Fair well Fairy Tail.

Though your story has come to an end, you shall always be remembered for the times shared, good and bad.

Your characters were always appealing for their aesthetics, personality, one, the other, or both. The building of suspense was second to none, no one fan could deny the excitement you built up when introducing new threats.

Yet your mastery of building expectation was nothing short of spectacular, it often left a sense of lacking or distaste - troughs of climax after climax. A victim of it's own brilliance.

Confusion arose on whether you should be taken seriously as you aged, or to be enjoyed as lighthearted fun as set out from the start, an issue that many a fan could not come to terms with.

Despite this all, you will always remain a favourite of mine: No relationship can be truly perfect, it is those that look beyond the flaws that flourish most brightly.

And whilst it is sad your story has come to a close, we shall not weep for your loss. Rather we shall embrace your legacy for what it is and what it has created for us; the fans.

We are one. We are all. We are Fairy Tail. Thank you for these past 11 years, Hiro.

And with that, I would like to resign from my position as chat moderator for the wiki. I have been inactive for a while, and did say to myself that I would stay as mod until the series ended. Now that it has, I see no need for me to keep the position unnecessarily filled.


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