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Wait what  Miskos3  Message  20:29, October 11, 2018 (UTC)


Good Day, the reason why your edits have been undone is mainly because you are not following this wiki's format and policies found here, you are changing the whole page's format all on your own without talking tothe admins or the other editors, you also added subjective trivias that has nothing to do with fairy tail such as comparing one character to a sonic the hedgehog villain, you put categories on various pages on your own without learning or understanding how this wiki do stuffs, this wiki is an english fairy tail wiki not the fairy tail english dub wiki, informations added are based on the official english translation and the raws so terms and names from the dub is not added since its just a made up term from the dub rather than the official names and terms made by the series and mashima himself.

Keep in mind the first time you made your edit you never reached out to any of the admins or other active users, you just do stuffs on your own without learning or making an effort to know why your edits have been undone, in the end you kept editing the wiki disregarding the rules and format ending of with you edit warring in the wiki instead of talking to the people who have been in this wiki for a long time, an admin saw what you did mainly editing on your own without making an effort to work with the rest of the editors so they gave you a temporary ban to help you cool off and hopefully realize that this is a group wiki and not your personal wiki that everything you do is what should be followed.

I appreciate if you want to edit the wiki but atleast make an effort to talk to the editors so they can help you out coz keep in mind this wiki has been active for a very long time so written and unwritten rules and format has been established for a reason, If a major changes is needed to be made a discussion is required to be made and possible a majority vote is also needed, this is a wiki made by a lot of people so keep in mind to work be more open minded and if you really insist on making edits on your own i think there are other fairy tail wikis who would appreciate your contributions or better yet you can make your own wiki too if you want.

So hopefully you'll get a bit more understanding on why your edits are being undone, i honestly like some of your edits that's why i even implement them with the rest of the similar existing pages, but most of your edits just messes up the page's format based on your subjective decisions such as deleting parts of the page all or editing the page leading to have an inconsistent format compared to the rest of the wiki.LightningGeistLaxus Chibi 02:11, October 12, 2018 (UTC)

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