Reborn Oracion Seis

Hi, I undid your edit because we can only put official Kanji and Romaji on our pages. If you can provide me with the source of it, then it can be readded.   Rai  Talk     03:05,7/22/2012

I never said we referenced them, what I mean by "source" is that it has to be official. Our translator, ChaosKnight , usually makes sure they are for us. Official means they come from an official source of Fairy Tail and they were not translated by a random fan. The OS part is fine obviously, but the reborn part is my issue. I need an official source for the "reborn" part of the OS or it can't stay on the page.   Rai  Talk     03:17,7/22/2012

Everything seems to be correct... Jk. I know nothing about the Japanese language. :P But, the title of the episode is indeed "Reborn Oracion Seis Appears" and you do seem to know what you are talking about so I believe you. I'll re-add it. Thanks so much for your patience. And I'm not quite sure to be honest. I believe their is a statistics page somewhere on the site that tells that but I'm really not sure.   Rai  Talk     03:52,7/22/2012

Oops I forgot about that. I never use the advance tab. <_< The highest amount of views we had in the past week was 317.7K and the lowest was on Jul 19 with 168.9K.   Rai  Talk     00:54,7/23/2012


Hello I'm Youske. You can call me Youtube or You-chan. I make support badges if you want request one or more just leave a message on my talk page or on Tutles ' blog..!

Failure to follow this policy may result in you being blocked. If you are still having trouble with images, please leave me a message on my talk page. I am more than happy to help. Thank you! Youske11:47 AM, 7/22/2012

Referencing Angel

O_O You weren't kidding when you said you expanded it were you? XD. Anyhow, sure. I'll put it on the Request Board and it'll be referenced soon. Thanks for contacting me.   Rai  Talk     22:58,7/28/2012

Re:Speculation on Freed's article

Ah, I see. The reason the edit summary is needed is because it informs the rest of us why exactly it was removed without us having to leave a message on your talk page. But thanks for removing it and thanks for clearing that up for me. :)   Rai  Talk     03:12,8/3/2012

It's not a big deal at all and thanks.   Rai  Talk     03:20,8/3/2012

I agree that the badge image should be changed, but Lahar's a boring character and since he and Doranbolt share pretty much same rank if I'm not mistaken, and since Doranbolt played, and still plays, a bigger role in the story than Lahar does, I think he'd be more appropriate. For those same reasons, I think he's better suited for an award to be named after him. To answer your question, the talk page isn't the right place for that at the moment since there are nominations going on. I'd use a forum instead.   Rai  Talk     04:06,8/3/2012

He was only fired in the anime. Anime=Non Canon. >_> Open just one forum and inform users that whichever is picked will be used for both.   Rai  Talk     04:13,8/3/2012

Re:User Badges

I'll take a look at it for you.   Rai  Talk     01:43,8/4/2012

Actually, I'm not quite sure what you are asking. >_>   Rai  Talk     01:46,8/4/2012

Herme explained it to me. Unfortunately, that's not really possible for some reason with the way we have the badges set up. I'll figure something out for you though.   Rai  Talk     02:03,8/4/2012

Done. Tell me if there's anything you want me to adjust on it.   Rai  Talk     02:06,8/4/2012

No problem! And you're already added...   Rai  Talk     02:41,8/4/2012

Don't worry, it's no problem.   Rai  Talk     02:56,8/4/2012

Yes, I saw. I'll implement the badge change.   Rai  Talk     03:10,8/4/2012

Re: Angel images

No prob. I will put some of them.... Ishthak Heart kreuz says   16:38, August 5, 2012 (UTC)

Re:Image size

No worries. :)  Rai  Talk     01:59,8/8/2012


It just simply isn't needed. If people want to know more, that what the link to wikipedia is there for. RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 14:52, August 8, 2012 (UTC)

lol it looks fine. RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 18:31, August 8, 2012 (UTC)

Re: Job Request

That job has been handled already, sorry.

