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Hey, I'm Wrath. :D I see that you're going around and filling in a lot of pretty cool holes in the content, and I was wondering if you wanted to join any of the projects on the wiki, because I've seen the way you type, and I've seen that you're pretty meticulous. You'd fit right in, so how about it~?
WrathRogue ChibiZero 16:52, March 12, 2015 (UTC)


Oops, sorry. XD Well, Misk took care of it. Cheers!
WrathRogue ChibiZero 22:07, May 18, 2015 (UTC)


Hello~ I'm Mamerge, nice to meet yah~ thank you for adding the things I forgot/wasn't able to add on Episode 234. However, I have reverted this one. I didn't include Zeref and Silver's last names for such details are still not revealed in the anime, and the readers might be spoiled if they see such. I apologize for forgetting to message you earlier. Thank you and happy editing! \(^_^ )/ ..: Mamerge @ 04:54, May 24, 2015 (UTC) :.. 

Hmmm. I have asked Prime and he told me that without surnames would be better to avoid spoilers, but I learned from DM that Wrath says the Characters in Order of Appearance section must have full names (and he did revert back my edit). I'll go ahead and ask Carry regarding this since she's the master of ASG. I'll get back to you on this matter. Thank you~ ^__^ ..: Mamerge @ 11:22, May 24, 2015 (UTC) :.. 


Heya again pal~ I got my answer from Carry and she says the COA section must have full names in it, regardless of people being spoiled (unavoidable). You can see her message to me here. I hope that clears the matter and thank you again~ Have a nice day/night and happy editing \(^_^ ) ..: Mamerge @ 04:44, May 25, 2015 (UTC) :.. 

You're welcome~ Thanks too~ ..: Mamerge @ 11:46, May 25, 2015 (UTC) :.. 

Re:File Links

Oops, must've missed those...somehow. XP Probably because it wasn't in the original batch of Tartarus --> Tartaros. Thanks dude!
WrathRogue ChibiZero 17:06, May 28, 2015 (UTC)

Mirajane forced Seilah to use her Macro. Mirajane couldn't have possibly used Macro because Macro lets you order those you have given a direct, face-to-face command to once any time you want, even remotely. Mirajane never gave Elfman a direct order at any given time, therefore she could not have possibly taken Macro for herself to use. Her actual direct usage of the curse stems from Mirajane Seilah.
WrathRogue ChibiZero 15:41, October 18, 2015 (UTC)

Correct, which means she didn't use it directly, but that she just exercises her ability to manipulate and control demons in general, which she exemplified when she destroyed Hell's Core by forcing the tentacle demons that she took over to explode. Demons that she takes over she can manipulate at will, or so the story is telling us. What happened is she took over the part of Seilah that controls Macro (hence the fatigue Seilah mentioned), and, through Seilah, made Elfman come to the battle.
WrathRogue ChibiZero 15:59, October 18, 2015 (UTC)

Fixed. Thanks for the links!
WrathRogue ChibiZero 16:15, October 18, 2015 (UTC)


Oh, these should be removed as well. Like I have literally no idea where such info could come from, FT Monthly pages don't include it either, so... too bad. It has to go Miskos3 Message 10:53, December 8, 2015 (UTC) 15:11, May 21, 2016 (UTC)Have a good day buddy.


Ey Aged. Done Done
Thanks for bringing this up, and feel free to let me know if there's anything else you'd like me add to any of the locked articles :D
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage16:59,7/14/2016

Why Is The Fairy Tail Anime Censored While The Fairy Tail Manga Isn't?--Carnegg (talk) 01:04, September 19, 2016 (UTC)

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