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Wally Buchanan (ウォーリー・ブキャナン Wōrī Bukyanan) is an old friend of Erza's, having known her since childhood during their slavery days working on the Tower of Heaven. He is later revealed to be Richard's long lost younger brother.[2]


Wally is a man possessing an average height and a regular-toned body. His most distinctive feature is his whole body form, which consists of geometrical shapes and resembles that of blocks. Wally has black hair, an oddly-shaped chin, and has thick lips. He wears a royal blue suit with a white collared shirt and red necktie. He also wears black, oval-shaped sunglasses, a boater hat, and a white scarf can be seen hanging loosely around his neck.


In his childhood, Wally was a normal boy. After the slaves of the Tower of Heaven broke free, Wally, for the first time, saw a western cartoon. As a result, he now considers himself a "Dandy" man and tries to make himself look dandy (cool) in every chance he gets.[3] He also teaches others how to be dandier. For example, he remarks to Millianna that talking cats are not unique, and that they are cats because they can talk. His dandyness, however, has a limit, as he tells Millianna later that Natsu is, in fact, not a cat.[4]


Wally before being incarcerated in the Tower of Heaven

Wally, and his brother, Richard, lost their parents at a very young age and lived on cultivating potatoes.[1] Eventually they ended up being slaves at the Tower of Heaven.

Wally and Millianna when they were young

Wally, alongside a couple of kids that were also taken from their home, was forced to build the R-System, also known as the Tower of Heaven. It was there where he met Erza, Millianna, Shô, Simon, and Jellal Fernandes.[5] The group tried to escape a number of times, but their attempts usually failed.[6] One day when the guards were threatening his friends due to Shô's crying, Erza rose up against them and inspired her friends and the other slaves to do the same.[7] It was in this battle that he witnessed the death of a prisoner he was close to, Rob, and he saw Erza use her Magic Powers for the first time.[8] Eventually, the slaves were victorious and were set to leave the island. While looking through the supplies their captors had, he came across a movie crystal (crystals with movies recorded in them) of a western movie, which he found cool and presumably shaped his obsession with being "Dandy".[3] After Jellal had become controlled by Zeref, he took control of the tower and summons his friends to finish it after kicking Erza out, branding her a traitor when she refuses to go along with Jellal's wishes. He framed her by blowing up the ship the slaves intended to use to escape and then blaming it on her. Jellal was then able to convince Millianna, Shô, and Simon to continue to help in completing the tower.[9] Eight years later, the group completed it.[10]


Tower of Heaven arc

Wally and his friends appear

Wally appears in a casino where Team Natsu are currently vacationing, introducing himself to Natsu when the latter complains about losing a game and then promptly ambushes him pinning him to the ground and sticking a gun in his mouth.[11] When Simon uses Dark Moment to throw the room in darkness, he shoots Natsu leaving him for dead,[12] then regroups with Millianna, Shô, and Simon to kidnap Erza (as well as Happy which he gives as a present to Millianna, an avid cat lover) and take her back to the Tower of Heaven.[13] Unknown to him however, Natsu survived thanks to his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic.[14]

Wally and Millianna vs Natsu

Later Natsu's group invade the tower to rescue their friends. Natsu finds Millianna's room and while fooling around with one of the costumed cat heads, Wally tries to ambush him,[15] only to be stopped by Millianna, as she loves cats and doesn't want to harm him since Natsu was looking like one. After Wally convinces her that Natsu the enemy, the two double team him and manage to gain the advantage. Just as he about to kill the Dragon Slayer, Happy intervenes and stops Wally. With Happy on the scene, Millianna hampers Wally's attacks allowing Natsu to knock out both in an instant.[16]

Wally and co escape the tower

Wally manages to recover and tries to continue the fight, but is interrupted by Jellal who announces the Magic Council is planning on destroying the Tower of Heaven with the Etherion. Realizing Jellal's true intention, Wally is disheartened and confused till Natsu cheers him up before he proceeds for the top floor. Wally faints commenting on Natsu's scarf looking cool as he watches him go.[17] He later recovers and, at Simon's insistence, helps move Lucy and Juvia out of the tower.[18] He along with Happy, Gray and Shô and the girls make their escape just before the Etherion fires upon the tower and it. The group can do nothing more but watch from afar as the rest of the event unfolds.[19]