-- Aldarinor Laxus Sprite Talk  Contribs  19:30, August 8, 2012 (UTC)

After consulting my right hand man, I came to the conclusion that what you said is true. Care to give me an example of which sections will need your help, to make sure that your reward suits your efforts?

-- Aldarinor Laxus Sprite Talk  Contribs  21:18, August 8, 2012 (UTC)

Sigh, you're not making it easy for me. Would you like to suggest a suitable reward, keeping in mind what the reward for the "first" check of the page was?

-- Aldarinor Laxus Sprite Talk  Contribs  21:42, August 8, 2012 (UTC)

I wasn't patronizing you and I'm sincerely sorry if it sounded like that, but your attitude, as of now, is pissing me off. It's past 1 AM here, so that might as well be my fault, but still. We'll discuss it tomorrow.

-- Aldarinor Laxus Sprite Talk  Contribs  23:18, August 8, 2012 (UTC)

Well, since I was offended too, I guess that makes us even.

My answer wasn't meant to be offensive. What I meant by "examples" were some gramatically incorrect sentences that I'd assumed you'd found checking the article, and which prompted you to ask it as a job despite it having been handled once. The "Sigh ans stuff" part were merely added to make for a longer and more articulate message, they weren't meant to show contempt or anything.

-- Aldarinor Laxus Sprite Talk  Contribs  07:28, August 9, 2012 (UTC)


That image shows kneeling, which the original manga image that was there showed and which that image shows. Just because the anime added in a scene before that means nothing. The caption you put didn't fit as well as what was already there, ergo, it was reverted. Also, if I would have reverted your change in word choice for Natsu intentionally, I would have put an edit summary to say so. I undid your edit because of the Ultear wording and didn't notice your change to the Natsu image's caption below. I don't do "petty" things.   Rai  Talk     22:47,8/8/2012

Well, despite happening in different ways, the images end up showing the exact same thing. So, in the meantime, we'll leave it as the current caption and I'll go find an anime image that fits. And as I said earlier, in case you haven't noticed by now, I did not notice the Natsu edit, if I would have, then I wouldn't have just undid the entire edit. I've been an admin for a long time, I'm well aware that you shouldn't remove acceptable material.   Rai  Talk     23:07,8/8/2012

Well then you are being overly sensitive which is what I call a personal problem. If you ask about an edit and are informed that it was reverted accidently, then that should be the end of it. No matter how long you stay here, your going to get edits reverted. And not everyone is going to remove the "Undo revision by XXX" in an attempt to be more respectful to the person whose edit is being undone.   Rai  Talk     23:18,8/8/2012

I understand where you are coming from but all I am trying to say is that it's not that I've gotten so complacent with reverting edits that I don't check them all over before reverting, it's that I generally made an honest mistake that I would likely never make. O, and there's no need to worry about "getting past this" or anything of that nature. We argue and bitch at each other on this site all the time, no one ever takes it personally. This especially applies to me. I take what I wrote on #8 (there's a quiz on my profile, I'm referring to question number 8) to heart.   Rai  Talk     02:36,8/9/2012

Ah, I see what you mean, and don't worry, a good argument just means your part of the FT Wiki family. :D And I apologize if I said anything offensive to you. I promise it wasn't my intention. :S   Rai  Talk     03:06,8/9/2012


I don't get what you are asking. You mean to link to the category or two add a category to a page? RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 15:07, August 10, 2012 (UTC)

Oh, I get you. No, we don't do that. I don't even know how they do it. RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 15:29, August 10, 2012 (UTC)

Re:Magic Items

Those weren't miscategorized. We consider all magical weapons as "Magic Items" because they are. Items don't have to be small. And sorry about the late reply, school started back for me today.   Rai  Talk     23:28,8/10/2012

Referenced, adequate length, illustrated. Can't judge the content since I don't watch the anime, but it looks good to me.   Rai  Talk     02:25,8/11/2012

