing sent from heaven as Lucy's cat suit also disappears along with the request, leaving her completely naked.

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