After Erza is saved, and Jellal is defeated, Wally apologizes to Erza for his actions and mourns the loss of Simon. Erza offers them an invitation to Fairy Tail which they consider but they stow away the night they suppose to leave, still ashamed of what they did.[20]

Erza finds this out but doesn't stop them and allows them to go, but not before giving them a grand send off via fireworks as a way of showing them that they'll always be friends.[21]

Battle of Fairy Tail arc

Wally and his friends on Fantasia Parade

Millianna along with Shô and Wally watch Erza's dance on Fantasia Parade.[22]

Grand Magic Games arc

While talking with Erza, Millianna states that he and Shô are still continuing their travels.[23]

Alvarez Empire arc

With the help of Meredy's Magic, Wally alongside Shô was able to provide his Magic Power to Lucy in order for her to successfully activate Fairy Sphere on Acnologia.[24]

Magic and Abilities

Polygon Magic: A Magic that allows the user to separate his body into blocks.[25] He can use the blocks to attack as well as to separate his body parts to attack independently.[26]

Polygon Teleport

  • Polygon Sphere: Wally turns the lower part of his body into blocks. The blocks come together to form to rough-edged spheres that grab onto the target's hand and push it onto something; rendering it immovable.[27] (Unnamed)

Polygon Rifle

  • Polygon Rifle: Wally turns his arm into a rifle that shoots out different Magic bullets. When used normally, it shoots square-shaped shots.[28] (Unnamed)
    • Guns Magic (銃弾魔法(ガンズ・マジック) Ganzu Majikku): Wally's secondary magic which he can use in combination with his Polygon Magic.[26][28]
      • Sleep Bullet (睡眠弾 Suimin Dan) :A Magic bullet that causes the target to fall sleep. He used it to shoot Erza and Happy before they were kidnapped.[26]
      • Prerendering Polygon Shot (プリレンダリングポリゴンシート Purirendaringu Porigon Shīto): This attack was never seen as Wally was hit by Happy before he could use it, but it was implied that it could even defeat a powerless Natsu Dragneel.[29]
  • Polygon Attack (ポリゴンアタック Porigon Atakku): Wally turns himself into blocks and strikes the enemy from different directions.[30]
    • 32 Frames Per Second Attack (秒間32フレームアタック Byōkan 32 Furēmu Atakku): Wally once again turns himself into blocks and strikes the enemy with 32 blocks at a time per second.[31]


Hand Rifle: In the manga, Wally uses a real gun in battle. This gun is still able to shoot Sleep Bullets,[26] as well as the Prerendering Polygon Shot, though it was never able to be used.[29]

The Rifle is replaced by a Polygon Rifle in the anime, which looks less like an actual gun. Wally also has to use his Polygon Magic to use it.[28]

Appearances in Other Media

Video Games

Wally appears as a playable character in the DS Game, Fairy Tail Gekitou! Madoushi Kessen, upon being unlocked.[32]


  • In the manga, he was smoking when he first appeared, while in the anime, he wasn't.[27][33]
  • Instead of his Polygon Rifle which he uses in the anime, Wally uses a real hand rifle in the manga.[27][34]
  • Both Wally and his brother, Richard, seem to have polygon-like bodies as adults, although Wally's body seems a lot more block-shaped in comparison.[2] And he, also like Richard, had a normal body when young.[1]
  • In the anime, it seems that he has a crush on Millianna.[27]
  • Wally, alongside Shô, was originally set to appear in the Grand Magic Games arc. However, Hiro Mashima eventually dropped the idea due to having too many characters to work with.


  • (To Natsu Dragneel) "There are only two paths a man can travel... Live on in a dandy fashion... or roll over and die."[34]

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