XD, you don't sound greedy. AndtThat depends my good sir, what Anti-Magic cell? :P   Rai  Talk     02:33,8/11/2012

Ah, yes, it will.   Rai  Talk     02:40,8/11/2012

I would really love for them to have their own page, but the Lacrima page would be a stub if we were to move that from that page. And hmmm... in my experience, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it's a duck. But, since occasionally you'll have that random man dressed up like a duck trying to trick people, I wouldn't list it.   Rai  Talk     04:51,8/11/2012

I know, but that would defeat the purpose of the pages if everything they needed to know about the Lacrima was listed on that page. Unless you plan to shorten the descriptions and add the links? If so, then that's fine as long as the list comes down below the infobox. And as long as the new pages are all referenced.   Rai  Talk     05:04,8/11/2012

I know they are short, but I thought all you were doing was copying and pasting the descriptions and calling them pages. Good to know you plan to make adequate pages. :)   Rai  Talk     05:10,8/11/2012

Don't worry, Mages who work hard are rewarded for their hard work. :D   Rai  Talk     05:14,8/11/2012


I had a conversation with ChaosKnight regarding the translation you asked about.

According to Chaos, in the manga, this is how Brain said it:


"Ujidomo ga Muragariotte"

Chaos said it only had the manga with it at that time. If you require an anime translation, you'll have to ask on its talk page.

Éclair MovieUltraprime2Let's talkChibi Mystogan 15:37, August 28, 2012 (UTC)

Not a problem :)

Éclair MovieUltraprime2Let's talkChibi Mystogan 09:32, August 29, 2012 (UTC)


It doesn't wanna work for mePissed .Chibi StingMega Chibi Cobra 19:17, September 8, 2012 (UTC)

:O ! What do you mean?--ザクOración Seis Symbol王の山頂 19:20, September 8, 2012 (UTC)
The problem has been resolved.Éclair MovieUltraprime2Let's talkChibi Mystogan 19:21, September 8, 2012 (UTC)


just to do ya a favor ill call u Brain only cuz Midnights awesome  Rina1230 Talk  Wendy wektor 22:49, September 9, 2012 (UTC)

Image Request

Logo Image Guild
Thank You for contacting the Image Guild. We have successfully completed your request.

Your requested file is located: Here.

Chibi StingMega Chibi Cobra 21:01, September 15, 2012 (UTC)

Re:Chat ban

Report it to the Admins. Every time you log into the chat, you always start something. I don't really block people for arguments, but you do it on a daily basis. It was annoying the people in chat and they asked my to please ban you (Pm and public). So what if Umnei does something to maintain himself, or for other reasons I do not know. It still doesn't give you the right to call him names, right? Arguing with someone is one thing, but calling people names is another. 2 hours is nothing for what people were asking. Suzu, if you keep arguing with people constantly, they will get tired of it and take action. The ban will stay for 2 hours, I don't care if you get mad at me or if you will hate me. But STOP ARGUING SO FREAKING MUCH <---No emoticons. That means I'm serious.Chibi StingMega Chibi Cobra 02:51, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

Chat ban

I'm currently looking into the case, so for now, I will not lift the ban. RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 03:00, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

Easy. It is called screenshots. I'm not listening to any side, I'm just looking at the evidence. RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 03:05, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

Ok then. I have looked at the screenshots but since you want to defend your case, I will allow it. Go ahead. RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 03:09, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

I'm sorry but no. You are well aware of the rules and you wouldn't have needed a warning. I won't allow you to defend your case in chat because as we all know, there is now way to go back and read. Do it in my talk page, where it can be archived and then I can also ask everyone who was there about what happened. RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 03:15, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

ok. well your case is "Suzaku banned from chat for fighting and insulting people, especially Ummi. Nobody cares about Rem XD". I'm kinda in the middle right now as I haven't seen anything too bad. Anyway, I got to go right now so until I return tomorrow you can think about how you will defend your case. I might let you back in chat in order to do so. Good night!!!! RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 03:27, September 21, 2012 (UTC)


