Weakness (弱点特攻兵(ウィークネス) Wīkunesu) is a Caster Magic involving the creation of machinery via alchemy.[1]


A type of Magic that utilizes alchemic principles as its basic function,[1] Weakness allows its user to create devastating machinery, such as soldiers that specialize in Magic (or recreate an attribute) that the user's opponent is ineffective in combat against. The multiple soldiers the user can create are able to combat multiple individuals,[2] however, the creations can only specialize in a single Magic or attribute.[3] Other types of creations include a cannon that can accurately fire a beam of destruction similar to Jupiter from a distance of over 400 km,[4] heat-seeking missiles,[5] and 9mm bullets, the latter of which is formed from copper and zinc,[1] as well as electric-imbued mechanical latches that painfully shock its victim are among the creations the user can manufacture.[6]


Wall's Spells


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