The shinigami 1

  • I live in LIVERPOOL
  • I was born on October 31
  • My occupation is annoying the nation
  • I am a cyborg

well people of wikis a deleted the comments to get your attention I'm deactivating this account and all my others and starting again with a new account so guys you can get the block of the college wikia and if i ever spam again i'll give u guys my email address to get revenge would give u like my house address but believe it or not i value my life so you know any way i swear on my life that i will only ever edit this wikia if i think its truly important that i do so everyone on wikia have a nice party while i bid you goodbye.

sweet dreams and nightmares.

(the account will not be deleted coz its not possible but i will no longer be able to get access to it and neither can anyone else)

Ja ne

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