Sill Zaku-chan, I'm around :P -- Dark Seeker Kotsu   04:45, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

ok. but I still want to hear what happened RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 19:12, September 21, 2012 (UTC)


Yo Suzaku, please don't remove the spaces in the templates like you did in Angel's page. RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 19:19, October 19, 2012 (UTC)

its still nice to keep it organized. and not have everything too crowded RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 21:16, October 19, 2012 (UTC)

Banned from a Chat

For constantly disrupting chat and after many (rather MANY!) complains from other Users you were banned for two weeks.

Thank you for your attention and have a nice day. 20:23, October 19, 2012 (UTC)

PS. Don't even try to complain about this decision on my TP, its one and unchangeable. Ishthak Heart kreuz says   20:23, October 19, 2012 (UTC)

to keep everything organized RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 20:47, October 19, 2012 (UTC)

Kid, I will write this simpler, because you probably didn't understand - it's not their behavior give you ban, IT WAS YOUR OWN. I saw multiply times that you changed this chat in your own Central Park. It's not a place for that, moreover it doesn't only belongs to you.

If you have so much drama in you life, that you think it's necessary to put it somewhere, use my advice and start to write a diary or something.

The Mistress Ishthak Heart kreuz says   21:04, October 19, 2012 (UTC)

"Kid" because, even if you are using sophisticated language, you are still acting like child, who cannot accept the fact that he should sometimes stop his actions, and take the responsibility. Even if you say you do, you just cannot stop complain about it, and the evidence is my own talk page =_='. Those "Central Park" is a place in NY, for public speeches. You can stand there and start to talk about the things that bother you. Fairy Tail Chat is not one.

That is all. Ishthak Heart kreuz says   21:47, October 19, 2012 (UTC)

Re:Your revert

That's because Red Brown is not a color since all browns are reddish. All pics of Cobra I've seen are just dots that are black. I'm not saying that brown eyes are correct, but I have never seen Cobra's eyes depicted as anything else other than a black dot. RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 02:14, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

its not that I doubt your edit, its that the manga changes the color of characters constantly. Cana's eye color has been changed well over 5 times, one of them being purple. RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 02:33, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

If you look here, the canon color of Cobra's eyes is black. That's the color that will be on his page and that's that. RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 02:41, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

That picture is not in black and white. And it doesn't matter how much thought Mashima gives into colors, its canon and that's the end of it. RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 19:05, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

Stop spitting out crap for just once. Covers are part of manga and the manga is canon because the author, Mashima, decides what goes. The anime is not canon because its content is adjusted from the manga to suit the animators' liking. Animators are not the authors and whatever they add is not canon. Now go bother someone else with your pointless arguments. RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 22:04, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

Again, stop spilling crap. You've been a member of this wiki long enough and very well know that we don't reject everything from the anime, only what contradicts it. And since having purple eyes, contradict the manga, we are not using that. Again, go bother someone else. I've explained a whole lot more than I've had to. RelikzBickslow Doll3Talk 23:46, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

Re:Request for deletion

Well frankly, he's right. We rarely ever delete images that are in use as they leave dead links.   Rai  Talk     21:32,10/23/2012

I'd prefer you didn't. It would be altering the original post, which we try to avoid if at all possible. It was optional when you originally decided to post it, once it was posted, the freedom was no longer your. Sorry. >_>   Rai  Talk     21:40,10/23/2012


I'll cherish those good times, but I will also remember the bad ones. And, tbh, there are more good than bad, but I respect your decision of leaving, as I will not lie and tell you that I want you to leave as much as the others do. I know am still a kid, but I can say to you that you should reflect on your actions and change the way you act around others; or you will end up lonely. And thank you for your good wishes.
Sincerely ,
Chibi StingMega Chibi Cobra 22:43, October 23, 2012 (UTC)


As weird as this may sound, I kind of feel awkward about you leaving. The wiki here is community-based but that community is composed of us Fairy Tail fans. I can only imagine the good times you would have had here, even though there are some bad.

