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Failure to follow this policy may result in you being blocked. If you are still having trouble with images, please leave me a message on my talk page. I am more than happy to help. Thank you! WrathRogue ChibiZero 22:00, July 3, 2013 (UTC)

Basically, it's preferred that one clicks on "contribute" in the upper right hand corner of the webpage and then click on "Add a Photo" from the dropdown menu. When you do so, you will be taken here, where you will see a FUR (Fair Use Rationale) that needs to be filled out.

Here is what the FUR looks like:

{{Fair use rationale
Description = 
Source = 
Portion = 
Purpose = 
Resolution = 
Replaceability = 
Other Information =

It's fairly simple. In Description, you describe the image.
In Source, you list the source of the image. See above to learn what you should but in the Source section.
Portion is the chapter or episode you took the image from, regardless of the series in question. If it is a non-animanga image, then ignore this section, or put something satisfactory in it.
Purpose is the point of the image in question. Is it for your profile, is it a gift image, or is it for an article? Fill out the necessary field with something along those lines if it falls into one of those 3 categories. If not, then fill it in appropriately with whatever belongs.
Resolution is the quality of the image. Low, Medium, or High. That simple. Just state how HQ the image is.
Replaceability is if the image qualifies to be replaced. If it is an image from the FT anime or manga, then put {{Image|R}} in that section, for it will produce: "Only by an image of higher quality with the same licensing status." If you don't want the image to be replaced, put None.
Other Information is an optional field. Fill it in if you're thanking someone for the image you're uploading, or just don't. Up to you.

So, for instance, the completed FUR for this image would be as follows:

{{Fair use rationale
Description = Natsu on top of the defeated Future Rogue
Source = {{Image|Manga}}
Portion = {{Ch|336}}
Purpose = {{Image|P}}
Resolution = {{Image|H}}
Replaceability = {{Image|R}}
Other Information = 

Filling that in would give you the FUR that is currently on the page for that image.

Licensing is simple. Underneath the box where you fill out your FUR, there is a dropdown menu where you pick what copyright the image falls under. If the image is from a manga or comic strip, click on Manga. If it is from a cartoon or anime, click on Anime. Everything else is subjective.

I hope that made things clear. Happy editing!
WrathRogue ChibiZero 01:42, July 4, 2013 (UTC)

All the unlicensed and non-FUR'd images have already been deleted by Carry. Btw, only admins can delete images. ;P
WrathRogue ChibiZero 04:43, July 4, 2013 (UTC)


Hello, FairyTailFan, I am Choko.

Uh, it has caught my attention that you're messaging Brosin (as I call him) but do not place signatures. I edited your messages twice, since you didn't sign it.

As you can see above, it says that you need to place 4 tildes (this one: ~) every time you finish your message, so that people would know how placed the message. Although it is not a bad thing, it is kind of bothersome when people leave messages but doesn't sign them, making the receiver clueless. So yeah, hope you wont forget adding them next time. :)
C H O K O     ·     M E S S A G E
04:21, 7/4/2013
While you indeed made a nice signature, there are still few things that needs to be done: this page will going to help you how to do it. :D
C H O K O     ·     M E S S A G E
06:35, 7/4/2013

Uh, it seems that you're having problems, so I will give you instructions: First, go to your preferences.

FTF: Where can I find my preferences?
Choko: See your username on the top right corner? Hover your mouse over it, and a drop down menu will appear, and it's the second choice.
FTF: Then?
Choko: Once you're there, on the signature part, paste this:

{{SUBST:User:FairyTailFan/Sig1}}{{SUBST:#time: H:i,n/j/Y}}
on the custom signature, then check the box for the I want to use wikitext in my signature. Save it afterwards. Message me if you can't still do it.
C H O K O     ·     M E S S A G E
06:52, 7/4/2013
Finally! :D And no worries, glad to be of service. :)
C H O K O     ·     M E S S A G E
07:09, 7/4/2013

Re:Happy Birthday

Thanks. :) JakuhoBulbasaur IvysaurVenusaurRaikoben22:20,7/19/2013

hey fairytailfan, thanx for the welcoming part. and I know you were new at this but, your profile is really... wicked so, thanx.

(--Maureenteatai (talk) 00:21, August 1, 2013 (UTC))


That was only if you got this week's prediction wrong.... but thanks for the awkward compliment. ^__^ I think. ( ._.) JakuhoBulbasaur IvysaurVenusaurRaikoben22:29,9/20/2013


ok apparently you havent heard, but flipsy left the ft wiki. he's gone and he's never coming back--Quoth The Raven "Nevermore" ' 01:36, November 17, 2013 (UTC)


Hey, you're only allowed to vote once all together, not once per section (one in the manga, one in the anime) in the featured picture. Pick one image that you like and vote for it, or your votes will be deleted~ Bai bai! ( ._.)/
WrathRogue ChibiZero 09:09, August 27, 2014 (UTC)

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