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Re: Greetings

Hey there! Very nice of you to stop by to say hello - I appreciate it. Hope you have a very good day, and a merry christmas at that. Cheers. Onfire.gif Wonder Talk 12:40,12/21/2015


Well hello to you as well! ^__^

I am quite honored that you took the time to check it out. m(_ _)m I'd be glad to give some suggestions. Tis what I do for a good part of my day >_> <_<. I would just like to hear your particular interests. I'd mention stuff that are generally uber popular, but you probably know those and may even avoid some with bad reputation. I can debunk hype/popular opinion and give you the run-down of some things that catch your eye, but only if you wish.

Anyways, these are what I would like to know. What is your preferred main genre? As in, slice-of-life, mecha, action, SciFi, dark fantasy, sports, comedy etc. If you do not have a particular preference, then perhaps some sub-genre? Interesting theme or concept? Just something with great animation and characterization? For example I may say "psychological series with engrossing characters and minimal tomfoolery", or maybe even "series with badass characters doing ridiculous stunts" or (one personal favourite for stress-relief) "an atmospheric slice-of-life with good blend of drama and comedy".

Depending on such factors, I can give you a list of things that may interest you. In addition, if you do not wish to read manga or LN, then I can give you anime that do not require you to touch on the source. You don't have to be too detailed, just a rough idea would do. It's worse if I recommend you something and you wish you didn't waste time on it. ^__^" I tend to look at the good side of an anime quite a bit; I find appeal even in stuff I hate to talk about or recommend, and this makes it easier to cater to particular interests. Just be warned that I do not recommend anything with utterly crap characterization and forced progression. :P

If it is easier for you, we can converse in the chat. :) As you can see, I type up a storm ( _ _)
--Fairy Tail Grand Master<F.T.G.M. >Mavis AvatarAcnologia Avatar 06:37, January 8, 2016 (UTC)

Golden Time eh? Well you sure chose a tough one ;D I quite liked it, but even I was overwhelmed by it. It's a rare case of a LN adaptation finishing at the same time as the original. Honestly, I find it very difficult to recommend it to others due to the nature of the content. I mean.... how do you begin to describe Kyoko-san? XD I congratulate you on Bleach; anyone that is up-to-date on a long-running shounen anime deserves credit if they didn't watch weekly.

So fantasy, comedy, and some scifi are your current interests? By little bit, I'll take it that you don't want something too confusing, just entertaining. Also no tragedy, horror or super heavy plot-line, in other words, pleasant fantasy.

Off the top of my head,(without going to chat for details :P)

Also, this is yours right? Perhaps we can converse on MAL.
--Fairy Tail Grand Master<F.T.G.M. >Mavis AvatarAcnologia Avatar 06:18, January 10, 2016 (UTC)

You're welcome :)

I also love Bleach for its concept. I even did a lecture on its theme to a friend of mine that asked why I do a particular 'reference' while interacting with people irl. Only problem is that Bleach has terrible writing, so it did not transition well from a complex supernatural story into a typical action shounen with many a brainless fight. Don't get me wrong, I am one of those that loves the Bleach anime and consider it better than Naruto Shippuden and One Piece anime. Even with the filler, I only despise the Kageroza arc and even that had some factors that really appealed to me even if it butchered the canon story. Plus I love the Fullbringer arc despite criticism as well. Also, while I said brainless fights, I did enjoy practically all of them(in the anime) as long as the fight was taken seriously and not as some wacky pseudo-erotic joke.

However, if you liked that aspect of Bleach, I point you to Noragami. I'm sure you've seen its praise around here. :P It is basically what Bleach would have been if it kept its base formula without trying to get too ahead of itself. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it. It has plenty of intrigue and complexity, with excellent characterization. It has themes that are kind of similar to Psycho Pass.