I actually never disliked you. I did think you were pretty cool but things did indeed get awkward, and I'm not going to emphasize it because it's quite unnecessary. Even until now, I never wish harm upon you. I acted irrationally to a response which was fueled from an altercation with Rauleli, so it had a bit of a stronger momentum on me, causing me to become angry. I, myself, have been having personal problems but I do not want to use that as an excuse, because the argument which was escalated on my part was out of line and I sincerely apologize for it.

Sure, the community may have built up some reputation towards you, but it's not like that's set in stone. I can tell you were a huge Fairy Tail fan and leaving due to the community's ill-feelings towards you may sound like it's for the best, but it doesn't really solve anything in the long run. It'd be nice if you returned someday. Granted, there needs to be a new leaf turned.

If you don't think this is something that can be helped as of now, take some time off. I only wish the best.


Hello Suzaku.

Even if I don't even really know you, as we didn't chat or anything else, I can't just go over a leaving. I read your talk page, I know, that you had some kind of... 'fight' with some other users, but hey, I still think you're a good person. :)

I don't know why are you leaving, (maybe for what I wrote above) but I'd like to say: Good bye, have a nice and long life and of course happy editing on other wikis! Chibi Natsu Natsumi Talk!Lucy 12th openinh 13:15,10/25/2012

NpCreepy Smile And I figured u would like the Angel one above the other ones :P.Chibi StingMega Chibi Cobra 14:55, November 1, 2012 (UTC)

Re: Congrats!

Hey Suzu, it's been a while! I would tell you all about the stuff that led to my promotion, but I am forced to go to sleep at 11:00 PM on weekdays. >_< I guess I'll tell you all about it tomorrow if I can in chat or wherever, 'night! ;D
Chibi StingMega Chibi Cobra 04:05, March 7, 2013 (UTC)

Done. :D I'll go to chat in a few minutes. ^_~
Chibi StingMega Chibi Cobra 20:20, March 7, 2013 (UTC)

Re: Kagura-chan!!! :3

I looover her too. >:3 I woke up this morning ready to read the new Fairy Tail chapter, and then I took a trip to Hiro's twitter and saw this amazing image of Kagura. I just had to use it for something! :D

I'm not, it's just that she is the best character to represent Saint Patrick's Day, she's all green. XD Doesn't mean I don't like her tho.

I don't see anything odd with my talk page. o_O Can you take a screenshot and show it to me? :P
Chibi StingMega Chibi Cobra 03:04, March 9, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks! Hiro uploads a bunch of pictures like this all the time. :P

Ehh?? My talk page looks like that? I'll take a look at it tomorrow afternoon, I need to wake up early tomorrow. >_<

Btw, did you watch the new episode? That animation... It was so bad, it had me laughing and puking at the same time. Saber versus Fairy was animated so badly.

Though Kagura did get some pretty decent animation. Not when she was called to fight tho. >_<
Chibi StingMega Chibi Cobra 04:59, March 9, 2013 (UTC)

It should be okay now, right? Glad to know I'm not the only one! I was keeping my laugh down because I was "sleeping," but the whole story of how they met was hilarious. It was creepy, too, but funny as hell. I wasn't filled with rainbows tho... Lol, you just notice them now? A lot of people seem to miss her awesome eyes! Even the Anime gave it, like, 20 close up shots. Maybe I just don't miss any Kagura details because I'm her number one fan. *^*It looks like they will, but I dunno why in the preview Kagura looks a little different, unlike the original one Hiro draws. :P I hope they don't mess it up if they will add more to it. Lol, yeah. I gotta go to this college thing on Saturdays, ends on April 20th. On Sundays I don't sleep tho. ;D

See ya. ^_^/
Chibi StingMega Chibi Cobra 13:03, March 9, 2013 (UTC)

Oh, good, I guess there's something wrong with that user's signature. :P

I hope, though she looks somewhat long and narrow to me?

