January 2013 Issue thought reel:

  • The cover page is awesome although I prefer the animators to make filler about the girls wearing lingerie *cough*Victoria'sSecret*cough* that would've been great..
  • Contents..hmm..
  • Too lazy to play the game..
  • I'm just shocked a kid won this category...
  • Minerva certainly isn't the ugliest her personality I have to disagree..I mean she's beautiful in a villainy way...
  • Too long but still read it!
  • Yeah still reading it..
  • What;s a Mike Song video doing in the Horoscope Section btw Mike Song is a respected dancer and he's dope!
  • Okay..
  • Some were hilarious..
  • I think the winning fantastic although I think I recognize the woman right there more like nevermind...
  • Voting for the sexiest man alive in 2012 got me all feeling homo..
  • The Best one was particularly the Best!
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