I see you are in the midst of Sword Art Online and Akatsuki no Yona. While the latter is too amazing to even require discussion XD, if you feel like expressing some 'thoughts' on SAO, please feel free to contact me(I sent you a request on MAL) since, as you can see, SAO is on my fav list despite all the hate it gets >_> I know the ins and outs of the series due to noting all the criticism through the ages(yes, I said that like I am old XP)

Have fun! :D
--Fairy Tail Grand Master<F.T.G.M. >Mavis AvatarAcnologia Avatar 13:36, January 11, 2016 (UTC)

Re:Update and Something to do

Hey!! Glad to hear from you!!! And no, there's nothing in particular that I can think of. However, the guilds on the site are always in need of assistance. :3 Iam...    JakuhōRaikōben06:09,2/19/2016


Hello, currently, the image guild isn't functioning, in general, the images are being handled by me and Wrath, along with other members such as Hamody or Nc. What we usually do is to replace the manga images by anime ones where necessary, as the new episode comes out every week (in .png format), upload manga images to be used in the articles (and eventually to be replaced by the japanese raw; in .png format as well), or upload animated .gifs of spells and other things that may look good in the articles if they are moving. Of course, you're always free to help with any of these, but keep our image policy in mind, as well as the quality that the images uploaded should have, otherwise things may get deleted and/or replaced.

Miskos3 Message 10:21, March 4, 2016 (UTC)

Hello! xD Meant to me one agreement Fairy's tail in connection :D Thanks in advance and greetings! :) MadaraUciha12 (talk) 01:10, March 5, 2016 (UTC)

Re: Akatsuki no Yona


Hahaha, yep I certainly do read AnY and I've seen the anime. Seriously, I'm such a lost fangirl of the series by this stage that I like live off of it XD

I would recommend reading the manga through Titania Scans, who were the original scanlation team that handled the series. Their work is amazing; however, after chapter 105 was released the manga was licensed into English (to be released August this year) and they changed up their format and now no longer post publicly. That being said, the series is only on 120 chapters as of yesterday, so you won't be far behind. If you read what's there and like it and want to continue, message me again and I'll explain how ^__^

Most importantly though, have fun! AnY is a freakin' brilliant series :D

☆°・*CarrotSays...*・°☆ 01:43, March 6, 2016 (UTC)

That's fine and you're totally welcome. I used to edit over on the AnY wiki and still watch over it in a way, but we've never had many active users (especially since the anime ended) so nothing ever really gets done. Still, I feel the need to make sure what is there is at least true and that there's no vandalism.

I'll wait for your message and enjoy! Shin-Ah is one of my favourite characters too X3

☆°・*CarrotSays...*・°☆ 23:00, March 16, 2016 (UTC)


Glad to hear. ^__^ The manga is always a delight.

Also nice to see that you are strongly part of the AnY fandom now as well :D It is one of my favs after all. I'm currently reading it again(really slowly though due to simul-reading 3-4 other series <_<)

I haven't logged into MAL for a while. ( _ _) Been busy. I maintain a list for the wiki in a separate site since it is easier and doesn't require too much clicking and then transfer missing content into MAL when I log in. Since I don't watch all the anime I download(really wish that wasn't the case T^T) I feel a bit bad updating the MAL because I am not sure when I will actually get around to a series despite having it in a hard-drive.
--Fairy Tail Grand Master<F.T.G.M. >Mavis AvatarAcnologia Avatar 16:58, March 14, 2016 (UTC)

I generally use HorribleSubs but the download links expire fast. I recommend you check their 'shows' section for batch downloads. If a series isn't done by HorribleSubs, I take it from Nyaa(which also has manga scans, light novel scans, TV dramas, anime movies etc.) I try for Bluray batches but it isn't really necessary if the series has nothing noteworthy to change and is perfectly fine in TV release format(or in the case of Nisekoi series, where bluray version is more censored than TV version for some weird reason). In series where gore is censored, it is best to get bluray versions. It takes up quite a bit of space though. I use a 2TB portable hard so as to not clog up the computer(and make sure I don't lose them XP).

