To be honest, the chapter to me wasn't THAT bad.

I personally don't see why Wendy shouldn't be able to counter Irene's enchantment once. I know about the 400+ years magic knowledge thing but i didn't think it was a big deal. We all have characters with much more expert skill at doing one thing, but end up being obliterated. eg, Ikaruga, her swordsmanship is clearly more powerful and skilled at using swords than Erza, but Erza end up defeating her with flame pants Erza. We have Precht that has clearly older than all the FT younglings, but he still got obliterated.

The only bad parts about this chapter is the dragon seed thing and how Irene lost against Erza. THAT i don't like, just a litle back and forth is great, and then Irene quickly defeated and switch body to save herself is bad. The Irene "ITS NOT FAIR, HOW COME SHE CAN STAY HUMAN BUT I CAN'T" is bad. losing your cool is usually a downfall sign.

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