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Welcome Back, Frosch is an omake of Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima.

The new master of Sabertooth, Sting, orders Yukino to take her clothes off. It turns out that the reason is Sabertooth's pool being finally finished. However, the fun in the water doesn't last long as Lector appears, announcing that Frosch has gone missing. The group goes to the town looking for it, meeting several Fairy Tail Mages on their way, until they finally find the Exceed as it is looking for a way to get back to the guild.


Sting and Yukino play in the pool

Inside the Sabertooth's guild building, Sting, sitting on his seat as the guildmaster, gives an order to Yukino to take her clothes off. A blushing Yukino complies with it, while the rest of the guild watches on. It is revealed that the reason for this is a new pool inside the guild building, as Sting cheerfully announces its finishing. While Yukino congratulates, Rogue states that Sting is going way too overboard. However, Sting's delighted mood persists as he notes that nobody would think of building a pool inside their guild. Rufus and Orga agree with that and, at the same time, at Fairy Tail's very own pool, Makarov sneezes, with Mirajane asking what's wrong. Meanwhile, Sting continues splashing around in the pool, much to Rogue's annoyance who scolds him for doing so. At that moment, Lector appears, announcing a big problem: Frosch went missing during their shopping trip.

Sting and Rogue argue about Frosch's disappearance

Rogue begins putting all the blame on Lector, noting that Frosch doesn't know the way back, however, Sting continues insisting that it's not Lector's fault. Yukino shouts them down, saying that this isn't the time to fight and they all head to the place where Lector and Frosch were separated. It takes them only a short while to notice Gajeel and Panther Lily. Rogue rushes to Gajeel, grabbing his shirt and asking about Frosch's whereabouts, much to the Iron Dragon Slayer's annoyance. After a short argument about Frosch's race, Panther Lily points to the direction where he saw the Exceed last time and the Sabertooth Mages rush there. They happen upon Wendy and Carla, with the former delighted to see them, thanking them for what happened at the Grand Magic Games. However, Rogue ends up startling Wendy when he angrily questions Frosch's whereabouts, causing Sting to scold him. Carla reveals the place that they saw the Exceed at earlier and Lector gives her his thanks, stating that she's beautiful.

Frosch wants to be useful

After a short while of searching, the group finally discovers the one they are looking for, however, when Sting and Yukino try to head directly Frosch, Rogue stops them, accidentally groping Yukino's breast. Punished by Sting and apologetic, Rogue points back at Frosch, revealing that it is looking at a map. In spite of Sting and Lector's skepticism, the group decides to wait and see whether Frosch can make it back on its own. They watch as it meets up with Gray and Juvia, with a teary-eyed Exceed revealing that it's, in fact, lost, but it wants to return home on its own to prove its usefulness as a member of Sabertooth. Next, Frosch happens upon Erza and even though Rogue suspects that it's asking for directions, Frosch continues wandering for quite some time; even to the point of sleepwalking. The group cheers for it from afar, while Rogue resists the urge to jump towards Frosch. However, at that moment, the Exceed arrives at a certain building, claiming that it's finally arrived. When Rogue sees that Frosch has arrived at Fairy Tail's guild instead of their own, he sadly cries out that it got the wrong place.

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