A little thing about downloads is that newer anime come in 720p and are later upscaled to 1080p. So basically, there is no real difference if you go full-screen. 480p or 540p is next and older anime mainly come in that format. If space is an issue, 480p is the way, though it would probably be better to stream for higher quality. Otherwise I recommned 720p for series that aren't too great on the animation and/or quality department. 1080p takes longer. I used to get primarily 1080p but due to space and unpredictable internet issues, I've only been doing that for series that truly deserve such clarity. Be warned, the older the anime, the longer the download. I'm mostly going to be replacing the good series with physical copies once I get some income, so I don't know how long I need to keep ahold of particular titles.
--Fairy Tail Grand Master<F.T.G.M. >Mavis AvatarAcnologia Avatar 17:47, March 14, 2016 (UTC)


Oh hello!
Just put all your messages here. I advise you put a warning in it as to avoid people posting there just in case. :P
Once you've archived your talk page, you can put the link here, most usually at the very top. Such links usually designed to look more appealing and less generic, I'd say, so if you need help with design, let me know. :D
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage12:43,4/1/2016

Indeed. Copy-paste them into the page I linked you and, when done, just remove the messages you already copied here DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage15:52,4/2/2016

Weell there's a lot of different options, but the ones that come to mind right now are: you can adjust the font style of the link (like I did), or create a specially designed box in which you can put all the links you have
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage16:17,4/2/2016

It is indeed. Here is the code:

[[File:<image you want>|<size in px>|link=<the page to which you want to link your image>]]

I'm not sure I understood you, though. Do you want the text for the archive link in Palatino Linotype placed in an image of blue turquoise bow? If not, I misunderstood you. Either way, let me now so I can assist you further :)
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage18:53,4/2/2016

I just put it here. I hope that's what you asked for :)
If you like it, I recommend you to put it in a template as to take care of that coding mess on your talk page
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage15:13,4/3/2016

No problem at all :)
Template can be made by putting the coding in a page like this or something like that. Once you copy-paste the coding, just type up {{User:SnidgetGirl/ArchiveTemplate}}, or any other name you chose, here ^^
Regarding image, Done Done. I hope that's what you asked for P:
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage16:09,4/3/2016

Nice :D
Although, just so you know, you don't have to make so much spaces between the talk page text and the template. Just one would be enough ^^
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage16:29,4/4/2016

No, I meant space between the template for your archive and the following messages on your talk page. The space between the two is 5 breaks long, when it can be only one break long. It's not a big deal, but just telling you it's unnecessary. If you didn't mind, I made a change above in hope that you could figure out what I'm trying to tell you, just in case, as I fear that I might've complicated a bit XD
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage15:54,4/5/2016

Nice ^^
It's not a problem, or a mistake for that matter, at all. It was just something I noticed which doesn't usually occur here :)
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage16:08,4/5/2016

Oh thanks. Glad you like it :D
It's actually one of those drawings I'm really happy about how they turned out in the end, thus I put it there XD
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage16:21,4/5/2016


Well, I have watched the anime and I absolutely ADORE the manga. ^___^

You can find my views on it while anime was airing, here. >_>

The manga is best for storytelling and pacing. Once you finish the anime(and cry like no one's business) consider reading the manga. The anime followed the manga more or less up until episode 19, after which it basically did an anime-only ending. The manga story isn't largely different but has far better writing and characterization. Less tragic too. It is nearing its end so you don't have to wait for too long to see the 'true' version of the ending. :) Be warned however that the best parts(that were skipped in the anime) are pretty disturbing but therefore painted certain villains as more unforgivable. My thing about the manga however is.... ROMANCE. The anime brushed the romance to the side while the manga uses it more frequently and to very good effect. Sometimes you need some good ol clean romance to make you forget about the brutality for a few minutes. T^T
--Fairy Tail Grand Master<F.T.G.M. >Mavis AvatarAcnologia Avatar 08:02, April 6, 2016 (UTC)

Re: Profile Picture

Well, thank you! I'm glad you like it. :) It's actually not Karma though; it's Akashi Seijuro of the anime and manga "Kuroko no Basuke". I guess, since it's fan art, it's easy to be mistaken. Anyhow, cheers! Hope you have a good day. Onfire.gif Wonder Talk 13:05,4/15/2016

Re: Hamster

Hey Snidget, thanks! That's Moup, who unfortunately passed away in February. I've got a new one since last week, called Yuki but she's a bitey one. maybe one day if i have a good shot of her, she'll be the new avatar pic =)
[furbie.helios.tissue.moup.yuki.tofu] 15:04, 5/9/2016  

aww no worries and thank you =) just gotta convince yuki to stop biting me D:
[furbie.helios.tissue.moup.yuki.tofu] 13:33, 5/11/2016  


Hi Snidget. Good to hear from you.

