I feel you. I hated last chapter and loved this one. I also think that Lucy is an example of how far a character can go. I mean, most mangas are like this: there is a cute girl that can fight but rarely do because she prefers to rely on her male partner. Oh, and the cute girl is almost always fragile and have medium-low abilities. Lucy was a little like that in the beginning of the series. Lot at she now: while she couldn't barely force a Gate Closure in the firsts chapters, she now can do multiple summon, developed Star Dress so she can fight even without summoning spirits, she was able to outsmart Jacob, she's exploring more her Spirits abilities (Gemini, Cancer Star Dress) and she has got the guts to fight. At first, Lucy was a neutral character for me. Neither hated her neither liked. Right now I'm actually in love with her <3

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