Am I the only one who hoped that the episode would end on a cliffhanger of showing F Rogue?

Anyway, the episode was okayish. It was nice seeing FT own their opponents at the same time. Seeing the Garou Knights fight was fairly meh. However, I have to say that the Sting falling against Ft's might was done pretty well. Anyway, finally the GMG is over and now we get to move onto the opening of Eclipse.

AS for the OP, it seemed pretty good until they hit the rapping part in English. It ruined the flow of the song in my opinion. The ED was nice to see although I was slightly amused at the fact that they chose to do the ending scene of the arc. The actual song for the ED was alright. I would not be surprised if they go and reuse some of those OP and ED scenes in the anime.

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