I can't believe you don't like Lyon! >_< He's a cool character. Anyway, I'm hoping Kagura's awesomeness pays off for the poor animation the next episode will get. :P
Chibi StingMega Chibi Cobra 19:04, March 9, 2013 (UTC)

Re: Blog series

Sorry, I was downloading a pretty big file on Utorrent that killed my internet! Anyway, I can go to chat right now if you're online. :P
Chibi StingMega Chibi Cobra 04:52, March 10, 2013 (UTC)

Anytime. ;D
Chibi StingMega Chibi Cobra 22:14, March 10, 2013 (UTC)


New header so you will do the same, too.* >_>

Damn you!!! T^T
Chibi StingMega Chibi Cobra 10:45, March 11, 2013 (UTC)

Chibi StingMega Chibi Cobra


Hey, haven't seen you in a while. Anything new? :)
Chibi Sting Mega ♦ Talk Chibi Cobra   00:40, March 24, 2013 (UTC)

Lol, glad to hear that you're doing fine. I'll be in chat if you want to talk. :D
Chibi Sting Mega ♦ Talk Chibi Cobra   02:42, March 24, 2013 (UTC)


It's alright, I'll just go to chat when you're less busy and when I have some free time. :)
Chibi Sting Mega ♦ Talk Chibi Cobra   01:40, April 2, 2013 (UTC)

Sleep well! Bye bye. :)
Chibi Sting Mega ♦ Talk Chibi Cobra   01:50, April 2, 2013 (UTC)

Re: Technical questions

I'm not home right now, I'll help you around 12:30 PM. :)
Chibi Sting Mega ♦ Talk Chibi Cobra   12:40, April 11, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Suzaku. So I spoke to Mega and I'm dropping this code off in his place.

/* Hides image attribution on articles */
 .picture-attribution { display:none !important; }

Put it in your wiki's MediaWiki:Wikia.css and after clearing the cache, it'll work. Hope this helps.

Éclair MovieUltraprime2Let's talkChibi Mystogan 12:57, April 11, 2013 (UTC)

Visual editor

The visual mode editor isn't really something staff will disable site-wide upon request. Contacting staff to have it disabled site-wide was tried on another wiki I work on but staff refused, stating it was a part of the "user experience" or something to that effect. The only wikis I personally know to have had it disabled site-wide are this wiki, Bleach Wiki and possibly Narutopedia, though there could be more. Still, it won't hurt to ask. They always reply to messages so if you didn't get one, it's most likely that it was lost in a spam filter.

Everyone can change it in their personal preferences so that the source editor is their default. You could leave messages encouraging new editors to use that should staff be unwilling to disable the visual editor site-wide.

Éclair MovieUltraprime2Let's talkChibi Mystogan 20:12, April 12, 2013 (UTC)

Sorry Suzu. Ultra just liiikes to talk to you. =)

Anyway, when I asked Wikia to remove the visual editor on the Rave wiki, they requested I held a discussion and, after a week, send them the results.
Chibi Sting Mega ♦ Talk Chibi Cobra   20:49, April 12, 2013 (UTC)

As far as I remember, this wiki and the others I mentioned got it disabled site-wide because it was causing problems with page codes and layout. To disable it for yourself, you go to another wiki (since what I'll describe doesn't seem to work here) and then you go Special:Preferences → Editing → uncheck Enable visual editor (where available) → Save. This is what I was told by staff and I haven't used the visual editor since.

