Welcome xDHey there <insert name here>, Greetings :) thanks for visiting my talkpage feel free to contact me or ask me questions*Smiles*.


So it's you, huh..? Oh well, I want my details to be SPECIFIC. If you can provide me a 5 hour reading essay that is full of instructions, the better. What you have given me is not enough. I want a one-time big time work, so please, be specific with your details. I would start working on your request once you have given me specific details.
T M/D/Y 17:09, 5/28/2013 

  • The first one: Can be done. It's basically the sig that I am using right now under Jirachi, you just want it to be purple, right?
  • WTH is an animated fountain? O_O
    T M/D/Y 17:22, 5/28/2013 

Alright, but, I would make you do something for now:

  • I am sure there is a Frosch with a transparent BG, but I am not sure if there's one for Lector. Ask him, if there's an image of Lector with transparent BG, I am busy dealing with something right now.
  • I will break down the details I need. What you put is still NOT specific enough:
    • With images? Yes.
    • Where will be the images located? At the top of the sig.
    • Color: Purple.
    • With Gradient? Yes.
    • With Shadow? Yes.
    • Time stamp inside the sig? Yes.
    • Font?
    • Color of the font?
    • Border?
    • Color of the border?
    • Other things you would like to include?

I am NOT a good coder, so please, make sure that your wish is something that I can handle. It is my fault for not being specific, though. ( ._.) Oh well, just answer the five questions I have given you, and I will be satisfied.

PS: I may not get it done today, but I can assure you that I can get it done this week. I have a life that needs to be attended, after all. :)
T M/D/Y 17:36, 5/28/2013 

Is it really Frosch and Lector, or a Pokemon? -____-" Make up your mind, sir. And like what I said, you can ask him, if there's a Lector image with a transparent BG. <--- Clickable link!
T M/D/Y 17:50, 5/28/2013 

Mind telling me what Pokemon you would like to use? >_> I am not a clairvoyant.
T M/D/Y 17:55, 5/28/2013 

So a moving Meganium. Okay.

So, like what I said earlier, I wont be able to get it done today, since I am doing something at the moment. But once I got the time, I will do it for you.
T M/D/Y 18:10, 5/28/2013 

The chat keeps on lagging, so I will leave my message here.

The new picture that you uploaded has a background, so chances are, if I use the picture, it will ruin the signature. So, I will just use the first one that you uploaded. Or is it really necessary for you to have two Meganiums in your signature?
T M/D/Y 13:34, 5/29/2013 

Very well. I will begin working now. But a few recap:

  • With images? Yes.
  • Where will be the images located? At the top of the sig.
  • Color: Purple.
  • With Gradient? Yes.
  • With Shadow? Yes.
  • Time stamp inside the sig? Yes.
  • Font? Bauhaus 97
  • Color of the font? Green
  • Border? Round at the edges
  • Color of the border? Green
  • Other things you would like to include? A pokemon sitting on the top of my sig the pokemon could be moving

Is the information given correct? And basing from your request, I take it than you will leave on to my discretion on how it will look, right?

Very well. I will let you know once I am finished.
T M/D/Y 13:55, 5/29/2013 

No worries.

Btw, is the font really Bauhaus 97? Because when I google-d the font, it says Bauhaus 93. I don't have the font saved at my computer, so I have no idea how it looks like. Sorry.
T M/D/Y 14:06, 5/29/2013 

Haha! No worries. :)

I am almost done. Have patience.
T M/D/Y 14:16, 5/29/2013 

Okay, the signature is done now. Hope you will be satisfied.
T M/D/Y 14:24, 5/29/2013 

I will teach you few things first:

  • {{User:ROOT 根/Sig2}} ---> In here, you will put the codes I have done for you. Here are the code:
[[File:154meganium.gif]]{{Clear}}<span style="background-color: {{gradient|#DDA0DD|#BA55D3}}; color:#98FB98; border:2px solid #3CB371; {{box-shadow|#32CD32}}; font-family: Bauhaus 93; font-size:80%; {{Border-radius|0.5em 0.5em 0.5em 0.5em}};">[[User:ROOT 根|{{Color|#98FB98|ROOT 根}}]] · [[User_talk:ROOT 根|{{Color|#98FB98|Talk}}]] {{{1|}}} </span>
  • Once you're done with that, {{User:ROOT 根/Sig1}} ---> In here, you have to put:
{{User:ROOT 根/Sig2|{{{1|}}}}}
  • Once you're done with the first 2 steps: go to "My preferences", (it is found on the drop down list when you hover your mouse on your username), and put this:
{{SUBST:User:ROOT 根/Sig1|{{SUBST:#time: H:i, n/j/Y}}}}

Let me know when something didn't turn out right, though I believe you can do it on your first try, since I explained things properly.

And oh, when you do succeed, you will only have to sign using only 3 ~~~ (tidles), or the time stamp will double.

That's it. Go and do it. :)
T M/D/Y 14:45, 5/29/2013 

Like I said, 3 tidles (~~~) will do, or the time stamp will double. ^_^; and it would be much better if after your message, you will add a <br> tag, so that the image wont separate from the signature. :)
T M/D/Y 14:56, 5/29/2013 


Hello! Nice to meet you!!! :) And yes, I am a big Naruto fan. Although, my internet connection is unbearably slow, so it takes me forever to read manga chapters, so I haven't been keeping up with Naruto, Bleach, or One Piece for a little while now. I plan on making a trip down to the library at the beginning of next month and getting caught up with everything I've missed. It's torture not reading the chapters every Wednesday, but it pays off when I get to read several chapters at once. :) I used to edit a little bit on Narutopedia, but I haven't in quite some time. They do things over there vastly different than we do things here, and their wiki style really didn't suit me. JakuhoBulbasaur.gif Ivysaur.gifVenusaur.gifRaikoben15:28,5/29/2013

Tsunade by far. :) JakuhoBulbasaur.gif Ivysaur.gifVenusaur.gifRaikoben15:52,5/29/2013

Lol, he must have. :D JakuhoBulbasaur.gif Ivysaur.gifVenusaur.gifRaikoben16:02,5/29/2013


Sorry, but no one can request to be in the magazine. Everyone who is featured is featured simply by chance. JakuhoBulbasaur.gif Ivysaur.gifVenusaur.gifRaikoben17:48,5/29/2013

Re: Your Guild

Which one? :)
MegaPancham.pngTalk 18:00, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

For a list of Guilds, look here. I don't know which Guilds or Teams are still accepting new members. You will have to check on your own. Sorry. :(
MegaPancham.pngTalk 18:18, May 29, 2013 (UTC)


Yes!!!! he is the best!!!! Bickslow is so awesome!! I love him in a non-gay way!!! and welcome to the wiki by the way ^_^
   Talk PageTyrant RelikzTalkHug Mudkip      20:30, May 29, 2013 (UTC)


Sorry, but you've clearly made some sort of mistake. Yummy is already married to my son. ಠ_ಠ JakuhoBulbasaur.gif Ivysaur.gifVenusaur.gifRaikoben14:38,5/31/2013

Yummy would never cheat on my son. :P And yes, I've read it now. JakuhoBulbasaur.gif Ivysaur.gifVenusaur.gifRaikoben14:56,5/31/2013

He will, don't you worry. JakuhoBulbasaur.gif Ivysaur.gifVenusaur.gifRaikoben15:07,5/31/2013


lol my dance slave is already married :P
   Talk PageTyrant RelikzTalkHug Mudkip      21:29, May 31, 2013 (UTC)

Re: Profile

Thank you for the compliment! The coding is right here.
MegaPancham.pngTalk 19:51, June 1, 2013 (UTC)

Re: Bye :)

Thank you ROOT! I'm gonna be here at the library for a few minutes. I will make sure to come to the wiki the day before I leave! :D
MegaPancham.pngTalk 15:29, June 17, 2013 (UTC)

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