It's funny that you ask that. As of now, there are no tournaments going on so to speak. However, we recently started up the Fairy Tail Wiki Anime Fights. It's basically bi-weekly debates among various users on Fairy Tail and other anime-related topics. You can read about them in detail here. We record on Skype and post the debate back to the wiki via a blog. If you're interested in joining, we'd love to have you on board. The first debate will be posted this Saturday but we could arrange for you to join a future show.

Aside from that, there's really not a whole lot going on. Things are currently kinda quiet and peaceful. Anyways, I think that's it. Feel free to come to chat any time. Take care. King of Uncool 13:29,5/11/2016 

Hi Snidget.

Let me know if you're ever available, in that case.

As to the Fairy Tail anime, I personally don't like the Tartaros arc and I don't think it's worth watching so I'd suggest avoiding it. If you're interested in other anime, let me know. King of Uncool 13:06,5/15/2016 

I've been meaning to start Noragami Aragoto since I finished the first season last month. Akatsuki no Yona was one I finished last year. I thought it was pretty good overall.

Judging from what I've seen or heard about those three, it seems you like manga with a touch of fantasy but not entirely immersed in it. If you're looking for something new and different from those, try out Chuunibyou. King of Uncool 14:48,5/15/2016 

I've been meaning to finish up Psycho Pass. I just haven't had the time to.

Yeah, I'm on MAL. You can find my account here. King of Uncool 15:09,5/15/2016 

Re:Fairy Tail Masters Edition

Ey Snidget, sorry for the late reply.
I personally have no idea whether we should include it or not, to be honest, although I'm leaning towards thinking that we will. Will let you know if I find something out. Thanks for bringing this up :)
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage18:54,5/15/2016

Took me a while XD
Anyway, after consulting with some other users about this, it's best to wait to see how Kodansha will be updating these covers, as they should at least include some sort of list which would tell which chapters they comprise or something like that, which is pretty relevant so we can know how to actually put them in the Manga section properly. So yeah, let's just wait for now :)
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage17:08,5/20/2016

That's good to know for the future. Thanks :)
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage16:45,5/21/2016

Re: Greetings

Well hello there ! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello, reminds me that I'm still alive ^__^ ! HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 22:10, June 6, 2016 (UTC)

Proficient ? Awww thank you X3 ! I really appreciate it !
I didn't mean it that way XD ! Its just that the wikia entered a "coma" lately and with the anime put on hiatus, it has been calm these days :3

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 00:34, June 8, 2016 (UTC)

No need really ^__^ ! Glad I met a new friend today ! ;3

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 21:29, June 8, 2016 (UTC)

Re:New siganature help with Image link to talk page

Hey Snidget. Thanks for your question :)
I'm able to do that without a problem, but I can do even better: render the image so it only displays the FT logo if you want. Though I predict there's gonna be a small problem with that. You see, sometimes signatures with images display themselves on RWA after you edit any page. Is quite weird, though it takes time to set itself I presume. So with that in mind, I hope that's not a problem. Let me know whether you want the image rendered or not so I can get to work right away
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage14:36,6/7/2016

Not odd to ask. I'm not good with abbreviations either XD
Recent Wiki Activity. But either way, I updated your signature so I hope you like it. If not, let me know and I'll turn it back to normal right away :)
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage17:50,6/7/2016

I'm very glad you like it. Not a problem of course :) DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage17:37,6/8/2016

No, because I never really saw any interest in it. Plus, I thought that trend disappeared long time ago, to be completely honest XD (not that there's anything wrong with other people still using badges, to make it clear)
But I appreciate your support :)
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage13:50,6/13/2016


Hey!!! How ya been? :) Iam...    JakuhōRaikōben21:14,6/7/2016

I'm doing great. ^___^ What's stressing you out? Iam...    JakuhōRaikōben20:40,6/8/2016


Hello! :) The thought is much appreciated.

