Water Body is an unnamed Water & Water Magic Spell.


A spell which allows the user to turn their own physical body into a mass of water, rendering any physical attack useless.[1][2] This also allows the user to morph and stretch their body, extending their limbs and propelling themselves to cover large distances.[3]

However, this spell is rendered useless against Magic that directly targets the user's senses, such as Maguilty Sense.[4] The users body is also defenceless against electricity,[5] susceptible to freezing which can immobilize them[6] and high temperature steam that can burn the user even in liquid form.[7]

This intangibility is also limited to the amount of Magic Power the user has or when being dehydrated thus making them vulnerable to physical attacks and would need an external source of water to replenish themselves and regain their liquefied body.[8] The user can still be killed should they get hit with a large enough impact that splatters their entire body.[9]


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