Warren (ウォーレン Wōren) is a member of Edolas Fairy Tail. He is the Edolas counterpart of Warren Rocko.


Warren’s physical appearance is identical to that of his Earth Land counterpart: he’s a slim man of average height whose most distinctive facial feature is his thick lips. He has black eyes and a mildly prominent nose, and his black, straight hair is styled into an undercut-like fashion, with most of his hair being kept quite short aside from a prominent wisp on the right part of his face.

Warren wears an elegant attire consisting of a dark-colored suit over a pinstripe shirt, with a lighter-colored tie around the neck, decorated by dark dots or spots going vertically down it.


Not much is known about his personality, but he seems to care for his guildmates, as he told Jet, and Droy not to overdo their scolding of Elfman.


Edolas arc

Edo Max and Warren

Warren and Max, spied on by Earth Land Mages

When Jet and Droy yell at Elfman about how weak he is, and how he failed his mission, Warren tells Jet and Droy not to overdo it.[1] After Lucy Ashley finds Earth Land Natsu and Wendy, along with Happy and Carla, Warren, thinking he was their Natsu, asks Natsu why he was wearing strange clothes.[2] Later on, Warren also points out Wendy Marvell, and says she looks a bit like their Wendy.[3] When it is announced that Fairy Hunters are coming, Warren is frightened alongside the rest of the guild, and wonders how they found the guilds location so fast.[4]

Warren is present at Lucy's speech to convince her guild to help their Earth Land counterparts.[5] When they decide to help, Warren charges into battle with the guild.[6]

After the battle is won, and Magic starts to leave Edolas, Warren goes the Royal city with the guild, and watches the Earth Land Mages leave. Gray Fullbuster, as he leaves, tells the guild that they don't need Magic to have a guild, they just need their comrades.[7]

Battles & Events


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