Water God's Messenger (水神様の使い Suijin-sama no Tsukai) was a sea creature who served Mercphobia by delivering the criminals to be sacrificed to him.[1]


The messenger appeared as a large sea serpent with atypical features such as scales, long whiskers, detailed surroundings are its eyes as well as fins.[1]


100 Years Quest arc

Water God's messenger descends into the ocean to collect Kiria, the fishes’ sacrifice to the Water Dragon God. However, the Diabolos mage, believing it to be one of the Five Dragon Gods, engages the messenger in combat. The serpent launches a series of attacks at the Dragon Eater, but its attempts are futile as Kiria ultimately uses her magic to slice its body. Some of the messenger’s flesh is consumed by Kiria afterwards, only for the latter to realize it was not the real Water Dragon God. Its true identity is later revealed by Kashima.[2][3]

Magic and Abilities

Water Breaths: It has shown the ability to attack from its mouth which takes a form of a large whirlpool of water strong enough to create a spherical explosion underwater.[4]

Underwater Breathing: Being a Sea Creature, it shown to be able to breathe underwater.


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