Weisslogia (バイスロギア Baisurogia) was a Dragon known as The White Dragon, and the foster father of Sting Eucliffe.[1][2]


Weisslogia is a light-colored, gigantic, bearded Dragon with feathery, angel-esque wings. Weisslogia also has two comparably small antlers protruding from the top of his head. Weisslogia's underbelly is quite smooth, while the majority of his body, save for part of his feathery, windswept face, and his spine (which is adorned with a trail of hair that starts from Weisslogia's head), is covered with a multitude of thick scales.[3]


Weisslogia was a very selfless Dragon, having taken in and raised a young Sting Eucliffe like he was his own son.[1] Furthermore, Weisslogia opted to forfeit his own life solely for Sting's future growth.[3]


Sometime during his life, Weisslogia taught Sting how to use the Magic once fabled to be able to kill Dragons themselves: Dragon Slayer Magic; White Dragon Slayer Magic gave Sting the characteristics of Weisslogia himself.[2] However, Weisslogia instructed Sting to kill him and bathe in his blood so that he could become a "true" Dragon Slayer.[3]


  • "Weiss" (correctly written as "weiß") is German for white.


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