Warcry vs. Orga Nanagear is a fight fought between Team Quatro Cerberus' Warcry and Team Sabertooth's Orga Nanagear.


After the second battle of the first day of the Grand Magic Games between Ren Akatsuki and Araña Webb is finished, the third match is decided by the organizers to be between Team Quatro Cerberus's Warcry and Team Sabertooth's Orga Nanagear. The audience cheers for Orga while the rest of Team Sabertooth encourages their guild mate. In the stands, Sting Eucliffe and Rufus Lore express their interest in the match because of Warcry's Magic while an uninterested Rogue Cheney leaves. When the two Mages arrive at the arena, the gong is sounded, signalling the start of the third match.[1]


Black Lightning Sphere

Orga's Black Lightning

Warcry's eyes immediately begin to fill with tears as he attempts to use his Tear Magic. He then bursts out crying and begins to say that one can only become stronger through tears. However, Orga immediately attacks him with a giant sphere of black lightning, defeating him in one strike much to the audience's surprise and joy.[2]


Orga singing

Orga singing

Being the victor of the third match, Orga is awarded 10 points, giving his guild a total of 20 points for the first day while Quatro Cerberus is stuck with only 2 points. Orga then heads back to his team but Sting nags him for not making the battle more exciting. Hearing the comment, Orga turns around and begins to sing, much to the audience's enjoyment. The announcers then announce that the final battle between Team Fairy Tail B and Team Lamia Scale is about to begin and that it would be an interesting match as the two guilds were once in the same level of power. The competitors are then announced to be "Mystogan" of Fairy Tail and Jura Neekis of Lamia Scale.[3]


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