Éclair MovieUltraprime2Let's talkChibi Mystogan 06:15, April 13, 2013 (UTC)

Chat Warning

Here's your warning for your offensive behavior on chat, and your final offensive (and unprovoked) words towards me certainly didn't help your situation. At this point, I don't see you playing it off as a joke, since your behavior for the entirety of your duration online at the time was quite negative. In addition, keep in mind your infractions from before are not pardoned. You say you're trying to change, but honestly, I don't see it anymore :/ Best of luck
.:Umy:.Juvia&#039;sPictureForUmneiSignature 00:39, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

Yes. Your conduct here is totally going to be seen as a "triviality". And for the record, if you had treated someone else like that (which you have in the past and still to this day), I still would have approached you. I think I know my position as a chat mod, and not once have I held myself up to a higher regard than other users. Your conduct does indeed go against what the chat policy expects from its users, so I am more than inclined to warn you, especially since the issues you have had in the past revolved around your behavior, which is what you slowly seem to be reverting back into. If you don't appreciate warnings, the don't put yourself in that position. This is not a topic in which you can represent your case, Suzaku. Just understand that it is a warning. I'm not responding anymore.
.:Umy:.Juvia&#039;sPictureForUmneiSignature 01:38, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

Re:Code request

Hi, Suzaku! I bet you weren't expecting me to reply to this message. Mega asked me to aid you since he wasn't sure if you would be able to help out. So yeah, here I am. I'm fairly sure I know what you're talking about, so if you could just link me to the template that's causing problems, I can fix it~
BereisgreatShout!Wikia Star35px-Kuroko_chibi.png 20:36, April 20, 2013 (UTC)

Well I can do that too. Just explain what you want where and I can take care of it. Unless you insist on talking on chat fcourse, I'll just come on then, if you really want that.
BereisgreatShout!Wikia Star35px-Kuroko_chibi.png 20:58, April 20, 2013 (UTC)

Yes I see what you mean. There's a change in the code needed that adds the position:absolute to the icons, so that they'll be fixed on the page with no regard of other elements, hovering them over the top of the infobox, fixed. You got some complicated template structure though and I don't really have the time to look into it right now, but I'll see what I can do in a sec (read: maybe within an hour). I'll get back at you once I get it right.
BereisgreatShout!Wikia Star35px-Kuroko_chibi.png 21:19, April 20, 2013 (UTC)

HEY WELL THAT WAS EASY. Just took a look at it and saw everything was there already, you just need to change something in your MediaWiki:Wikia.css. Just change this:

#icons {position:absolute;right:10px;top:-.05em}

to this:

#icons {position:absolute;right:10px;top:.05em}

This'll just move the icons a little lower, as you can obviously see. So they'll be under the line, in the article, in the infobox and where you want it to be. If the position is still not what you want it to be, just change the top a little bit.
BereisgreatShout!Wikia Star35px-Kuroko_chibi.png 21:36, April 20, 2013 (UTC)

Just saw your message, scratch this ^ and give me a minute.
BereisgreatShout!Wikia Star35px-Kuroko_chibi.png 21:37, April 20, 2013 (UTC)

Man, fuck these icons. Dantman made all the templates including the infobox, or should I say iBox, I can't even find how you put those icons in those featured and protected pages anyway. The template isn't present in the article. How. I just. Dantman. He frustrates me so. These templates are too special (and annoying) for me, I can't help you, better ask Dantman. Good luck with that. Sorry though, if he'd just used normal Wikia templates it'd be a breeze but fricking Dantman. Maybe bother Godisme with it. He'll probably do it in his sleep.
BereisgreatShout!Wikia Star35px-Kuroko_chibi.png 21:59, April 20, 2013 (UTC)


Are you there??
Chibi Sting Mega ♦ Talk Chibi Cobra   18:20, April 24, 2013 (UTC)

Nvm, I got my answer. :D
Chibi Sting Mega ♦ Talk Chibi Cobra   21:00, April 24, 2013 (UTC)

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