Nothing much going on in my life per se. Moving to US next month for studies so that is pretty much the biggest thing. Struggling to watch any anime because of various reasons. Reading manga is by far the easiest out of all the modes of fiction I am into but even that has some heavy backlog. It's just going to get worse in College I guess... Oh well... luckily many of the new anime, and few of the backlogged anime are extremely colourful and peppy so I can use them to get some relaxation. :D

Other than that, I'm pretty much great. Went on like 3 trips in the last couple months. Still recovering after the latest, but all's good. How about you?
--Fairy Tail Grand Master<F.T.G.M. >Mavis AvatarAcnologia Avatar 16:46, July 9, 2016 (UTC)

Re: Happy Birthday

thanks snidget! i appreciate it! ( ^_^)/ at least you're not the last one like some admin tsk tsk.
[furbie.helios.tissue.moup.yuki.tofu] 14:58, 7/25/2016  

Re:Happy Birthday

Thanks Snidget!!! You're the best!! ^___^ Iam...    JakuhōRaikōben15:52,7/26/2016

Re: Fairy Girls

HŌi Snidget ! How are you doing these days ? XD

Yes I do, and I actually love it, probably my favorite besides Rhodonite ^__^ ! Unfortunately, I can't find any scantlations for it after volume 2 :'(

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 20:46, August 28, 2016 (UTC)

Mmm, that must be the English volume release. Fairy Girls already ended in Japan you know. Hopefully, when that's out, we will get the chapters online ^__^

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 19:02, August 29, 2016 (UTC)


Eyo. Good to see you again :)
It's hard to say when it's most active, as it tends to be mostly quiet these days. Quite a few people tend to gather during Monday though (with an emphasis on "tend to"), as it's when new chapter comes out, so keep an eye on the chat during that time
Oh and glad you like it. I was honestly bored and thought I could make it a bit prettier. On that note, if you want me to do similar work to your talk page as well, freely let me know :D
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage19:21,9/25/2016

Sounds good. And Done Done DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage15:31,9/27/2016

Not a problem. I just copy-pasted what I had for my talk page's background, and just changed some values afterwards XD
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage15:45,9/27/2016


To my knowledge, there's a Fairy Tail fanfiction wiki.
WrathRogue ChibiZero 18:18, October 1, 2016 (UTC)


No, not yet. I want to tho. :D Iam...    JakuhōRaikōben00:35,10/14/2016

I know you asked Rai, but he doesn't watch all that much anime :P

I've seen the movie though, if you wanted to talk about it. King of Uncool 07:04,10/14/2016 
If you already know how Naruto ends, you can go ahead and watch the movie. The anime is full of fillers though so I'm not sure why you'd want to bother watching all of it. You can still watch the movie if you don't really care about spoilers though. King of Uncool 13:03,10/16/2016 
Well, that's fine then. Good luck catching up and let me know when you've watched the movie. King of Uncool 13:53,10/16/2016 

Good to hear. When you finish it, let me know. King of Uncool 16:08,11/12/2016 


Hi Snidget. Sorry for the late reply. I meant to message you earlier but I've been busy.

Good to know you finished up with Naruto. If you want any future anime suggestions, let me know. King of Uncool 10:07,12/6/2016 

Honestly, I don't know much about Yuri on Ice. From what I see though most of the fandom watches it for the shipping. It doesn't really interest me so I doubt I'll be watching it anytime soon.

If you want some good slice-of-life anime, try Barakamon or Flying Witch. I watched both of those fairly recently and really enjoyed them. King of Uncool 17:16,12/7/2016 


Hi Snidget. Sorry I'm late. Thanks a lot for your wishes. Hope you're doing well. King of Uncool 08:26,5/11/2017 

Sorry for being late again. Chat is relatively inactive but we do have people show up from time to time. You're welcome to join whenever you want. King of Uncool 09:00,6/1/2017 
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